May 30, 2009

Isn't it ?

The world's rushing here and there,
moving at its fast pace,
. . . a second to stop is required.

We are talking and chatting and mailing,
. . . a caring, real touch is desired.

Busy, doing things professionally,
. . . a personal short face-to-face conversation is needed.

Mean world works at its own
. . . someone who's truly & solely OURS is longed for.

The current scheme of things move autonomously,
not dependent on any particular-one,
. . . someone who waits for us, is looked out for.

Everything around is disposable & replaceable,
. . . we are 'essential' for someone, is what we are waiting to hear.

. . . To be taken care of
. . . To be heard
. . . To be wanted
. . . To be loved, is all that's required. Isn't it ?

Speechless !

I accept:

I am a girl with lots of words and all the more,abundant smileys !! :-)

But, My abilities do have their Maximums.
And I witnessed it yesterday.
I think I reached the zenith of my non-stop talking habit yesterday, so much so, that I actually wanted REST. Can u imagine? I NEEDED A REST.THAT TOO IN TERMS OF SPEAKING.

I had spent my complete day, talking,and more bit of talking and lots of more talking. :-D
At Posting, In the Theatre,At the wards, At Home, Over the Phone, At My Jijaji's place, Over the Phone, and again at home. . . Okays, I am not mentioning it anymore.

Friends here, Family here, Some old friends here, some old friends elsewhere, Some new people around, Everyone....Anyone. ;)

Reaching the Maximum level, does makes you feel prostrated. Isn't it?
That's the reason why I hadn't posted anything yesterday.
I had actually, used up my allowed-maximum-daily-limit-of-words. And I was wordless to write up even. :-o

Altho, this crap shudn't have been here as a Post, But, Come On, I reached to heights, be it any field.
But, I did.
Don't I need to celebrate my conquering this Height?
Even if I needn't, I AM. :)

I simply need reasons to party and have fun.

Everyone needs.

May 26, 2009

A Live USG Session !

Ever seen that Advertisement of a mother/father visualizing the Baby's movements and heart beating on the USG monitor ? 'Nahin, mein apni beti ki hatya nahi karoonga.'

I always used to think, it was nothing but a gimmick to try to woo people not to abort a girl. I expected them to be something 'crude'. Nothing vivid.
And all these years of my Medical School, I have not managed to even get a subtle-est hint of what is there in the USG recordings. I always have turned to the 'Reports' leaf of the diagnostic modality, and not look into the Black-and-white tracings.

And contrasting to my view, I today happened to be a part of a USG session.
It IS SO LIVELY. I could see the foetus actually moving. Moving his arms, legs.Heart beating. A clear thump of a beat could be seen.ViVID !!

And the fine technique that it is, I could even see the phalanges of the fetus moving. Yes, the cute miniature fingers, the ones which I just love in a newborn, (they are soo soo beautiful!) could be well differentiated.

The four chambers of heart, so clearly appreciated.
The femur, the humerus, the vertebra, ribs, cranium, clavicle ... amongst the bones that I could easily identify.

And some other amazing fetal structures that I was made to see were:
The Falx cerebri, the midline structure separating the two cerebrums.
The yolk Sac, visualized as a small ring like structure on USG ( only in early stage of pregnancy)
The Placenta, the Umbilical cord.

One more thing was taught...Sex determination. *popping eyes ??*
huh, Yep, the illegal skill is always transferred and taught first. ;)

One funda which I learnt was:
All fluid IS Anechoic. Hence, it will be seen Black on the recording.

Tele says: USG's fun. Ever get a chance to see a session. Dare not miss it.

Little Pearl !

It has been a great day today. Great relative to the previous one, which was an emotional turmoil altogether, at both professional and personal levels . A long scolding from the Surg Unit Head (long, as it lasted for an hour...and he was wholly-and-solely scolding all this long).Fault: Not attending the OT days and missing a class. huh !! And my temper got the better of me, and emitted it at personal level. Result: A ruined day. Bad day.

