Dec 30, 2010

Do you remember?

How do I say
how I felt that day,
when we met last?
I know, now it’s a thing of past.

Haah!14 months have passed,
the time since I last basked
in the warmth of your arms.
Weren’t we under the charms
Of our togetherness,
our love & our happiness?

The day was so divine,
Your eyes no less than a ravine,
Into which was trapped
My emotions and my soul- unwrapped.

You remember, our eyes were fixed
at each other’s. Weren’t we jinxed?
We spent moments staring,
at the depth of our caring.
Weren’t those few hours captivating?
Wasn’t it in any way, less than dreaming?

The few microseconds of isolation,
Weren’t those the time of devotion,
To the emotions which ruled,
And the hormones which drooled?

Clenching my wrist,
You made me drift
To the place, where your heart thumped
And where my insecurities lay, dumped.

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Weren’t you beating heavily?
Wasn't I breathing audibly?
Slowly, my face lay there buried.
Feelings of being secure, rushed, hurried;
That hug encapsulated & soothed me,
Wasn’t this where I always wanted to be?

Here, winters are chilling and cold,
You know,
I still carry those memories, untold.

The cool air-breeze sends me a spine-chill
Like the ways, 
Your proximity made me feel.

Blankets give me the warmth
Like the ways, 
That hug had lend.

Warm water bath generates flames & fumes,
Like the ways, 
Your touch did, when our love bloomed.

All, it may give me,
But not the feeling to be
With you in your arms,
Safe, secure, and having no qualms.

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Tell me, why winters make me remember you?
Why do they drop me in the moods so blue?
Don’t you think it was the high of our lives?
Don’t you miss me, our love and those positive vibes?

Don’t you?

Dec 28, 2010

Soul-mates !

Written on Oct.26, 2009

Amidst the whole doom encapsulating me, since long, I witnessed a ray of sunlight, a moment of pleasure. Long had been the wait, and low had been my morals. Many a times, had I been put to motivation, put to caress, put to the Label 'Most important and Blessed treasure' in someone's life. But, that was all upto conversations.
Time had its constraints, and priorities put its limitations. Meeting each other used to be Just a dream for us.
But, Not today.

Its been a tough time for both of us, and its only been our presence in each other's life, that we have drifted slowly and positively to a place where our destination seems far, but, definitely not 'unachievable'. And, its only because we'll be there with each other, for each other.

Amidst all the tension brewing up over the ICMR project completion, and my going 'nuts' over the scheme of things, nothing could have been adequately charging enough, if not the Visit.
Though, every one has to wait for things to happen, but, believe me, It does happen at the 'most correct and appropriate moment.' Hence, wait, and you'll be suitably rewarded.

Spending some few hours together, in front of each other, talking one-on-one, with only Air separating us, and not a 'Lifeline' telephonic instrument, Is LIFE to me.

Our Friends, Us, and my eldah Sibling all went to some really scenic places. I suppose, I have noticed their scenic beauty only since there was a person making my life beautiful, standing besides me, at inches breadth.
The vision to the world changes with mood.
I repeat...
The vision to the world changes with mood. Big time.

The stroll to those places, with the occasional un-intentional slight friction of skin, sent shivers down our spines. Why is it that only a particular person 'the one tailor-made-for-you' is able to transmit such touch? Never do you feel that sensation in your body. Forget friction, even a complete touch doesn't make you feel this. Strange. But, I guess, its the feelings that move in your nerves rather than the sensations.

Going Back home, We met some more of my friends. All had been really eager to meet us. Some lovely time spent with my family, still remains our 'Best moments of the Day'
Your love towards my family, your responsibility towards me, that you so unfailingly carry, your ability to win hearts, your answerability towards my family, that you diginifiedly fulfill. Your being my family and me being yours, makes me complete.

Thanks for coming in and completing my life.
Nah...Thanks for making my Life worthwhile. Thanks for giving me loads of reasons to enjoy and love life.

No doubt, a 'I Love You' seems superficial and so small now... It all is, now, beyond this.

I can only Thank God for sending such a special person for me, in my life. And Thank my family for making me meet you.

Soul-mates !
'Popeye n Maggi'

To be inscribed in History...Forever. In Rose-petals. In white feathers. In our Souls.


