Jun 29, 2009

A golden something !

Often heard this 'Born with a Golden Spoon' phrase.

For me,it means:
Having the privilege of seeing all your desires fulfilled, by anyone else but you. You name it, and you have it. By virtue of their riches. Or By virtue of their position/post.

I indeed then, have been born WITHOUT the Golden Spoon.
And I (don't know why) but am glad I've been this way.
Yeah, I have actually been gifted with something else.
A Golden Heart. Or a Golden Brain. Or above all, A Golden Spirit.The Spirit to excel or achieve.

And its better.
At least what ever I am, or will be, I'll be because of me.

I know, the struggle I do, will pay me my due.

I wanna believe that it does.

And THANKS MOM DAD, for not putting in my mouth, the golden spoon.
And for teaching me to pick that wooden spoon and how to place it in my mouth.All on my own. :-)

Jun 28, 2009

Hey, Take Care!

One more cousin of mine leaves for her further studies...parts ways from this place, which has been her home, since the day she was delivered from her mom's womb, filled with the divine birth fluid.Never been out for any work, wat-so-ever alone. Its her first. Yep, she was excited, as she always had wanted this to happen. She had waited for long just to see this day.But, as it is said, your hometown is where your heart will remain.
The intensity she wanted to move out of this place, was far too less than the nostalgia that was flash-backing in her mind, as she moved towards the platform.Tears were shown their way. She had far too long tried to swallow them back to their genesis.And there we were. All in tears. Its like sending your child at war.War of the worlds.Her world being so naive and the one she enters, cunning & mean. You just pray & hope,she comes back alive,in the form we have nurtured her.Not injured. No, we don't want her to suffer.And not dead, like the world,where she'll be successful & detached, to our emotions.

I don't know, if its the correct comparison, no, it isn't. But, it is how I was feeling. I just want her back, after her studies, safe & the same way as she is now.

Jun 27, 2009

Your touch...

I get a black out
My mind gets a block
Not a thought occurs
All words go mute
I stop searching for them
I wanna live this moment.
I wanna live your touch.

An un-intentioned touch
and the world changes face.
I leave this hush-a-hush city
I get into my own world,
with hearts flowing by
a garden of letters from you,
all scribbled with 'I Love You'
There we walk, side be side,
Just you & me,
and the silence.
The sudden slight friction
between our hands,
and the thin line of air
between us would collapse.
Hey, Its the world I enter,
Its what you make me feel.
Your touch.

The shooting sensation that tingles my body,
The goose flesh that bumps,
The breath that goes away,
The air that i gasp for,
The view of my eyes, alters.
and now,
Its only your eyes that are seen.
The intensity of emotion in them,
blinds my eyes.
You speak with them
Yeah, I know You want me
My lashes shy down
Our hands entangle more tightly
and you know, you got your answer.
Through my touch.

The stomach goes empty,
All hollow it feels,
the muscles give me pangs.
They too answer when you touch me.
or when you touch my heart,
with your words.

Oh! I wanna seize this moment,
this moment for ever.
I wanna be there with you.
With you like this, for Ever.
You breathe in me the life,
the reason to live.
I'll live by these moments,
till you give me some more of them.
And then, I'll live by them...
I'll live for our togetherness,
I'll live for this touch,
I'll live for you...

Jun 25, 2009

Ever thought why Love is Blind ?

Things base and vile, holding no quantity,
Love can transpose to form and dignity.
Love looks not with the eye, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

-William Shakespeare

I have a story for you...
Picked from Wikipedia.

In Roman mythology, Cupid (Latin cupido) is the god of erotic love and beauty. He is also known by another one of his Latin names, Amor (cognate with Kama). He is the son of goddess Venus.

Envious and jealous of the beauty of a mortal girl named Psyche, Venus asks her son Cupid (known to the Greeks as Eros) to use his golden arrows to cause Psyche to fall in love with the vilest creature on earth. Cupid agrees, but then falls in love with Psyche on his own. When he leans over from a distance to kiss her, he causes one of his own arrows to fall forward, piercing him.

