Feb 28, 2012

Light Switches

The night lights she switches off...
and stares at the radium stars on her ceiling...
observes the wall painting she herself drew, in the dim green rays...
sheds a tear and exhales a heavy breath;

She, then, remembers the sweet romantic conversations,
which are soon to be replaced by spending the nights under another ceiling,
in the arms of the man she loves.

Her eyes not many can read for... with one she cries, the other she smiles...

Not the joker of the pack...

She's the bride-to-be!

PS: Wish life was like lights...A mere click could make us switch various modes.

PPS: The bride has much to handle in her new life, it's her family that has to go through the pain of her absence in their lives.

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Feb 1, 2012

Priorities, People and Prayers

Sometimes, There's a time in life when all what you once wanted is offered to you;
The time for which you had once waited for, which you had dreamt of in every nap is happening; The time when your once made prayers are answered, exactly as they were asked for.

You feel happy that it happened...finally...in reality. Yet, you don't enjoy it, for it doesn't matter to you now, anymore.

Priorities, People and Prayers change. For the better.

Life is like a cup...and for now, mine's filled to the brim with love, care, compassion, content, stability, sensibility.

There's that one soul for every soul, which completes it and complements it, such that external influences no more disturb the steady state. Like the inert molecules which needs no more electrons, and is not disintegrated even in the presence of adverse environment.

If I ever knew about stability, It was all theoritical and superficial.

It is this - this thing, deep in my heart - which I never knew existed. It is now IN me...Stability.

Even in the most hostile situations, the set of things that always worried me, scared me...We didn't falter!
Agneepath, our love passed. Crossed it with ease.

Your love...is divine.
Your love defines me...creates me.

Mr. Nobody, With each day, you teach me love.