Apr 26, 2013

Apr 20, 2013

ThinkPad is so Indian!!

Trivia: Thinkpad is the Lenovo's series of laptops that has a very comfortable (for some people) tracking dot which makes the cursor movement smoother than the other kind of track pads usually seen.

My guy has this unusual obsession about this series, and as a matter of fact, he has always and only owned the Thinkpad laptops in different versions as and when the previous one needed to be dumped. Right now, I am getting to use this Thinkpad with a red dot on the 'i' which has this LED put beneath it. It so reminds me of the Red Bindi that Indian women always adorn. And, the track dot is the Bengali Bindi. ;-)

So, after I finish this post about Indian Thinkpad, I'll be practicing for the classical Indian dance, which I and two other girls here are going to perform tonight at the Talent Hunt Night. Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad Campus has its Talent Hunt Night as the grand finale for the Orientation week (O-Week) that was going on all the past few days. The batch of 2014 had been divided into 8 sections and each section today gets the opportunity to perform for a time of 10 minutes on stage showing its varied talents. Now, we, as spouses, if participate, get some extra points and marks for his section. So, here I am sporting my dancing attitude, off to practice and perform. Wish me luck! :-)

Apr 19, 2013


Pictures bring to life those amazing moments of past which might have blurred in your neocortex for, the new layer of captures has dusted the old. And, Wedding pictures bring to life those emotions and moments that amidst the heap of rituals and people were left unnoticed or unregistered. Yes, yes, you know where I'm gonna be taking this to. ;) So, here at Hyderabad, sitting idle for after a good long busy time, wedding pictures have received its due respect. The one moment that I'll rate as the Super Duper Awesome Wowie Moment of the wedding was the Varmaala (Exchange of Garlands). We both had taken our places on a red carpeted platform around which all had gathered. We were handed over the garlands by our respective sisters. And we were taking good hold of the garlands. Now, there's one thing I would like you to note: He stands 6 feet tall and I at 5 feet and 3 inches. Also, he was wearing the traditional Rajasthani head gear famously known as Saafaa, which added atleast 4-5 inches to his already tall status. So, picture this...we are holding the garlands, and I am the first one to hoopla it correctly over his head + head gear. Amongst the hundred thousand people out there witnessing it, one person, near us, his friend, was finding way to climb the platform, and I knew, it would go nasty if he succeeded. (Note: His friend would have taken him up and added to his height and eventually my brothers and jiju would have taken over and lifted me up too, to match the levels.) Yep, all this was being calculated and visualized in my mind then, that too in the matter of nanoseconds, and reflexively, all I did was throw the garland right through his head, and wuhoo! I NAILED it. By the time his reflexes were activated, I was already done. Man, can't tell you what that moment was. Not a single person was not laughing and/or cheering. More than a marriage, it had become a game which I had so convincingly won. The pictures of the people around us shows how jubiliated they were at my agility and my awesome hunting ability, how happy-surprised-proud my man was at my feat, and how dejected the cameraman was for he could not capture that moment. Oh Yes, out of the 5 cameras shooting us, only one could actually bring to life that 'Forever Ours' moment...and that pic I am sharing here...    yeah, you see me grinning and snatching the win here....wuhoo!

And to accompany is this picture where people's reaction is worth remembering.      

Wuhoo! Wasn't that a memorable moment? Well, we guys still burst into laughter as and when we remember it. :D ♥  


7 days... Yes, had unpacked and arranged our new abode by the 2nd day itself, had formed a good schedule by the 4th day, had taken out the books by the 5th day...and here comes the problem...two days, not a word has been read, despite ample amount of time and circumstance. What bothers me is not that I am not being able to do so, but what ires me is the fact that how long do I have to keep on doing that, and why do I still have to do that!! 4 months and 19 days has it been since I appeared for the exam and yet the results are under 'stay' for some trillion rich under the table course sellers. It is SAD plight. Yes, and it is something which makes me feel so insignificant...there is nothing we guys can do to save us from this mental torture, the unemployed status, and the game people are playing on their iphone5/ ipad mini named, 'Career of Indian MBBS Doctors'.

I do not like staying here at home and cooking some damn breakfast, lunch, dinner everyday of my life. I do not like surfing the internet over the damn JR jobs jn hospitals and ending the search because I yet cannot certainly say for how long would I be working with them. I do not like opening and re-reading the damn stuff again and going through the same procedure of writing an exam. Above all, I need to do something coz sitting idle is the only thing I love to hate. I do not like this factor of uncertainity in my life. I need a release. We need a release.

Photo “Memory” by Andrés Nieto Porras #OGQ http://bgh.ogqcorp.com/share/h/kz5sm
For more pictures by Andrés Nieto Porras visit http://www.anieto2k.com/