Anyways, Past is Past and I move on, only to be greeted by one heck of a cool day.

A beautiful, 'Cholecystectomy with a CBD stone' operation in the OT.

Yes, after the bulk-of-scolds-that-we-had-ingested the day before, and no more desire to take any more; we went to the OT. And to our surprise, the Unit Head himself, showed us the operation. HE LET US SEE A FEW STRUCTURES.
Yeah, A Big Deal, I know.
Coz, most of the times what we see is: An incision, lots of instruments, good amount of blood, and the incision being sutured.Never a live structure/organ. ha :D

Today, we managed a glimpse of the Gall Bladder, the CBD, the retro-peritoneal part of duodenum, the Major duodenal papilla, Ampulla of Vater, colon, the Greater Omentum.It was more than I could have ever asked for, atleast in the Govt. Hospi scene.

And the best thing my eyes clicked today, was: The cute li'l stone...the dimensions of a small pea, and the color of the dove: A PEARL indeed.

It was a good experience.
Just a thing that irks me: The scheduled Stone removal from the CBD was converted to a Duodenotomy, the duodenum opened, Papillotomy, and then the stone found out. The pt. was a COPD pt, and for this small stone removal she was given a 7 cm incision, abdomen explored, CBD opened, Duodenum opened, Gall Bladder removed. It could well have been removed by an ERCP or an Endoscopic intervention.
Still, no grudges.
Common, I wouldn't have seen all this, had it been an endoscopy or ERCP !! ;)

Tele says: 'Hey, how big a gift it would be: My beau gifting me a necklace of such pearls?? All that he himself would have excavated (oops, removed) from actual patients. I would treasure it more than any damn rasc** thing in the Universe!'
Weird, I know it is. But, anything that's disgusting has so much to do with me. ;)

May 22, 2009

Obeisance !

On my way to MG Hospital,
Taking the unusual route, the one which I have probably not taken for a century.
And the reason being, the indurated and the pitted roads.
I pass across the temple. The temple where my family religiously visits their Gods, very routinely.
'Their' because, I don't.
And its only after their abundant pleads that I agree to accompany them.
But, this has not happened in the last many months. Many.
Just that they are tired of doing this pleading over and over again.
Or that they have accepted my idea of worshiping, and left me to be myself.
Both have an equal share.And so,I have stayed away from temples.
Not that I don't believe in the Almighty. Its only that I try to run away from this cult of worshiping.
I worship Him, in thoughts.In isolation.
I see Him, in my closed eyes.In imagery.
I pray to Him, in wordless voice.In mind.
I devote myself, in people-less shrine of my heart.My soul.
And I owe it all to Him, in penny-less thanks.

I generally prevent going to temples to just see the God and pray in front of that Powerful Stone Statue.

But, there are times,
when my eyes need their vision,
when my soul needs their purity,
when my heart needs to pour my gratitude-filled blood out at Him, in person.
In a divine place, so truly and aptly named 'Temple'.

Today, was one such day. I turned back to the temple.

Peace, tranquility.
The illusion of me being my destiny-writer shatters.
The truth of my accountability to a Greater Being realized.
The content of leaving myself at His will, felt.

Happiness and purity gushes in.
Recharged with goodness.
Refilled with humbleness.
Rejuvenated my strength.
Reiterated my aims.
And rediscovered the truth of life.
Reborn. Yes, Simply Reborn.

May 20, 2009


This is the prize that I got for the Surg. tute that was conducted a few days back.
I got the 3rd place in the class. :)

Ohhh! Thank You. Thank you.
I know its a Big deal. Or is it? :-?

PS: The tute papers were checked by the Residents. And I & my class know how they have gone about this task. :D
A Farzi paper, A farzi checking, and A Farzi test (As the marks are highly insignificant)

But, I reconfirm the fact, I am good at answer-presentation. :)
Atleast, they could understand what I wrote, and managed to locate it. :D

May 18, 2009

Snap-py !

