Mar 20, 2014

Brushing Up!

About 8 months back, I had purchased art supplies worth Rs. 3000 with the idea of gifting my husband a painting for completing our 6 months of married bliss. Hmm, well... I procrastinated from 6 months to 13 months...and now, I do have the painting fever on me. I have made one, and am going on to make a few more. We are going to relocate in 15 days and before leaving I am making some paintings for the friends that we have made here. Personalizing the gifts, basically, in a time when we are also wanting to curb our expenses. Yeah, we're poor right now!! *sobs

Cooking is my other passion these a days, and my friends have loved all the dishes I tried, and are insisting me to share the recipes with them. Hence, you might come across this blog having some tried and tested recipes. (All have their sources from The Internet, and slight tricks that I did with it.)

We did this small baby shower for one of our friends and I had one hour to do the decor. Girls who thought it would be a boy, had to turn up in Blue and who thought it be a Girl had to wear Pink. We all turned up in Pink!!

Well, she had a baby boy!!! So, we kinds of sucked at prediction. :-P

We celebrated Holi, and it was one of the few memorable ones.
 We had color filled pools, gulaal, artificial rain setup, awesome loud music being played, drinks, pav bhaji, chole kulcha, jalebi, kachori, samosa, dahi-wada, thandai, drums of water, pichkaaris and a whole bunch of happy people around. It was FUN!!

How are you doing?