Apr 29, 2010

Obstetrics And Gynaecology !!

Now, that the 'famous' OBG department is preparing my completion papers, and am expected to receive it without any further controversies, It's my turn to put how the last One and a half months of my life were.

Why I loved it:

^ It, finally, made me feel like a Doc. * :-)

^ I had a super cool R-2 in LR duties. Dr. Ritu- You Rock!! You are the most Awesome Senior We'll ever have. For forcing me to eat your tiffin, for the infinite smiles and cheer you spread. :-)

^ We made great friends with the R-1s at duty. Dr. Shashi- You're so so sweet. We love ya!! Dr. Richa- The one who for the first time, actually let us do things- Episiotomy incision, stitch, and conduct deliveries, taking the mistakes(if any) on yourself. Hats Off!!

Dr. Himanshu - For your 'anytime anywhere' jokes, your chillax attitude, your 'Oye, tu to resident banke hi jayegi!'. :-) Dr. Priyanka - For your gossiping, your ways of getting your work done. ;-) he he. Dr. Vimla - For your 'bachcha', your allowing us to bunk the Emergency duty that night. :-)

^ All the smiles we received in the corridors and wards of Ummaid Hospital from the Residents of other units. Dr. Rinkesh - Thanks for making me drink Tea, for the first time ever !! (* I drink atleast one cup, almost every day!!)  Happy. :-) Dr. Sarita - Please, keep that smile for-ever on your face, do not frown and do not take tensions. Everything's gonna be all right. :-) Dr. Santosh - I love your style and I love your way of work. Muaah. Dr. Aditi - You look damn good in a saree! :-) 

^ All the back-pats we received from our Unit People:
Dr. Sumitra Mam - (HOD), Dr. Indra Bhati Mam- I'll always miss your 'Raani Bitiya'. 'Where am I going to find another Telly? I'll not sign your completion!!' :-)
Dr. Renu Jain Mam- Your ever smiling face, your cheerful laughter in the OPDs, your tussle with the cleaners, and the nurses (they deserved it, after all they cannot be so negligent.). 
Dr. Hanslata Mam – Your absolutely un-understandable handwriting, the scolds we received (for our mistakes). We were scared to death everytime we were called by you. The smile you gave us today, meant we had pleased you, and that is the most satisfying thing. 
Dr. Kalpana Mam – get well soon. :-) 

Dr. Sunita Mam – The small conversation we had over the ANC patients. :-) 

Dr. Shashi Mam – Your wonderful ways of interacting with patients. Dr. Bharti Mam – for disturbing you so many times, for asking about investigations, medicines, prescription. About everything at OPDs. Dr. Dhara – your typical ways of looking (specs resting at nose, and eyes gazing superiorly), your characteristic ways of speaking (‘tune to kuch nahi seekha…’ ‘agli baar aise kiya, to khinch k eek jhaapad lagaunga’), your care and concern (‘Go, and sleep in the ICU Doctor’s Duty room, AC hai. Dr. Himanshu ko bol dena ke kahin aur so jaye.’ ‘I won’t allow two girls to leave the hospital at 2 in night’) Your way of putting your hand on my head, everytime a big task is accomplished well. :-) Dr. Urmila – for being so good, showing me HSGs, and lot many things, which can not even be put into words.

^ Dr. Ranjana Desai Mam - 'Gal, Only you can make those smilies on the duty schedule, even after doing the maximum duties !! Wonderful Job.' 
Dr. Jodha Sir, Dr. Bissa Mam, Dr. Jaishree Mam, Dr. Rizwana Mam. Dr. Arsha Didi (your uplifted eyebrows still scare me!!) 

^ All the Blessings we received from the patients and their relatives:
The blessings from elders as they swept hands over us; 
from young, who stood holding hands in prayers, in front of us, as if we were Gods; 
from the patients, who held me by hands, and didn’t let me go; 
from the patients, that stopped crying when they saw us around; 
from Him, who saw me run from one corner of the hospital to another, to save a serious patient.

 ^ All the love we received from the nurses and the cleaners – We’ll miss you. 
^ All the work we learned.

^ The kids that were born. The kids that did not survive. The Pediatricians on call.

^ For all the love by Dr. Manju Mam – Family Planning. You’re soo soo sweet.

^ For my great and wonderful collegue Dr. Tej and my for-ever sweetheart Dr. Shirley. (WE ROCK!!) :-) Spongy, you’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met in my life. * Swear*

^ Simply, For everything that the past 45 days have been……..

I’ll For-ever Miss these days !!

Apr 19, 2010

Lights...Forceps...Action !

That was how my First Night was ! (Its the duties I'm talking about !! LR duty) ;-)

A cinematic night.
Where only the lead role has to face it all, or be a part of all the happening stuff.