Yesterday was the Snappy day. As finally we (Me, J babes & TJ-Senior) landed up in a studio for a studio photo-shoot. It has been quite long since we first decided for it.

It was when I returned back from Kota, about to join the College, when we had agreed on it, for we wanted a good big framed photo of ours in Mom-Dad's room.Something or the other kept us busy. And every Diwali/Rakhi, we postponed it for later. And its clearly been FOUR years.FOUR YEARS for our first photo for the house.

But, as its said: Things Happen only when they are destined to happen.
And yesterday was THe DaY. Babes was back for 2 days for his Orthodontic treatment.2 DAYS, 2 Days of Bliss, Love, happiness, Content, & LOTS OF FOOD. Mind it: All Junk. Whichever food tagged 'Junk' & 'Unhealthy' was our choice. And Loads of it. I think I had some two stomachs last two days.And Bhai, some thrice-the-size-dilatation. :)
Fun, Stupid silly jokes, talks. And amongst the fan-fare, only 1 hour before his Bus, it just clicked Mum that we need to be clicked. We agreed readily.

Lots of pics were clicked. The studio was converted to one of our living rooms, where we were laughing crazily over the peculiar funny tilted faces that we had to keep, the ruined pictures where either of us did a mistake- closed eyes, wrong tilt, bad smile, lotsa teeth shown. :) :)

Lots of such things which have been captured in our memories forever. I Just Love My Family.
When they are around, Life's such a Pleasure, Such a Blessing.

Life is where my family is.

I Live for you people...Muuaahh.

May 17, 2009

Dennis .... The Real Menace !! ;-)

The cartoon strip that I never wanna miss in my typical day.

PS: I can't miss even Archie, & Garfield.And Snoopy.And also Graffiti, & Animal Crackers also. ;)
Yes, I am A big TOI lover.

May 13, 2009

What a Pity !

Phew.I difficult day, indeed.
And it is more because We & God worked synergestically to make it one.

To start with, a Scheduled Surgery Tute at 9 in the morning.The pattern of tute being a complete de-novo...having all one-line answers, MCQs, true/false, 5-Liners. Against the expected ONLY MCQs.And only 15 minutes for 12 questions.
Allright, Like always,I had Kookie to oxygenate me through the hypoxic episode. Saved. ;)

Today, we started with our Surgery Rotations. And Being the Surgery-Lover I am, I over-enthusiastically fought the others who decided not to go today for the joining AND finally was able to convince (Read as:catch-hold of) a dear friend of mine to join me for my venture to the 'OTs & OPDs of Surgery'.

Entered the MGH premises & met one of the Senior Surgery Doctor at the Main Entrance.God gave him a vision. And the normal-he-is, not even eyeing at the down-trodden medical students; today, called us,'8th semis?' ('Man, how does he know we are 8th semis?' - he has never taught us.)
'Posted where?'
Damn it. The biggest mistake we ever did.
'Surgery, Sir.'
'Olrite, Male Ward, Inguinal Hernia, Admitted yesterday. History Taking & examination. I'll take a class.'

We both were very happy. Yes. Yeah. We'll sincerely take the clinicals this time. ATLEAST THIS TIME. (The second-last rotation that it happens to be, and we are even worse than the 2nd Semis. Okays, they don't do any clinicals, but atleast they know some bit of Anatomy.And we are like de-nervated muscles at it.However hard you try to contract it, it won't even Twitch.Useless.

Anyways, our happiness was soon transformed into worry.We both din't have the clinical examination book. She thought, I would be carrying it(as I usually unfailingly do.) Mine was with Kookie.And I stupid-ly had expected Wish to carry.(Stupid, coz she is one creature who can even forget to carry her spectacles to the Cinema-hall for the movie she was dying to watch.)