Photo : Bresson Thomas

Seeming like a strong-stemmed tree,
Creeper sometimes, I turn to be.
Looking for an emotional support,
Weak and meek, I long for comfort,
Comfort of being free from charges & duties,
And being far away from my own responsibilities.

There's a backbone I need to rest on,
And need the mattress to sleep & yawn.
Have been this way since long,
First, it ws Dad & Mom, to whom I've belonged,
Then it ws puberty,who made me a lover,
D feelings erupted which were under cover.

Need to be true & open-booked,
So that the special-allowed-one who looked,
In a stance, knew me from within.
And not see a puzzle which they'd just begun.
The unpredictable emotional highs & lows,
The negative which sometimes so abundantly flows.
Showing it all, keeping nothing concealed,
I need the one, to whom everything would be revealed.

Every strong lion needs to be cuddled,
With tender love, care & joy- bundled.
Many roam a free, with no belonging,
But, I am not that one; I need that bonding-
Of coming back home to be owned by someone,
In front of whom make-up & manipulations are not done.

Each day I walk graciously like a swan-
Calm, composed & needing no man.
Times elapse, and so does my strength,
Acting independent for such length
Unwraps my emotional inners;
Makes me weak & actively search for anchors.

Smiling, cheering, teasing, talking that I do,
I might just be deriving my solace from you,
Or might be making your attention my fodder
to regain the energy & grow up stronger
So that I re-enter the forests, wild & thick,
Giving the slightest-of-the-bond, a nick.

It sometimes feels like a parasite
Grows within me. With each bite,
It sucks its love, its nutrition,
neglecting, ignoring your condition.
How-so-ever guilty it feels moments later,
the evil does its job, & I'm its biggest hater.

Curbing it, Subliming it, I've tried
But, it is the soul to which it is tied.
Sensing host around, it multiplies in power
Flourishes, glees, and rejoices in pamper.
But, it has to leave to another land,
Because relying on it, you can't.
It has nothing to give, nothing so good,
It is nothing but a hollow log of wood.

It might just be a commensal, that I am,
Or just another healthy inter-dependent. Damn.
Pessimism takes its toll on me,
Making me sometimes what I be,
See, I’ve grown to my senses again,
Yes, the energies completed its regain.
Cold exteriors I’ve adorned,
And, I walk out, as the King, re-throned.

Dec 24, 2010

Poetic Spirits

They say spirits exist.
I have a reason to believe it now.

My junior, Anubhav, sms-ed me:
Merry Christmas di. What do you want from Santa this time? I'll tell Santa to gift you a PG degree OR a cute and bold guy who would love you. Ohk??

I replied:
No either no or, 
No neither no nor. 
I need both of them, 
but, let the right time come.
May be the next winter would be fine,
To have a PG degree, and a guy all mine.

His reply:
So, what is it that you're asking for, this year?

This Christmas's gonna be a cheer,
To all my buddies and friends so dear,
Would want their presence
to celebrate our friendship,
Coz it's a suspense,
Where we'll be
As we end our internship.

It's time for the laughter, the tears
And the frowns
As we'll remember the times 
We acted like clowns.

It's friendship that's on the agenda tomorrow,
May Santa bless each one joys and no sorrow.

And, what is it that Santa should be giving you??

hmmm.. A cute girl would be fine... hehe.

The time is now,
to fell how
being in love means.
Let the beans
of care sow,
Then you'll know
a simple girl
With that cute curl,
would look so good,
So pure, sans the hood
Of ego, air & richess
Would seem to be ur princess.

But, when u find one,
Don't think you're done.
Respect her, & care all you can,
Treasure her for the love has just began.

Santa sends you love this season,
Don't let her go for any mere reason.
But, it comes with a Statutory warning:
You have to always keep her happy and smiling.

Oh Di! You rhyme so good. Aap galat aa gaye medicine me. (You've wrongly come into the medical sciences.)

Humare hunar ki tareef karne ke liye dhanyawaad,
Medical mein na aate to zaroor rehte aabaad,
Par karm ka fer hai,
Aur kismat ka mel hai,
Jahan kavitaen sunaana likha tha, 
logon ko sukoon dena socha tha,
Ab davaiyaan likhenge,
logon ko marz se mukt karenge,
Magar khush-kismat to fir bhi rahenge,
Dilo ko jeetne aaye the, wo to jeet-te hi chalenge.

