Jul 23, 2010

Survival of the fittest !!


Of Relations.

Strange it is. To see that Charles Darwin seems applicable here too.

Some relations have to die 'coz they lack the ingredients of survival. 
And the ones which last, are the truest.
And the ones which flourish, are the ones best suited for you. 

Suitability lies in the soul.

And in the soul's screening for similar souls, all by themselves, and by experience- bitter or sweet.

Sadly, we do not have 'The Sorting Hat' to divide us into the Gryffindors and the Slytherins. 

Wish people could put their self into shelves!! :D

Random musings on friends which once seemed the companions for life, to turn into the meany-stare-givers on the channel-gates!! 

Tele says: Why do the girls lack trueness (in friendship) ??


Jul 16, 2010

Uff! I can't give it a miss.

Yeah, I know after having promised myself to not blog again (in view of the absence of orientation for the 'rushing near' Pre-PGMEs ) I am not supposed to be having this post right here. 

But, passions are hard to divorce. 

Blogging is not my passion per se, but writing/ expressing is. 

So, all these days that I wasn't here... 
NOoo, I wasn't writing then. 
But, indeed, I was observing.
Observing the cultures, the countries, the people, the nature, the behaviors, the emotions, and above all, my dreams and desires and joy.

Now, if all of this goes unwritten, then it definitely would become an era erased from the gray's.

The memories, all of it, cannot be renting my brain for long, coz sooner there would be others- 'fresher and more-in-need' for a residence. 

Since, this era of bliss should be honored for the virtues it blessed me with, I have started penning and scrap-booking them....in a diary which reads :

Spending 4 hours on it, and after a brutal screening of memories ( yeah, If I start to write down everything, I would be the next Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and this trip-diary would always be on 'Continued' mode !! ) I am still 'on-board',hovering somewhere over Moscow!!  ;-)


Alright, Samuel reminds me of the latest book I finished reading:

Living A Balanced Life by Ric Giardina

This was basically a Self-help book on how to attain a balance in life.

Imbalance could have been synonymously used for me.

Somehow, I am never able to mix work with fun. If I am on 'Study' mode, it had to remain on that for days, and if I happen to be on 'Fun' mode, (which I have been, since the last 5 academic years), I could just not switch over to the former. 

Indeed, I was fed up of this imbalance, which had quite often made me trip in the field of acads, more frequently than ever before.

Finished reading, I have not attained the balance (and, I wasn't expecting that to happen; since I knew, it wasn't a magic spell I was reading, but a simple book! ) 
But, yes, I know a path to it, and optimistically, am hoping to jog on it soon enough.  :)

My new abode:

Also, congratulations...for the New rupee symbol !! 
And the New Delhi IGI terminal that is truly international...!! (Wish I had landed on this month's 16th, rather than the previous one! )  ;)

Tele says: India is going guns, and missiles ! ;)

Jul 7, 2010


calendar page turns to show me the July, and waking me from the 'Dream June' I have spent.

A Dream, Hibernating June. 
Travelling the world over, all alone, and travelling India over, all together- all of it has been like my dreams, (remember the ones I had put some time back- under my post-final year exam planning! )

The serenity of the beautiful places, some absolutely my time, empty beaches to do whatever you want, art you can't get your eyes off, friends you can't stop laughing with, experiences aplenty, and the icing- A performance well executed-the purpose you were sent for!! 

The family trip you had prayed for, the union you had long wanted, and some awesome reasons to be loudly happy. The perfect setting for Bliss !!  

Hibernating for the complete, last month has rejoiced me, but contrary to the common belief of a holiday replenishing the lost vigour, I still stand at the same platform of 'Not motivated to start studying' !! 

Sad, it is....but, Who Cares!!
Am busy living my life in memories...memories of the 'Suitcased' life it has been!! ;-)

PS: The new summer snake loves the new 3G sim, and even more loves the dismantling of the previous phone  numbers!! No more headaches for me!! :-)

Tele says: It was 'minutes' I was traveling in, rather than the 'Miles' !!
       (Referring to the Time Zones touched- loved the regular change of hours in my watch!! )

-Bye Bye Blog!! 
(My foremost resolution to concentrate on acads!! Take care!