It was a night which could compensate for the sin of not reading obstetrics the year or life-long.
'It was the William's Night!!' 
All the different varieties of cases had conveniently squeezed into the night.
I think, I learned the three quarters of  obstetrics. (A 'Quarter' is in my lungs. Exhaled!) ;-)

Just to put it all, the cases that kept us wide-eyed the whole night:

- Seropositive Pregnancy (HIV positive) - The whole kit that had to be worn!! (gown, cap, 'goggles' (haha!!) shoe-covers,  the 4-5 gloves worn one-on-one. cute!) Forceps delivery. Nevirapine syrup.

- An HBsAg Positive Pregnancy (Hepatitis B)

- Pregnancy with Heart disease (RHD -Severe MS, mild PAH, mild TR, H/O CHF) -The murmurs- Opening Snap, Diastolic murmur, Sent for Caesaerian Section.

- Abruptio Placenta - The pieces that the placenta comes in. The haematoma lying behind the placenta.

- IUD baby - Delivered a small baby of the size of two palms, all enclosed in the membranes, the ones which were difficult to be torn. It felt like a jelly tablet. Translucent to visualize the fetal parts through it.

- PIH cases- Lots- (4-5!)

- 2 Cervical repairs - * The women these days. Huh ! Do not believe in bearing down. And the fundal application, required in almost every case, is depressing. Forget bearing down, they do not even cooperate in our assistance. :-X

- PPH with Pre-eclampsia.

- Polyhydramnios
- Breech delivery.

The SPECIAL INCIDENTS which will be etched forever in my memory will be:

1. Fat obese woman, not bearing down, baby with a breech presentation, a frail skiny-thin R-2, trying to extract the baby out, fundal by an Intern and R-1, the baby's come half way out, and the head's stuck in there.

Yenna Rascalla ! The R-2 has had enough.
Now, she is fed up of the effort she's put in.

Sheooo. Sheeo Sheeo.

She closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath.


With all the vigour she possesses, she shouts, 'Emmmmmmmm' and plays the tug-of-war, with the mother.

'Ye Bachcha hume de de, Maai !!'


One more 'Emmmmmmmmmm.... ' and the baby comes out in the hands of R-2.

Slow motion:
R-2 is holding the baby in her hands, and she's falling down to the ground.

Knees bent, she's about to hit rock bottom.

Only inches away from hitting herself on the floor.



She stands up on her feet from that position, and keeps the baby in the baby tray.

"Mind it."

A meany stare.

(Hey, yeah, this all happened. and in the same Rajnikant way that I tried to weave in words.)

It was because of the umbilical cord, and the attached placenta, that the baby and R-2 recoiled back. (I hope now you can understand how frail and skinny my R-2 is!! ) ;-)

* The baby was a huge 3.8 kg !!

2. A delivery that wet us all.
Under-estimating the excessive liquor that she had, we had to shower ourselves in the approximate 4 litre of fluid that gushed out, as soon as the baby was delivered.

It was like standing at the opening of the dam gates !! 

Tele says: What does a Breech baby do first??

Shows a 'Butt' to the world. 

Apr 18, 2010

Golden legs !

A picture is worth a thousand words.

And a caption is worth another thousand !

The unsaid, unheard and unexpressed ones...

'Golden Legs' !! 


Stray cerebrations...

Paperwork kills.
Esp. the official-government stuff.


The excitement is being murdered.
Same stuff over and over again, is suicidal to interests.


The unending 'things to do' list doesn't motivate me anymore.
Lazying around, wishing there was some P.A., to do all those.


The Circle in the nights, the musical fountain and the water-sprinkled air...

The terrace, the lonely moon, the breeze - soft on your face, the i-pod plugged to ears...

The speeding car, on a lonesome highway, the loudest of the lyrical-songs...

The dimly lit air-conditioned room, soft-heavily-cushioned bed, the wet locks, and soft-background tones...

'!! Freshen me !! Please....'

Why is the wrong cord hitting me??

'Soothen me. 
Give me my liveliness back.'


Suffocating in my own skin.

Don't wanna die in the burden of work, responsibilities, and political/ social correctness.

Snake-n me and replace my limits to the new measurements.


Being Independent was a target.

So achieved, that the Commensalism is the new one.

Stay unaffected, yet benefit me.


Apr 15, 2010

'Figuring' Myself !

(Disclaimer: All the facts stated here are not merely a figment of imagination, or an attempt at comedy. They are damn true. Any resemblance to a person i.e. me is not incidental, but consciously deliberated, for entertainment purposes. Kindly portray the caricature, as described.)

Mirror, Mirror. On the Wall,
The truest one and the bitter too,
Am I a princess or a Doll?
Say the truth, as you always do.


The short stature you have,
is the asymmetrical IUGR.