It was a spirit that made me write these small poems in fast, quick replies to him.
Haha! But, it is lovely getting those spontaneous strokes right. :-)

Merry Christmas!! 

Dec 17, 2010


Isn't there anything like a cardiac D & C

or a Cerebral S & E?

Wish there was a way to get rid of the vegetation that denies to drift outta the heart. 

And a way to bring back the neurons to settings 'default', and put into the bin: the spam, the rags that are of no use anymore, the bits of memories that smell, the false promises that were not kept, the sweet talks that have fermented, the lies that broke the relation, and the soul that evaporated. 

Suck away the hopes my mind built, pulverize the dreams you seeded, curette the helplessness I feel, and give me back my intact-unbroken-unplayed-unhurt heart back. 

Give me back my love, and my peace.

Don't wanna be caged in love!
Set me free.

God, can't you format me?

Dec 13, 2010

Break ke baad...

No,that's not my grandpa's age, but my current weight.
No blames can be put since no reason is strong enough to stand the demolish. It's completely been my fault, to have let inactivity rule and gourmet eating schedules take over.
But, there can't be any two ways about it. Only loss can be a gain here.

Walking needs far too much motivation.
Dancing needs some awesome music and abundant space.
Yoga and Aerobics, I don't know.
Eating less doesn't let me concentrate on anything but food.
Healthy eating was the only retort I was left with.

So, I took to this step. It's been just one meal of such eating, and I'm literally puking.

Half-a-glass of Mixed Fruit Juice; an apple, and two small serves of salad.

It's pathetic to be in this size. Clothes don't fit. Body doesn't support you in moving. This is a vicious cycle.

The more fat you gain, the more inactive you become, and you gain even more.

If it breaks, it is fine. If it doesn't, I'll work on it.

One more vicious cycle is this 'Success'.
Once you achieve success, the expectations rise, and to fulfill those you succeed even more. (Without having a moment to find a reason, a motto behind what you're doing, you blindly take the next step!)

Being trapped  in one such cycle for years together, I had to break it.
Inside it I was dying. Walking the path I had once chosen had never been so depressing.
But also, there wasn't any priviledge of a reverse gear. The lane had to be crossed.
With me nearing the end, the newer hopes had already been concocted by my Gods.
Unfortunately, reaching there we discovered that there were no by-lanes. The lane instead got more rigid, tough; and in order to move ahead, one ought to clear the obstacles.

The world around me is running a race, to be able to make it across. They're toiling. Many have the passion, many have no other option, and many are unaware.

And, I am here-sitting along the road, staring at them;
'coz I am aware that this is not what I wanna do immediately after,
'coz I can foresee some 'rare kachcha raastaas' that divert for some distance (whether they re-join or not- I don't know),
and 'coz my passions are driving me to take a stop - the passion of doing that in which the heart lies, and with perfection.

This might be a few-months stop or longer, but I know after that, I would drive into the way that I would be sure of.
Exploration and adventure would always be a part.

But as of now....Medical Arena-->>

I'll be back...

Break ke Baad! ;)

Dec 12, 2010

The Important Men of my life…

…And what I learnt from them… !
Other than my Father, Brother, Jijaji, and other family members.

First of all, I have put ‘Men’ here… coz, I have, for most of the times been in their company, more so than girls. Don’t know why, but have always had boys as better friends than girls. Not that I don’t have any girl as a friend. I have a few, which are dear, very dear, namely…Wish, Bugzy, Honey, Anks, Kookie, TJ Snr, and My Mum ! Will write about what I have learnt from them, sometime later.

