Mar 28, 2012

Why do you??

This blog was started 3 and a half years back with a poem that I had
written for my Mom-Dad's Anniversary...and a write-up for an
ever-vivid Rain shower with my college friends on Friendship's Day.

I felt I could be articulate enough to hold people's interest.

This blog became a way for me to put forth my views, my rebellion, my
opinion and my heart out.

From properly structured posts, to random ramblings, to serious
matters, to just timelining my life's events, and to merely speak to
myself...this blog has presented it all.

Time and again, I did not have resources/ time to take care of this
place. It had to be closed, twice. There was a time, when I felt it
was sort of insignificant to write whatever I wrote. There was a time,
when I felt it was unjustified to put in words whatever momentary
struck me.

Breaks and patch ups, my love story with my blog has been great. It
has taught me; it has nourished me - in thoughts and articulation.
This blog stands a proof to my evolution, however minute it may be.

It is not a blog anniversary I'm celebrating.

In idleness, scrolling down the posts from past, today it felt
beautiful and contenting. Happy smilies showed up on my face and
today, I asked myself 'Why do I blog?'

...the answer to which...
(today, I feel is,)

Because I like reading myself
...through my own eyes and mind...
Because I like re-living the feeling
...through my own words and phrases.
Because every post is special, every post carries its own
remembrances...and every post has a bit of
This blog is like my pensieve and the posts are my memories.

By the way, Why do you??

Mar 24, 2012

The Hypocrite Humans

It all is different. We all are hypocrites.

Fundas and theories all stand apart when the reality stares you back in your face.

We are not idealists. We are prone to attraction, jealousy, pride and fright.

We are humans. We can't forget, and can't easily forgive.
We wait...for hours, days, years...for the loved one to turn up.

We love, and want to be loved. We want to be that special someone, that 'most important' person in someone's life.

Yes, we want to be successful. We want to be famous. We want to be spoken of, with regard.

We are possessive. 'I wouldn't mind your spending time with someone for work or leisure.' We say this, when inside us, we fear to lose.

We love attention.

We get angry on the ones we own.

We're selfish. For our happiness, our desires.

We break rules, our believes change, our moralities twist.

We do everything to accomodate the one we love in our lives.

We shout. We rush.
We love. We scream.
We melt. We break.
We hit. We fight.
We defend. We sin.

For we are humans. The hypocrite humans.

PS: I don't want to be anything else than this. I love the grey in me.
(24th February, 2012)

Mar 17, 2012


Hey, you, yes the one reading me...I've got matter. To write a book. On marriages and psychology and behaviour patterns of the Indian family. On rituals, their significance and their genesis. This one marriage made me learn all this. You think I'm drunk, no?? Nopes, fed up. Btw, this was my sis' wedding. And, I was supposed to be married to one hell of an awesome guy in the next March. Period. Nopes, The guy's the same. And, the nature's even better. But, its not the next March. Am loving it so much. Not the fact that I'll be marrying late. But, that I get to take on with the life unmarriedly. Without the 6 metre cloth snake called Saree. For the events, one has to wear that or another heavy skirt called Lehenga which is enough to smoothen the movements and curtail walking fast of the bride. Settle that. I'll be settling some one and a half years from now, in the arms of the man who loves teasing me to tears. Yes, our plans got delayed. Coz, life is not the way we want it to cruise like. Winds and waves also govern it. My exams, his exams, our future. Even after my marriage, we'll anyways not be together. He in Hyderabad, if things go as planned and I, somewhere, doing my first year of residency, if I get through the entrance test. So, practically the next two years of our life too, we're to only dream of being with each other. Btw, marriage is a crazy institution. And its event organization, even more whackily crazy. And being the host is like the Prison Of Azkaban. Punishment being meeting people. All the responsibilities of attending a multitude of individuals and the timely execution of the events. Btw, I didn't hate it too much, until the last day when my tempers had already risen, and my moods were a total low, coz he was supposed to be leaving.
It's silly how I'm missing him so much this time. So, see you people later. I ought to talk to him now. Please don't you call the one you love. They might be busy in work or writing an exam or sleeping tight in bed. ;)

PS: I, generally, don't use this kind of English. So, you should drop in the next time for a better class. :)