When all continue to admire and praise Psyche's beauty, but none desire her as a wife, Psyche's parents consult an oracle, which tells them to leave Psyche on the nearest mountain, for her beauty is so great that she is not meant for (mortal) man. Terrified, they have no choice but to follow the oracle's instructions. But then Zephyrus, the west wind, carries Psyche away to a fair valley and a magnificent palace where she is attended by invisible servants until night falls and in the darkness of night the promised bridegroom arrives and the marriage is consummated. Cupid visits her every night to sleep with her, but demands that she never lights any lamps, since he does not want her to know who he is.

Cupid allows Zephyrus to take Psyche back to her sisters and bring all three down to the palace during the day, but warns that Psyche should not listen to any argument that she should try to discover his true form. The two jealous sisters tell Psyche, then pregnant with Cupid's child, that rumor is that she had married a great and terrible serpent who would devour her and her unborn child when the time came for it to be fed. They urge Psyche to conceal a knife and oil lamp in the bedchamber, to wait till her husband was asleep, and then to light the lamp and slay him at once if it is as they said. Psyche sadly follows their advice. In the light of the lamp Psyche recognizes the fair form on the bed as the god Cupid himself. However, she accidentally pricks herself with an arrow, and is consumed with desire for her husband. She begins to kiss him, but as she does, a drop of oil falls from her lamp onto Cupid's shoulder and wakes him. He flies away, and she falls from the window to the ground, sick at heart.

Psyche then finds herself in the city where one of her jealous elder sisters lives. She tells her what had happened, then tricks her sister into believing that Cupid has chosen her as a wife instead. She later meets her other sister and deceives her likewise. Each returns to the top of the peak and jumps down eagerly, but Zephyrus does not bear them and they fall to their deaths at the base of the mountain.

Psyche searches far and wide for her lover, finally stumbling into a temple where everything is in slovenly disarray. As Psyche is sorting and clearing, Ceres appears, but refuses any help beyond advising Psyche that she must call directly on Venus, the jealous shrew who caused all the problems in the first place. Psyche next calls on Juno in her temple, but Juno, superior as always, gives her the same advice. So Psyche finds a temple to Venus and enters it. Venus orders Psyche to separate all the grains in a large basket of mixed kinds before nightfall. An ant takes pity on Psyche and with its ant companions separates the grains for her.

Venus is outraged at her success and tells her to go to a field where golden sheep graze and get some golden wool. A river-god tells Psyche that the sheep are vicious and strong and will kill her, but if she waits until noontime, the sheep will go to the shade on the other side of the field and sleep; she can then pick the wool that sticks to the branches and bark of the trees. Venus next asks for water flowing from a cleft that is impossible for a mortal to attain and is also guarded by great serpents. This time an eagle performs the task for Psyche. Venus, outraged at Psyche's survival, claims that the stress of caring for her son, made depressed and ill as a result of Psyche's lack of faith, has caused her to lose some of her beauty. Psyche is to go to the Underworld and ask the queen of the Underworld to place a bit of her beauty in a box that Venus had given to Psyche. Psyche decides that the quickest way to the Underworld is to throw herself off some high place and die and so she climbs to the top of a tower. But the tower itself speaks to her and tells her the route that will allow her to enter the Underworld alive and return again, as well as telling her how to get past Cerberus by giving the three-headed dog a small cake; how to avoid other dangers on the way there and back; and most importantly, to eat nothing but coarse bread in the underworld, as eating anything else would trap her there forever. Psyche follows the orders precisely, rejecting all but bread while beneath the Earth.