Then began our search.Called up friends, tried to convince them to come to the Hospital for 'A-VERY-IMPORTANT-CLASS' or 'SIR-TEACHES-GREATLY', but none gave an approval.Crap.Searched all the possible wards of the surgery deptt,SW-A, SW-B, ESI, Burnt-Unit.Caught 2 residents.Asked for any damn clinical book.A 'NO'.

Went Back to our Unit.Seeing no way out, started taking the history.
Swelling-25-30 years
Pain-8-10 years
'Swelling ko kaise describe karte hai?'
'ermm...Site, Size, Shape.'
'Yaar, Yaad nahi. Ek saal ho gaya. Kuch yaad nahi aa raha.'
'Yaar, joining dene aaye the.Kya pata tha pehle din hi aisa ho jayega.Bhaag jaye?'
And there he enters. Along with the Unit-Head. We literally passed-off.
'Ab kya?'
'Nothing, let's just do wat-ever we know.okays, now write.'
'Site: Groin ya inguinal region. Kya likhu'
'Size: 15cm ya 20 cm.' The mind had stopped functioning.And only Sympathetic Stimulations were keeping us through.
'Shape: Globular. No. Oval. No. Moderately Oval.'
Insane Us.
'Olrite, reducible? Compressible? Direct/Indirect type?'
Got some points to be examined. But, How???

Anything that could happen to us today was Defamation.And we were morbidly-dreading it.
Alright, Got gloves for us. The patient was standing with his privy-parts exposed. Yes, he would have been feeling the embarrassment.But, we were feeling the lethal-est form of embarrassment coz of our poor plight- now, and the one, that could happen a few moments from then.

In this mentally-tortured state of mine, my adrenals gave me an idea (Nothing works at the time of crisis, except the cute little Supra-renals.), An idea which could land us safely, without even a scratch to our soul.
The idea worked.
'3 of the 5 students have their Orthopedics post-end today.And they won't be able to make it here today.Can we present the case tomorrow?'

Just thanked God for in-congruency of the Departments, otherwise, he would have known,there is nothing existent by the name of 'Ward-lee in Ortho.' :D

'What a pity?' - My soul is playing this reminder in a snooze mode.

A Face saving Day, says Tele.

May 12, 2009


Still Smitten by the art....!
Keep on coming back to ambigrams now and then !! Just Love it !!

May 7, 2009


We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

So true for us Medics ! :)

Practice makes a Man perfect.

May 6, 2009


Tears & Broken Chains would be visualized, as Nothing is ever-lasting!
A Bitter Truth Indeed !!

PS: Just some not-so-clear pics of my paintings !



Especially for these Power Elections !


My thinking at the time of its making:
If the Common Man wants to save himself from the vocally-acclaimed & known Bad things (viz corruption-black money; reservation-against merit; terrorism;communalism; poor infrastructure; women atrocities;poverty & unemployment) , He has to vote and form the Suraksha-kavach for himself !

Painted at a Painting Competition held locally.


Painted it over a period of 3 days...Those three days, I was rediscovering myself...doing only those things which I like...Was completely into a trance ! :)

May 5, 2009

Orthopedics Clinicals

A two-day experience with my clinical @ Orthopedics Deptt has been a Game altogether, just the essentially traumatizing factor happens to be, ‘Our Being the Game Accessories instead of Players’

A la Football game, where we are ‘The Football’.
With good passes, each teacher throws us at the expense of another hit from another baseline teacher, then, to a center-forward resident, who gives the final pass to a forward resident (Read as: A First Year PG,
* who fumbles & mumbles when asked about an X-ray,
* who asserts that there is no case worth seeing as it is ‘Not For You’ or ‘A Very Difficult case’ or ‘ High Level-Yaar, yeh to humare liye hai!!’ or ‘Us patient ke kaafi pain hai’
*who pleads us to not come again to the clinical ‘Yaar, abhi 8th sem mein kyun load le rahe ho. Abhi Padho.’ And this final hit lands the ball (poor us!) into the net (hostels & homes & cafĂ©’s) .