But, as of now, It’s the Men who are gonna hog this space…

A guy, whom I met first during my college. Earlier an unnoticed guy, he came into the picture, when during our very first dance in the college, in the Fresher’s Party, he joined our group, just the night before the performance, in place of a guy who had fallen sick. So, there he was, dancing ‘near-to-perfection’, as if he had been practicing day and night with us. Impressive he had been. Well, that had brought him into my college-mate list. With each semester, we came to know each other better. Now, he happens to be the closest friend of mine. He happens to be probably the only guy to whom I speak what I feel, about each and every incident. He knows everything about my life. He is my Mind-Reader. He knows exactly what would be going on in my mind. And he is an expert at scolding me (for not studying) and advising me when things don’t fall in place.
He’s the perfect Friend I could have ever had.
He’s true, sensitive, caring, extremely understanding, crystal clear about what he wants in life. Its only because of him, that I survived some tough times of my life. Learnt what ‘true friendship’ actually means. Its sheer luck that I have him.


Another college mate of mine. In the first year of college, never interacted with him, because he happens to be of my religion, and talking to him, would have created stir in the college. And people would have easily termed it as a ‘setting’. We were always very uncomfortable talking to each other, subconsciously thinking about what the world would think. It was 2nd year, we were organizing a cultural evening. And he was amongst the one’s who were against us. The day before the event, they had created a big scene. I was called upon as the fight had led to the boycott of the event, by our very own batch…and almost 70 people were against us. I had a long discussion with some 7 people of the ones opposing us, and he was amongst them. I still remember, he had said, “Telly, I did not oppose the whole event earlier, only because you were conducting it. But now, the things have gone beyond tolerance. Some people are treating us badly. And, also, its only because ‘you’ are discussing the matter with us, that we all are here. Had it been anyone else, we would have not turned up.” All done, the event did go on to become the most ‘different’ event of our college life. There on, we have been good friends, to become the Brother-Sister duo in the play that bagged the first prize in Spandan (as against the very-very nicely directed play by our seniors.). Then came the Nukkad Natak, which also bagged the first prize. Hmm. Now, he too happens to be a very close friend of mine. He is the one who has taught me that everything should not be told to everyone. Don’t run around shouting about what is going on in your life, to everyone. Live also a life beyond what is seen to the janta. Controlling your emotions, and keeping them to yourself…is what I have learnt from him. (Though, I still can’t do all this!) He’s extremely sensible, mature in taking decisions. He’s the guy who lives in the present with the future in his eyes. None of his actions are not well-thought off. We might not be talking to each other that frequently, but know what is going on in each others life, and need be, we would be there for each other.

Mr. Nobody…

Hmm…school mates…were there in the same class, but, we had rarely interacted with each other. Then came, 11th and 12th stdd. We were in Kota, I was reading Biology, and he Mathematics. We used to talk over the phone, like once in a month. Met once in the 2-year stay there, as he had come to take the English notes. He went to the IIT and I to a Medical College. First Year, we interacted a little. And I was surprised at his transformation. Against the image of his being a very studious and serious guy, what I saw was a fun-loving, humor creating individual. The change was definitely difficult to digest. And it took an year for the thing to sulk in. 2nd year came, and we interacted more, rather fought more. Yeah, I have this absolutely wonderful relation with him, where we do more of leg-pulling than interacting. He’s the one who makes me smile. And I count on this asset of his during my depressed times. Whenever I feel blue, depressed, I have this buddy of mine, who lights my life with his fun-filled talks. He’s the only guy with whom I can talk any non-sense. I don’t think before speaking to him / or what picture of mine would be painted in his mind by my stupid talks. I share my idiosyncrasies with him. He is stupid, naughty, witty, confused, true, lazy. He has taught me, not being pretentious. Just be what you are. And relax, and procrastinate, life is not that bad.
He’s my sunshine and my Mr. Nobody.


Some relations are built the moment you meet. Such is my relation with him. The day my parents met him, there was something that clicked. And when, I met him, it took not more than 5 minutes for the bond to develop. And the bond has had its moments of snapping and re-bonding. But, there has not been a moment all these 5 years, that he’s not been a part of my life. He’s not the hunk, not my dream man, but he’s been the constant support, strength, and inspiration. He’s the reason behind my smile, and the reason behind the state of my mind-either good or bad. He’s the one who’s always been in my prayers and in my day-dreams. He rightly says, ‘You can’t keep everyone happy in this world. Hence, just keep the one’s who matter to you, happy.’ Learnt how to respect work, and studies, and give them their deserved importance. His madness for acquiring knowledge still amazes me. He’s cute, caring, super-busy, considerate, true, lives life on his terms, responsible, sensible, kiddish yet mature. His presence in my life is sort of essential for my survival. How-so-ever minimal it might be.