However when Psyche has left the Underworld, she decides to open the box and take a little bit of the beauty for herself. Inside, she can see no beauty; instead an infernal sleep arises from the box and overcomes her. Cupid (Eros), who had forgiven Psyche, flies to her, wipes the sleep from her face, puts it back in the box, and sends her back on her way. Then Cupid flies to Mount Olympus and begs Jupiter (Zeus), to aid them. Jupiter calls a full and formal council of the gods and declares that it is his will that Cupid marry Psyche. Jupiter then has Psyche fetched to Mount Olympus, and gives her a drink made from Ambrosia, granting her immortality. Begrudgingly, Venus and Psyche forgive each other.

Psyche and Cupid's daughter was Voluptas or Delight, the goddess of "sensual pleasures", whose Latin name means "pleasure" or "bliss".

At the conclusion of Comus (1634), the poet John Milton alluded to the story of Cupid and Psyche.

"Celestial Cupid, her famed son, advanced,
Holds his dear Psyche sweet entranced,
After her wandering labours long,
Till free consent the gods among
Make her his eternal bride;
And from her fair unspotted side
Two blissful twins are to be born,
Youth and Joy; so Jove hath sworn."

Jun 23, 2009





'Where am I?'
A soft gurgle. Something's moving.
'Who am I?' he yelled back.
No answer.
Some more movements. In & out.
A disgusting soft, shiny, dark thing is wriggling around.Creepy !
'Hey, someone tell me where am I? Where am I moving to?'

Everything's well-illuminated. 5 people around, with their faces covered. Only their eyes,bright eyes are visible.Some more people, also with their faces covered, scattered here &there.

The same voice now shrieked, 'You stupid! You don't know where to put the optical view to? Show me the operative field. Why are you again and again touching the liver, You liver-lover.' :-D

Hey, neither was the man a Blind man, or an Amnesic patient & nor was the place a dark dungeon of kidnapping gang.
It was an Operation Theatre and the man was the Surgeon trying to clip the Cystic Duct in the laparoscopic setting.

Yeah, I got a chance to view one Laparoscopic Chole-cystectomy.
I would describe the technique as tough yet funny.
Tough,coz you need an immensely superb hand-eye-foot coordination. You are working with instruments in both your hands, and operating via the screen and your foot on cautery.
Not only does it require a single person's super-surgeon qualities, but also the assistant's equally important support,who helps you hold the organ, on which you are operating.
One uncoordinated movement, and you might end up creating diseases in the patient.
Yeah, the Iatrogenic work happens here, much more than often.

And funny, yes, it is. As the surgeon catches another thing, the bodily organ slips,as if a proffesional from 'Kachcha Giroh', gliding. He attempts to catch it and while operating, the view suddenly goes away &he doesn't know where he's heading to, a la Blind man. The assistant slips the organ & he tries to find it out, like a Hide & Seek game.
It is actually a game.
A Video Game!

Tele says:
Now, I get to understand why do people say,'Dont play too many video games.' You might end up being a Lap. Surgeon. ;-)

Jun 22, 2009

Surgery Ends !

And I think, I did learn a lotta stuff here....

I love ya, Surgery...
I hope I come back to you soon...
*(The way I go back to everything all-over again ! ) ;-)

*Moving from riches to rags ! Once again. ;-)

*Disclaimer: Not to be understood.

Pakistan takes the T-20 World Cup !


Congrats Bhaiyo...

Inshaah Allah, aap logo ne bada bhadiya khela.
Aur bohat saahas dikhaya.
Mubarakaa Miya !!

Did anyone hear the victorious Captain Younis Khan's chat with Nasir Hussein at the Victory Ceremony ??
If not, do watch it.
I and my sis had a great time laughing over it. Not that he's not very good at English.But, the way he was answering him.
He wasn't listening to the question being asked, and continued to speak whatever he felt like. Distinctively Distant from the question. :D
Most of his comments did include 'I'. Afridi,Kamran and I played well. :D
'Are you glad you took over the Captaincy?'
'Wherever I used to go, people used to tell me to take it. SO, I did.'
Are, man...ab khush hai ke nahi ? :D

Kumar was impressive, and it is very much there that I am comparing Younis with him. And relative to him, Younis was pathetic !

