Aug 31, 2010


It had been a long day. And a long list of to-do's had been ticked done.
The usual headache had started earlier, and after such a tiring day, I had no patience to sit with a hand on the head.
On the scale of convenience, it was unbearable.

Intuition told me, the routine nap, or the light conversation won't soothe it. So, much against the belief of mine (of avoiding pills, no matter how painful body is) I popped an analgesic.

Is it stress, or is it the preference to not lose time to being unhealthy, that I have developed this compliance to medicines?
Probably both.

Analgesics had specially been a no-no for me. I always used to profess not using them for pains so tolerable.
Not anymore, though.
Diclomol relieved me of the puncturing ache in a matter of 15 minutes, and I wished to read a bit.
But, all wishes aren't accepted by the higher.
Besides, sleeping was a more logical option.

Deep into sleep, might be a very odd hour then, I just saw a small black thing entering my room. I usually keep my hostel room doors open, for the cross ventilation. The rooms here can get warm and suffocating, and it won't be a surprise to find yourself drenched in sweat when you get up the subsequent morning.

Circulation was the only solution. And keeping the door open was only second to using an air cooler.

Saving myself the hassle to fill in water daily, and preventing my super-active sleep centers to be provided the leisure, I had ruled out this 'first' option.

Also, keeping the door open isn't much an inconvenience. At least, not for a single-noncommitted-always soberly dressed girl. The rest have to talk all night, or take care about what part of skin is showing (thanks to their short revealing dresses).

Ever since I shifted to this new room, have had a few encounters with creatures.
First, it was a lizard. Crawled her out.
Then, there were lots of flying creatures. Rained them out.
And, Ants - They have been constitutive.
They always are.

I have personally hated the Cicadas!
i.e. the Jhingoor, or the udane-wali-kisaari.

In the slight light, the rods were making much the similar picture on the retina.
In the REM patch that I had hit, I got up. Seeing it crawl fast into the room, I caught hold of the sandal that lay in the shoe-rack. Creeping faster, along the walls of the room, it went behind my chair, I spotted it, and hit once.

Escaping, it went below my bed. I lay over my bed, with the legs and the head in air, and carefully looked for any motion anywhere. It was far darker here. And by the time the rods started their night vision efficiently, I saw it moving under the table.

Not wasting a single second, I hit it once. It still was running. Twice. Thrice.
It was the fifth hit, that I was lucky with.

It didn't move anymore, and I could see this shiny substance on the sole.

I knew it was time the creature bid a goodbye to the world.

Making no efforts to keep the sandal back at place, I just closed the door, and slept. It was 4 then.

Got up in the morning, and seeing the sandal out of place, the whole incident recapped, and I felt sorry for killing the poor creature.

Apologizing to God in my daily morning prayers, I did my daily chores.

Not finding even a single remnant of the creature, anywhere in the room, (except the body fluids that stained the sole) I knew ants have their food for this week.

At lunch only did I know that the creature who morphed cicada last night, was a Scorpion. And it had been on a trip to others rooms as well, and they saw it entering my room too.

It’s only now that I realize that the wings were, in reality, the sting!

PS: After knowing the reality, I've checked each and every nook and corner, and crevices in my room, for any live bichoo who might be waiting for the night for a revenge. I mean, I don't even clearly remember that it was killed or not. *dead scared*

Tele wonders: First, thieves; and now, Scorpion. 
                        Why have I been doing brave tasks only when half-asleep? 

                        Hmmm... I've decided, I'm going for AIPGMEE sleeping. ;)

Aug 26, 2010


This is 'God-knows' what form of writing!!
Sincere Apologies.To all the literature lovers.
The following post is supposed to 'just' be the words that my haphazard-confused mind uses to vent out the conflicts that smash it from within.

'Desires many-Decisions awaited-actions none' -- This state of mind, which is questioning the worth of each step you take, asking whether it will ever make you reach your ultimate goal. (the one which is yet not decided!) 

The musings of a frustrated-goalless-rhetoric mind::


Stagnant is this life.
Not a step it takes, 
nor a step it erases.
It sits crippled,
at the feet of Will.

Will, which is fast asleep.
Or maybe just ignorant.
Or loving the sweet Dreams.
Dreams that are many,
hobbies that are aplenty.
But, no future does lie in them.
They'll soothe you only in leisure
'LIFETIME' ain't one moment.

So, break up the belief
Wake up the will.
Coz, late you can't be
The world's ready to kill.

Stagnant waters.
Carry with them,
the ova & the spores.
Let'em breed, and you'll see
a hundred other creatures
all flying in glee.

I know, I know it all.
And, abiding is easy enough to say,
but, difficult when heart has another call.

What is more difficult:
to know what your heart wants,
walk on the path that mind decides?

Practically, you know.
Time isn't worth a waste.
Still, you walk aimlessly
coz what you're supposed to do
isn't tempting at all.

Why do we grow up? 

And why do we start understanding things?

Why can't we be fooled anymore that studies now, are worth it?

This is not a phase where motivation could be instilled/ injected/ fed to me.

Isn't it supposed to be the time when the motivation comes from within?

Empty souls, absolutely no ambitions, don't have a 'within' !!

And what is such a soul supposed to do??

On an Optimistic note:

One day I hope,
One day I'll feel,
    I'll know...
That THIS is what I want!!

And up-till then,
Break up the belief
Wake up the will.
Coz, late you can't be
The world's ready to kill. 

Irony is that unless we work, unless we show up, we'll never know what we want.
It's something like the retrospective 'been there-done this-and eventually loved it' feeling!

If we keep our hearts closed, we'll never love. Come what may.

So, Let the next door guy come in,
How-so-much you hate him
Just lend him this chance. ;-)

All love stories ain't first-sighted!! 

'Atleast, mine isn't supposed to be one! ' -Tele says.


Aug 18, 2010


--That's the refreshing new look this blog now carries!!

Why does it sometimes feel, that change is the necessity of life?
Mundane, monotonous thoughts do not seem to flush out, and the first breeze of fresh air takes you off your feet.

And you experiment. With things, with looks, with people, and with templates. As I did here!!

I hope you like it!! :)

Inputs from: Magus' blog , and Nithin's blog !! (Thanks for helping me out buddies, invisibly !! ) :)

Aug 12, 2010

Love Vows...

Love is always patient and kind.

 It is never jealous. 

Love is never boastful or concealed. 

It is never rude or selfish. 

It does not take offence. 

And, is not resentful. 

Love takes no pleasure, but other people's sins. 

It delights in the truth. 

It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.

- A Walk to Remember.

Discouragement, Anyone??

We have it here, aplenty!! :D

The sponsors in India can let go off treasures, for flowing 'spirits',
but mime being bankrupt for encouraging spirits.  :D


The college authorities have provision of Rs. 60,000 each year, to spend on national representations at PULSE (where students go promising participation, yet never do), but not a single penny for a student who represented internationally, and brought laurels to the institute's name! Haahhh!! 

Guess they know that this is not a  place where they can eat up in the middle.

So, 'no gain' becomes 'no provision' !

Easy way to save your face, duds! :D

Go, save it. As long as you can.

Coz, Once, Sooner, there will be 'The Encouraging India' I dream of! :)

Aug 6, 2010


This is so disheartening!!
My dashboard shows so many blog updates...And lots of them tempt me immensely.
I hate it when I can't read all your posts. (Of the Blogs I'm following!!)
Infact, I hate it more than not being able to write myself!!

Still. I have this consolation, that these posts will be there.
There for me to read when I find time!!

Dears, I miss reading you all!! :(