On a random note:
Love thy friends. They are the sails to your boat of life. They catch the cool breeze for you, and soothe you. I love you all, my friends…for making me a friend of yours, and blessing me your presence and giving me the pleasure to be in your life.

Dos líneas

Two lines...
For women it sometimes means hell.

She came with the strip faintly positive, The second line barely visible yet not insignificant enough to be ignored.

Hailing from a low-middle class background, another Sonography meant much, though not more than what this may result to. 
She didn't have the resources to rear another child. 
A pregnancy was what she could not afford. Not now.

Showing the reports, she kept praying for a denial from the doctor. Lucky, she was.
An air of relief is sometimes so more important than any atmospheric oxygen. She would have collapsed to have heard otherwise. This was the third time in the last 10 months that she had to come to consult her doctor.
The past two times, she had been put to trauma. Getting 2 abortions had left deep imprints, on her body and her psyche. Looking frailer than before, she was still recuperating from the last termination, when this agony conjured.

Discussing the contraceptives with the doctor, she broke down.
Counselling her was not useful anymore. Coz she knew what she wanted, and precautious was something she had by now become an expert at. It was someone else who needed counselling, and probably a stint at de-addiction clinic.

She loved him immensely, and so did he. And she knew it, by his caring ways, and his expressiveness for the love they shared. He had always supported her and her decisions. They had together resolved to not extend their family of three, and had also readily agreed to the protected version. They had been on a roll, except that minor friction which got them off-track. Not once, but thrice.

Alcohol not only kicked him, but also got him off-guard. 'Spirits bring in him the spirit of beasts. I am left to his pity and his conscience; the conscience which evaporates with alcohol, and rains with the hangover.'
Weeping, she informed that his husband did not want to leave alcohol, and also not come for the family planning counselling.

Such barbaric repeated episodes of mistreatment and subsequent harm to her health is not what she was going to take anymore. She wanted a way out. Peace could be reached. But how?

Getting an Intrauterine contraceptive device placed, she walks back home relieved of ONE big aspect. Conception worries.

The path she takes has got to be hers, and her hubby's. Together.
Together...till he accepts to understand, or till she grits to suffer.

Random musings
What is left in a woman's life if even her husband is not worth the trust?

A man can share a woman's life, not own it.

Alcohol. A jinx that creates more bruises and breaks than the euphoria it promises to offer.

'Why people take it to give themselves to it; remains a mystery!' To me atleast.


Nov 21, 2010

Hail Women!!

Situation: Grandparents enter their Golden Jubilee year of marriage bliss.
And, to celebrate it eventfully, we did a small cake-cutting ceremony.

When asked to pose, my Grandma gladly snug her arm on my Grandpa's shoulders in a semi-hug fashion. 
Grandma was smiling and confident, and my Grandpa was shyly dismissing the embarrassment.

I never realized that women in my house were bolder than the men!! 

Roots to my spontaneity, discovered!!  ;)

Nov 15, 2010


My life’s become like the Indian Railways: 

Always Late, Oh-so-numerous Halts & Off-track oftener!!

Nov 10, 2010


There was once, a time, when writing meant so much.
When, a thought born, was draped in layers of words in no time and presented to the blogger world.
When, latency to post, pained.
When, writing calmed the excited play of neuronal discharges.
When, a well-written post gave the sleep of relief. 
When, all that happened was reported, daily musings, posting funs, academic disasters, random electrical activities, cardiac dynamics, emotional ramblings, gossip stories.
When, blog became a smarter alternate to summarize diary entries, revealing not too much, and concealing all what was personal.
When, maintaining a blog, regular template changes, updating to newer widgets, meant an important 'To-Dos'.
It tranquilized the tracts to believe that something significant was being done.
And, you were adding up to the world's knowledge.