All fun apart...
I feel 'HAPPY' that they won.
Happy coz it will give the already bereaved nation a reason to be smile.
A reason to celebrate.

People are not to be hated...But,Terrorists are.
And I hate some of those, amongst these good people.
And I hate the majority of political people there.
And I also hate those people who think that India is their enemy...
And above All, I hate the Americans ... for their dirty planning & bad intentions !!

Jun 21, 2009

Hey people,

I am not quitting writing....
I never can.
Its just some other things that have made me derive less of time for it...
But, Yeah...
I'll be Back...
I'll write less often...
Not the usual frequency I have been doing the Last month !!

You all take care of yourself...
And everyone around...I am waiting for some activity from you...
I am missing reading on the 'Idle Mind' and the 'Deluded'
Thanks for starting to write more frequently, Neophyte !!

Wish me luck people !! :-)

Jun 20, 2009

Life Instructions !!

Not that I don't have anything to write...I have plenty of alphabets to describe my state, as in 'L.A.C.K.I.N.G. T.I.M.E. T.O. D.O. S.O.'
'I. A.M. S.O.R.R.Y. '
Sorry to myself, since I am not able to carry fwd this hobby of mine.
And sorry to myself, also because,Since I don't think anyone anymore reads this blog he he!! ;)
So, its completely my Territory, Once Again !! yuhoo !! ;)
*breathing fresh air* hmmmmmmmmm

Alright...this is something I bumped upon !!

Have a Look !!

And till the time I get some time..have fun !! Enjoy !!

Found this out...

Jun 9, 2009

Liking & Living...

LIKING, for me,aptly defines my attraction towards Surgery.The real work. The Herculean capacity to mind your nerves, and remain in wits, when you see a devastated case, with almost nil chances of survival.
The skill of hands operating on the opened body. The sputter of blood and the bonding by sutures. The suction machine & the cautery. The scalpels & the forceps & the arteries. The mosquito & the needle. The bowel loops & the omentum. The appendix & the Gall Bladder. The Blood & the Bile.The ligature & the vicryl. ALL. All is so fascinating. So Real, so near the human body. Amazing.
The OT table & the lights. The nurses & the Surgeon. On his toes, since morning. The muscle cramps & the then, nauseating feeling. The late night calls for an Emergency & the lack of famly life.
Standing for so long & operating, with keeping your mind always on Patrol, is tough. Atleast for me. The lifestyle of a Surgeon is what I wouldn't want to live, even though I like this field immensely.
Yes, Liking & Living are two different things.

For Living, you do not have to CHOOSE what you LIKE,
But, LIKE what you CHOOSE.

Like. You may like a lot many things. You may develop a fondness for a particular thing, a toy, a teacher, a profession, a person. But, there's an essential difference between liking & living.
One cannot always live with whatever he likes,
and one can't essentially like the way he is living.

Liking is a matter of heart & loving is a matter of an integrated-heart-and-mind.
When it comes to living, you've to be practical, think about your priorities, your abilities. Think about how you dream your future to be, whether the thing you desire would adapt to your style of living.
Analysis. Lots of it is involved. And the mind & heart decide on a thing, which appears more practical, feasible.More nearer to truth & not a fantasy dream.

Henceforth, I pledge to be more practical, and handover my heart to my mind, to chose what is best for me. And thence, I also pledge to 'Like what I Choose.'

I Am...

As soft as hard, I pretend myself to be...

As much workless as busy, I tag myself to be...

As much committed as non-committal, I claim myself to be...

As indecisive as the instantaneous conclusions I make...

As orthodox as modern & liberal, I paint myself to be...

As sensitive as ruthless, I portray myself as...

But, as 'Tele' as my parents made me as...

Jun 2, 2009

World No-Tobacoo Day !

Made this on the celebration of World No-Tobacco Day at our Tobacco Cessation Centre...