Sep 29, 2008


Nobody knows why….
You feel so special for a person…

Nobody knows why…
You love a certain flower…

Nobody knows why…
You have extra compassion for a stranger….

Nobody knows why…
You can feel somebody else’s pain…

Nobody knows why…
You have a particular dream…

Nobody knows why…
You like one nephew the most…

Nobody knows why…
There are so many bonds with no names…

Nobody knows why…
One is your best friend…

Nobody knows why…
How HE defines things…

Nobody knows!!!

PS: N I don't know who wrote it...But, who-so-ever has written this...Deserves accolades...!! *COPIED MATERIAL*

*A personal touch: Yep, In life, we often end up using these when questioned or while thinking: "God Knows" / "Pata Nahi" !!

Ohhh...Why does it pain? Why does it hurt? Why can't we forget some moments? !!! !!

[living in this faith...that God KNOWS everything...Then, why don't you do something...??? !! ]


Sep 26, 2008

The Thousandth Man

One man in a thousand, Solomon says,
Will stick more close than a brother.
And it's worth while seeking him half your days
If you find him before the other.
Nine nundred and ninety-nine depend
On what the world sees in you,
But the Thousandth man will stand your friend
With the whole round world agin you.

'Tis neither promise nor prayer nor show
Will settle the finding for 'ee.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em go
By your looks, or your acts, or your glory.
But if he finds you and you find him.
The rest of the world don't matter;
For the Thousandth Man will sink or swim
With you in any water.

You can use his purse with no more talk
Than he uses yours for his spendings,
And laugh and meet in your daily walk
As though there had been no lendings.
Nine hundred and ninety-nine of 'em call
For silver and gold in their dealings;
But the Thousandth Man h's worth 'em all,
Because you can show him your feelings.

His wrong's your wrong, and his right's your right,
In season or out of season.
Stand up and back it in all men's sight --
With that for your only reason!
Nine hundred and ninety-nine can't bide
The shame or mocking or laughter,
But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side
To the gallows-foot -- and after!

-- Rudyard Kipling

Sep 23, 2008

Friendship ('',)

A Forwarded Mail: Awesome Piece !

SUNNY, one of my dearest friends at work will leave The Straits Times next month for greener pastures. He is not my first friend from the office to say goodbye. Over the years, there have been a handful of colleagues who became friends. In recent times, at least three others have also left. When Sunny told me that he was leaving, I moaned: 'With you gone, I will have hardly any friends left in the office!'

Which set me thinking: At what point does an acquaintance or colleague become a friend? And, to take a step back, what is this concept called 'friendship' anyway? Indeed, what makes you click with one person and form a friendship with him, but not some other? If a friend is defined as someone I feel completely comfortable calling up at 3 am to bail me out of trouble - and Sunny will do so - then, alas I don't have that many friends. Other than family members, I can count on just one female friend and three, at best four, male friends. But then, maybe that's plenty. As someone once said, one friend in a lifetime is much, two are many, and three are hardly possible.

FRIENDSHIPS are different from relationships - and thank goodness for that. You can be great chums with your partner, of course, but a relationship is so much more complex. It is not only about that enrapturing feeling called love, but - if you are unlucky - also a host of murky emotions like jealousy, resentment, anger, pain and despair. Friendship is simpler and fills you, mostly, with harmless Type B emotions-kindliness, fondness, warmth and cordiality. With a lover, you make demands and have expectations. But with a friend, you're cool. You don't really owe him anything, or have to explain much, because, ultimately, you demand nothing more from each other than pleasant company and an occasional listening ear. Love, I read somewhere, is blind, but friendship closes its eyes. How true! THE older I get, the more I value friends. Yet, ironically, I find that it is now not only harder for me to maintain old friendships, but also to form new ones.

When I was in school, friendships came naturally. My friends and I moved in a pack - we ate, studied, gossiped and partied together. We exchanged secrets and gifts, sent cards and gave treats. Our friendships were firm, and sweet. Coming from an all-girls school, I didn't get to make male friends until I was in junior college. Initial shyness aside, I found that it was possible to have a platonic relationship with a guy, and that they made equally good friends. By the time I went to university, I was already attached, and had little time to make new friends, male or female. Then came working life. Through sheer proximity and the amount of time spent together, it was inevitable that some colleagues became more than co-workers.

What is it that allows you to become friends with some people, and not others? Shared experience is one requisite, and the sharper it is, the better. For Sunny and I, it was our years spent pounding the same beat, politics. That X factor called 'chemistry' is another, and I suppose this explains how you can be firm friends with people who are very different from you.

THE saddest thing about friendship is that it can die. It doesn't come with a lifelong guarantee. Distance is one killer. Unless you are diligent in keeping in touch with a friend, being far away can drive a wedge in your relationship. Changes in circumstance is another. It has been said that a friend in power is a friend lost, and I have found this to be true. When a friend moves up in life, he will become too busy for you, while you don't want to risk rejection by trying to keep in contact with him.

Marriages have also caused friendships to fade as your spouse might not take to your friends.