Clinics happened. Or rather an enlightenment ruptured.
The things that seemed such vital, turned out to be tenuous.
Writing seemed futile.
The need to change, the need to reform, revamp flushed the stupid, fun-frolic, heart-mind dissociations.
Eyes opened up and noticed the world. It's needs, it's physiology, it's pathologies. Dying for treatments.
The treatment that most know, yet none administers.
Being the silent-curious student, lamenting about how tough life is, oblivious to other's suffering, is not what will help.
The doctor has sworn the Hippocratic oath.

To treat what must be.

It's time actions spoke louder than words.

Disclaimer: The reference to the profession of medicine, is an analogy to the world. It's not the field of medicine alone that intrigues and impels me to bring about change, but the world as the whole. Incontestably but, the immediate arrow targets medicine dart.

© Tele_Jane

It's optimism I sense, and Excellence I learn.
And, Thinking I endorse.
- Tele

Oct 21, 2010

The Bull

When being the silent-mowing-lazy cow gets boring,
changing into the energizing, smokey-nosed, limb-hitting bull peaces me.

* Actively moving my head hither & tither *

Retiring. Peacefully & happily. 
The Red Bull ;)

^ Daringly mailed my Med HOD & met my Dean (Establishement of EM residency at our place)
^ Maddeningly thought of a thing, (stirred everyone-pleaded warden-got it approved-cleaned it myself-set up done-electricity arranged) & accomplished it in 18 hours (Setting up RR in GH) woof!!
^ Surgery Conference at My Institute, 2 days later, Case presentations prepared, handed over. To be presented by the Heads. All wishes for a successful conference. (Loved doing the behind-the-scenes work)

Wishing that each day of my life be as Super-Busy as the last two days have been !! 
How I hate being dormant !!

Blogging- Switched OFF !! 

Oct 17, 2010

Now Running: Raaz Iss Janam ka

The secret list below reveals my lovers : (for this Janam only)

-Kindly do not misinterpret this as a sun-sign. This is the reeal creature I'm talking about.

2. Snakes 

-The very day, the CWG officials charmed a snake outta the Games village, one of the snakey kiddos came to Kiss Hiss me too. 
And, I was awake this time. It played with tingling my sole, thinking it would charm me through. 
Unlucky, for the cute creature had been wrong in his interpretation that the sole was a ground for fore-play. :D

The sore-play furied me, and I threw it out. Rolling it on the wooden plank, I took it outta into the open.

And, Voila! I became the Aesclepius. The legend. With the Rod and the Snake.

Now, did the nature certify me with the degree of Medicine?


Did it bless me with the magical powers of healing? (Still gotta check out the powers, though!-Maybe I have, Maybe I don't.)

But, I have sure been accepted into the fraternity. That, I know!

Indeed a weird, scary, and adventurous themed 'Convocation ceremony' is what I had. :D

All of this forces me to think, 

that either I was a Reptile in the 'Pichla Janam' 
I am one in this.

PS:Don't panic, I have just been incorporated into the PR section of Mallika Sherawat's next flick.

Tonguishly hisssing! ;)

Please, Dare Not Watch It!

Just, Damn it. :D

And Go away. There are things better than 'Hiss' to be read about !!

Sep 30, 2010


Thank God, I am not the man.
The love-hungry man who finds solace in the presence of the veil of a woman.

Thank God, I am not the woman.
The meek-weak woman who needs the strong shoulders of a man to protect her.

Thank God, I am the soul.
The gender-less soul who has the blessing: A family which loves and protects; and a purpose: A life of meaning.

Tele laments, 'It has really gone Beyond Love !'

I know...

Image courtesy:

Will rise, from the low. 
Tough, Maybe it'll be slow. 

But, I will, I know. 
To God, I pray & bow! 
I can, I will. 
I know...

Sep 17, 2010

Mommy love...

Parents, and the only true love existent on earth.
Mums and Dads...making complex things simpler.
No matter the idiosyncrasies we irritate them with,
their concern and their love always grows...
and shields us....

One such beautiful closely-knit family....

Location: Nienoord Castle, Groningen, The Netherlands

The beginning of the end...

'Do you know what happened that day??'  

'Ohh! I can't believe she said this.' 

'Its so usual for her. She's born weird.'  *Break into laughter

'What does she think she's all about??'