Tele says: What's the most interesting fact about this Game? Yes,The forward is such a hitter that the ball never misses the goal ! Com’On, He well deserves a FIFA ‘Golden Boot’ ….Oops, No, A ‘Golden Bone’ actually . ;)

A Typical Tropical Day…

A typical summer-day of Jodhpur has two characteristics – Soaring Temperatures & Sand Storms.

It is May & the temperatures have already started rising to 45-46 degrees in the afternoon, and I think, We will be unfortunate enough to witness a half-ton this summer (Very much possible indeed…) And only some Buffaloes could act as ‘Charred’-leaders :) . And this would be clearly a One-sided IPL match, with Solar Super Heaters comfortably burning the Earthy Homosapien Challengers to ashes.

Accompanying this Herculean team, is the owner – The famous, glamorous ‘S(h)and Shitty’, who has had a great win in the last ‘Windy Brother’ season. Ahem, What to say about them, these sand-storms could better be referred to as ‘SAND FALLS’ as atleast 2-3 mm of sand is reported to be deposited every morning, on the floors, tables, sheets, and oral cavity. If the floor of my oral cavity shows abnormal raised nodules, Don’t panic, they are just the little Dunes where my oral flora have their million-dollar desert experiences ! :)

And some snippets on how to survive in such an environment:
>Gulp down the silicon dioxide. And Spit it out if its too grainy.
>Wear out layers of clothes In this hot sun to prevent tanning, as tanning doesn’t happen to be ‘Hap’ here. Empty your sun-screen lotions, let your skin absorb a lot of it.
>Carry bottles where-ever you head to. For Water, yaar. ;)
>Eat Kgs. Of Water-Melon. (This is the jadhi-buti why I am alive!)
>Stay Indoors. If you pick up a Two wheeler, you’ll end up Heated. And if you’ll take a Four wheeler, you’ll be GRILLED. Yes, even ACs can maximally work in the capacity of an exhaust.

Happy Day !

Tele says: What will be the most prevalent disease here? Did anyone say ‘Stones’ or ‘Pneumoconiosis’ or ‘Silicosis’ ? Damn, Don’t Crib. Life’s enough of a boon here, Who the hell worries about a disease or two!!

May 2, 2009

Answers to MEDIC's Wishes ::

Post-Posting the Answers to Wishes... the 'Medic-in-me' suddenly arose from the 'Dissociative Anesthetic' state that-I-usually-hallucinate-in !!

An Extract from Tele-speech:

When I Asked God for Strength
He Gave Me Femur Displacements to Reduce...

When I Asked God for Brain & Brawn
He Gave Me Cases in Medicine to Diagnose...

When I Asked God for Happiness
He Showed Me Some Psychiatric Patients...

When I Asked God for Wealth
He Showed Me How to Stand all day long in the OT...

When I Asked God for Favors
He Showed Me Opportunities to Meet MR's...

When I Asked God for Peace
He Showed Me the Gate to Labor Room...

When I Asked God for Love
He Showed Me How to Treat Small Kids...

God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted
He Gave Me Everything I Needed "

- Swamini 'Vaidya'

May 1, 2009

Answers to Wishes...

An Extract from Swami Vivekanand's Speech:

When I Asked God for Strength
He Gave Me Difficult Situations to Face

When I Asked God for Brain & Brawn
He Gave Me Puzzles in Life to Solve

When I Asked God for Happiness
He Showed Me Some Unhappy People

When I Asked God for Wealth
He Showed Me How to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Favors
He Showed Me Opportunities to Work Hard

When I Asked God for Peace
He Showed Me How to Help Others

God Gave Me Nothing I Wanted
He Gave Me Everything I Needed "

-Swami Vivekanand