The Broadness is the one that led to abnormal labour to your mother.
Shoulder dystocia.

The broad forehead and the number of stitch scar marks on it, are the ideal place for the pediculous capitis to play ice-cricket.
(Howwzaat ? B-a-ld !! )

The slit like eyes, and the overwhelming perorbital oedema, not only renders you the fame of being a live, for-ever Nephrotic Syndrome specimen, but also questions your ethnicity, and your genotype! (Mongoloid facies- Down's !!)

The short-broad-square palms with the perfect cushions ever, and the short-stout digits that rest on it, are the ones designed to hurt you least, while doing the best (worst) thing in Obstetrics: Ante-natal Check Up. (Hey, am talking about the 400 BP measurements that happen on that day.)

The rat-like inturned ear pinna you have, is your asset to hear only what you need to, conveniently dropping most of the instructions hurled at you by the residents and the teachers. You have the ears for Stethoscopic listening. Retaining only those sounds that are directly put into them.

The surface marking mummified dummy you have been -'coz of the see-through clavicle and the eye-catching Angle of Louis- helped the whole lot of '05 girls to clear their anatomy examinations. (Though, Only for the Head and Neck and Upper Trunk Region! )

Saying anything about anything else, is not required. 'Coz it probably doesn't exist. (Second what your batchmates think.) *Now, I know if people do eye in those realms, it could be 'coz of lack of it.

The hypertrophied gluteaus and the hypertrophied calves, (the results of reading in MBBS and the results of running behind and for the patients, respectively.) are your identity.

Webby feet, creating the doubt of you having polydactyly, and the shabby footwear on them, are a testimony to the old Marwari saying, ' pag chota sapoot ra, aur pag chauda kapoot ra!' - Good children have small feet, and the large-wide feet are the characteristic of Rowdy Kids. (On the basis of their attitude/ behaviour towards parents.) *Shabby footwear- attributed to the different varitey of feet I have, which is not supported by any wide range and variety of any footwear brands.

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall,
The truest one and the bitter too,
After looking and seeing all,
With the verdict, here I go.

Mathematics would love you,
Asymmetry and Disproportions.
Medicine would accept you,
Diseases and Specimens.
Art creates you.
A turned sour one.

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall.
Here, It says it All. 
You're a both, a princess at heart,
and a Doll at thinking.



Days, too, are strange.

Sometimes, they remain at 180 degrees to you, trials and failures happen, fight and anger spill out generously,  you see death (I mean The 'Death' - @ clinics)

And then there are some, majority of them, Moderate. Nothing exceptional happens, of both extremes - good and bad. A routine day, when you work and manage home nicely. Go to sleep at once. The tiredness. Or the Satisfaction.

And Days, which are calendered for you.

You receive the best of the compliments, a senior teacher appreciates your work, a good news comes your way, an unexpected thing happens (towards the better side, I mean), a good old friend of yours turns up, suddenly, out of the way, to meet you.

The way you planned the day, it ends up on a higher note and after higher accomplishments.

The day that is YOURS !! 


PS: And you can't sleep, just coz of sheer excitement, and happiness. ;-)

(LOR from my Supervisor, and I am on cloud Nine, Ten, Twelve, Infinity !!)

Apr 12, 2010

Fresh Start...

All the years that passed by,
and all the exclusively-fun time that was spent,
is ordered to be ceased.

Somehow, I have to search for the seriousness for reading and studying, which has been escaping my clutches successfully, since long.

A fresh new start.

With an almost un-targeted aim.

In a New Room.


[PS: Hey Arps, Mah Room No. z 130 ! ;-) ]

Apr 7, 2010

Ever ??

Ever checked your previous mails in leisure? 

Ever reread your chats, some years later?

Ever opened the memories you treasure in your closet? 

A movie ticket. A doodle in the copy. A chit that was passed in the class.

An incomplete sketch. A plan that was never executed.

The list of schedules that were never followed.

Some gifts special to the heart. The images collection.

-Recreate the charisma that the memory beholds. 
Vivid Video that follows.
They never change, even when the people associated do.

Some smiles. Some laughs. 

Some attitudes. Some habits.

Some rights which you feel have been snatched from you.

Some phrases. Some voices which you long to listen to.

Some back-slaps you miss getting.

Some rides that were fun, once.

Some own-ness that was outrightly evident. 

Some gossip sessions. Some talks. Some Silences....

Are now Big Silences ! 

Ignorance/ Attitude/ Indifference/ Detached/ Ego-hassles !!

Do the 'Times' change or 'People' ? 


Why do we grow up? Why can't all relations be like the kid-parent one? Always there. Unaffected by even the biggest of a fight. 

Why do we learn to control ourselves, and not share what our heart truly feels? 
Why did we learn to manipulate our emotions? 
Why can't we be as spontaneous as a baby?
Why condition us?