'Ermm....Oomph, she thinks.'  *Clapping hands

Well, yeah. A Bulla session. (Pardon me IITians for adapting your copyrighted lingo )
Everybody does involve in this, be it at any point in life. 
Guys too and Gals, obviously.

Although, the female predominance is what has been publicized since centuries. But, look around, Guys are the ones who spread the news much faster than what girls have the potential of. 

The essentials go up like this:

The perfect setting: A hostel room. 
It has to be behind the doors. And we don't mind the walls having ears.

The perfect time: Late in the night.
Ain't it the dark time to talk dark? ;)
Sometimes, the afternoon tea too seems perfect. 

Requires 3 people to start. (A Minimum)
The 3 usually are joined in by any and every one who passes by, and the number may rise upto 10-11-12.
*Then the room becomes too congested, and the session becomes brittle. 

Many a people love calling it a 'gossiping' session. Well, sometimes it is correct. You talk about what is 'happening' (as in 'Haaapennning'). 
But, I avoid using that. Coz most of the times (Out of the 10-11 sessions I've attended all my 5 years of med school) we talk about our plans, discuss things around us, and get ourselves equipped with some informations (and this ain't about people) !!

One such session, yesterday. 
One after a long time that lasted a long time. :)

There's such a change of pattern we notice.

During First Year- It was about the 'nasty' seniors, and then about the 'fellow guys'.

During Second Year- It went about to become the 'real gossiping' about the new hook-ups, the relationships in general, and guys in general. (A special target at the residents.)

During Third Year, It shifted to the plans for future, and the information brigade.

During Fourth Year, it was about studies. (Read as: 'She studies soo much, and still cribs and cries.' 'She answers so weirdly.') 
- This one was not my cuppa coffee. Hence, Please don't link me with such sessions.
(I'm not stupid enough to bring up STUD-IES in moments of fun!)

During Internship, it has become marriages, kids, reliving the years in fond remembrances.
Laughing over the stupid things we fought over, the moments of enjoyment are being lived.

Tele says: Appears to be the beginning of the end... The end of the 5 golden years of an era.
Or the End of the I enter the mainstream medicine, on the fields ??
-Synchronism exists. 

Images: Google Images

Sep 14, 2010


Yeah, He has done it.

The Modest King, as the official US OPEN site  names him, definitely shows what his game and personality is all about.

Rafael Nadal, completed his career grand slam with the clinching biting of this title.

Had tried following the epic match last night, when rain happened, and I was forced to sleep. Getting up to the news of Rafa winning it, was the 'jive-in-bed' moment for me. (Yeah, my eldah sis had called up half-awake to break the news to me)

Knowing that the telecast was being repeated, I rushed back home. Switched on, and watched every single ball.

Somehow, as the match progressed, it didn't feel great.

For me, the match wasn't the one of an EPIC, like the ones between Fed and Rafa are. Plainly because, it was Novak v/s Rafa.
The competition wasn't about the extraordinary play but was reduced to being about the less worse a play.

I mean, when did you witness A FINAL playdown having so many double faults, such fatigued a player, points coming by the unforced errors and not the winners?

Novak was almost on the verge of requiring an oxygen mask for breathing. The crowd imparted him a lot of energy by going into the 'Novak! Novak!' bursts, and, he kept on grunting. (I hae-ted it. Wasn't expected from a top player like him to shout oh-so-frequently!) :D

Clearly, Nadal emerged out as the calm, composed winner, who beat Novak both mentally and physically.

So, my baby wins. And wins it in tears.

There are so many comparisons being made. Between Federer and Nadal.
But, for me,
Federer is the 'technically' great player, but ostentatious an individual.

 -The one who doesn't stop at being 'himself', but improves 'himself' every moment. 

See what Nadal Said despite winning this Slam:
"I think talking about if I am better or worse than Roger is stupid," he protested. "Because the titles say he's much better than me, so that's true at that moment. I think that will be true all my life."
For more on Nadal's humbleness: Read the interview.

'Nadal: I don't think I'll match Fed's titles'

Pictures. Courtesy: NDTV


Sep 6, 2010

Let there be light...

Optimistic about the Destined Enlightened morning !!

After a long tiring day, there is so much to be felt, so much to be told, still am short of words. 
Coz, something pinched me. 

What pinched me more than what would have been pained after the lathi-charge, was a confession by a resident of ours. Been there, seen the situations, been beaten up a few times, he wishes us the 'faith and conviction to stay what we are. Human.'

And more poignantly, he confesses, ' I have gone comfortably numb.' !!

Might be a philosophical streak of emotions, nothing deep.
Nevertheless, isn't it the truth?

We are such avid gaspers, and such fast adapters, that it sometimes gets difficult for the conscience to know 'when' a trait seeded and grew, and manifested.

I just wish to grow in the better environment !! Although I know, I'll end up the same fate. But, I still optimize.

PS: For the first time ever did I stay online for approximately 15 hours today. Believe me, it's only sleep that's logging me off.

Aug 31, 2010


It had been a long day. And a long list of to-do's had been ticked done.
The usual headache had started earlier, and after such a tiring day, I had no patience to sit with a hand on the head.
On the scale of convenience, it was unbearable.

Intuition told me, the routine nap, or the light conversation won't soothe it. So, much against the belief of mine (of avoiding pills, no matter how painful body is) I popped an analgesic.

Is it stress, or is it the preference to not lose time to being unhealthy, that I have developed this compliance to medicines?
Probably both.

Analgesics had specially been a no-no for me. I always used to profess not using them for pains so tolerable.
Not anymore, though.
Diclomol relieved me of the puncturing ache in a matter of 15 minutes, and I wished to read a bit.
But, all wishes aren't accepted by the higher.
Besides, sleeping was a more logical option.

Deep into sleep, might be a very odd hour then, I just saw a small black thing entering my room. I usually keep my hostel room doors open, for the cross ventilation. The rooms here can get warm and suffocating, and it won't be a surprise to find yourself drenched in sweat when you get up the subsequent morning.

Circulation was the only solution. And keeping the door open was only second to using an air cooler.

Saving myself the hassle to fill in water daily, and preventing my super-active sleep centers to be provided the leisure, I had ruled out this 'first' option.

Also, keeping the door open isn't much an inconvenience. At least, not for a single-noncommitted-always soberly dressed girl. The rest have to talk all night, or take care about what part of skin is showing (thanks to their short revealing dresses).

Ever since I shifted to this new room, have had a few encounters with creatures.
First, it was a lizard. Crawled her out.
Then, there were lots of flying creatures. Rained them out.
And, Ants - They have been constitutive.
They always are.

I have personally hated the Cicadas!
i.e. the Jhingoor, or the udane-wali-kisaari.

In the slight light, the rods were making much the similar picture on the retina.
In the REM patch that I had hit, I got up. Seeing it crawl fast into the room, I caught hold of the sandal that lay in the shoe-rack. Creeping faster, along the walls of the room, it went behind my chair, I spotted it, and hit once.

Escaping, it went below my bed. I lay over my bed, with the legs and the head in air, and carefully looked for any motion anywhere. It was far darker here. And by the time the rods started their night vision efficiently, I saw it moving under the table.

Not wasting a single second, I hit it once. It still was running. Twice. Thrice.
It was the fifth hit, that I was lucky with.

It didn't move anymore, and I could see this shiny substance on the sole.

I knew it was time the creature bid a goodbye to the world.

Making no efforts to keep the sandal back at place, I just closed the door, and slept. It was 4 then.

Got up in the morning, and seeing the sandal out of place, the whole incident recapped, and I felt sorry for killing the poor creature.

Apologizing to God in my daily morning prayers, I did my daily chores.

Not finding even a single remnant of the creature, anywhere in the room, (except the body fluids that stained the sole) I knew ants have their food for this week.

At lunch only did I know that the creature who morphed cicada last night, was a Scorpion. And it had been on a trip to others rooms as well, and they saw it entering my room too.

It’s only now that I realize that the wings were, in reality, the sting!

PS: After knowing the reality, I've checked each and every nook and corner, and crevices in my room, for any live bichoo who might be waiting for the night for a revenge. I mean, I don't even clearly remember that it was killed or not. *dead scared*

Tele wonders: First, thieves; and now, Scorpion. 
                        Why have I been doing brave tasks only when half-asleep? 

                        Hmmm... I've decided, I'm going for AIPGMEE sleeping. ;)