Then there are friendships that die because they have simply run their course. I had a close female friend whom I had known since we were both 17. About four years back after 16 years of keeping in touch through the mail, long hours on the phone and giggly lunches, our friendship died. Just like that. There was no quarrel, no disagreement, no underlying unhappiness or animosity or hurts. The plug was just pulled. The last time we saw each other was at lunch - in fact, it was to celebrate her birthday. We were our usual loud selves. After the meal, we gave our usual hug, said our usual cheery goodbyes and made our usual promise to meet again. We didn't call each other for weeks (which was normal, as we were both busy), then months (which began to feel a bit strange, but nothing to be alarmed about), then, yes, years (by then, it was too late to resuscitate the friendship). We did talk once, last year, when my father died and she called. I was grateful to hear from her and I know it took a lot for her to pick up the phone after so many years. I wish nothing but the best for her, and am always glad to hear from mutual friends that she is well. Yet, I know that if we were to bump into each other today, it would feel awkward.

IF I value friendship so much, why don't I just go forth and make more friends? It is easier said than done. People my age and older are busy with careers and family. I have fewer things in common with those younger. But the fault is mine. At my age, I lack the energy and enthusiasm. Starting and maintaining a friendship might be far less arduous than a relationship, but it still requires effort. Do I have the strength for that on top of the other demands in my life?

So, next month, I say goodbye to Sunny and I am left with one friend fewer at work.

British writer Virginia Woolf once said: 'I have lost friends, some by death - others by the sheer inability to cross the street.' Should I spot Sunny - and my few remaining friends - on the street, I trust I can muster the energy to walk up to them and say 'hi'. For, really, that is all it takes to keep a friendship alive.

Sep 18, 2008

Sep 14, 2008

Compliments !

Compliments, Accolades, Appreciation & a Pat-on-the-Back !

All of us have an inherent congenital desire to receive these; once, twice, again & again & every single time !
Acads, Cultural, Sports, Literary, Relations, Life – in all these fields !

The compliment imparts in us the feeling of happiness, content; boosts our morals; encourages us to go ahead & keep on doing more such things.

But, they too need to come from the right people at the right times !!

Of the many appreciations that I have received in these two decades of my life, the one which rejuvenates me, soothes me, makes me realize that I have moved another step in my struggle & journey called ‘Life’; is the one that I hear through my Mum-Dad’s, TJ’s & Bro’s voice…
“That I am so much Daddy-like !”

When Mumma says,” tu bilkul apne pitaji ki beti hai, your style, your mannerisms, your attitude, your habits & your face, is all like your Dad !”
When Daddy says,” You are my SON, my bada beta, so much like me !”
When TJ quotes her friends,” Tellsa tujhse zyada achchi hai, independent, mature, knows about the world & how to handle it. Kuch seekh uss se !”
When Bhai says,”Apni DIDI(a suffix, which is only rarely used, but, whenever used, I know how much blinded he is, in the strong light of my deeds !) to hero hai, who kuch bhi kar sakti hai ! Agar sochti hai, to karke dikhati hai !

*[I hope whatever they think of me, I m able to fulfill it today, tomorrow & forever! ]

What does one asks from life?

An appreciation about your performance in acads, other activities does elate you,

An admiration from a friend about you being good does elevate your spirits,

But, it is at no par to the immense satiety that comes from a complement that declares you to be minimizing distances with your Idol, in being like them ! Reinforcing the fact that you are now getting closer to personifying the Idol, that you only dreamt of idolizing once !

This complement of “Me-Being-Like-Dad” makes me feel that I have grown another year older, reached another milestone of Life; instills in me the attitude of responsibility to fulfill their hopes, to keep their confidence on me alive, ignited; & gives me a Good Night’s sleep, of content, of a work-well-accomplished !

Afterall, the aim of our insignificant lives is to live the life of our idol, & manage it like them !

I Love You Daddy !
& I Idolize You !


Playing with my ‘Kada’ [ a sort of bangle],
and visualizing the interiors of my room through it…
Life’s Philosophy does Rounds in my mind !
With the kada at an arm’s length from me, the fan, on which I set my eyes upon, is big & only partially visible. But, when I bring my it at an inch from me, the fan’s in full view & appearing small.

Life’s philosophy from this:
The goals/ dreams of your life, may seem to you, as too big, difficult & kinda unachievable, if you keep them bereft from you, or just admire them from a distance.
Instead, Keep the goals of your life near you, in your eyes, in your heart & in your brain, and work towards them, your goals will not seem unattainable & insurmountable !

“Persistent determination to achieve your aim yields good results.”

Sep 7, 2008



This article is only for those who have been, or are gonna be tormented by this ‘World-acclaimed, Psychopathic Subject of All times – PSM – Preventive & Social Medicine’; Pestering, Smothering & Mincing our minds to a litter full of repulsive datas, irritable definitions & eerie creatures !

This 768 paged (Ohh…had it been 786, it still would have instilled hope in us & carried us through…!) age-old Black & White (nah…for alluring us, one more color has been added – light magenta-brown, Thank You :x ) bulky, theoretical (all theory & no fun- apart from making data charts & flea diagrams, which might appear ‘Fun-ny’ to some weirdos) documented book is handed over to us (thrown at us) when we, Medicos (bechare !! ) enter our Final Part-I.
As per schedule, we were to read this book since the day we enter our medical colleges i.e. Ist Sem… but, dreading its consequences on our intellect, we manage eluding it till the ‘VIth Sem’ key opens this lock & pushes us to enter this Forbidden Ghostly Room !
This 1 year torture ends with our KNOWLEDGE (if any one gets a hook of whatever we are forced to read) of ‘Definitions Of HEALTH & DISEASE’ – I have already come across 50 definitions of Health & ended up impaired, disabled, diseased & dead !!
‘The rates & ratios of mortality & morbidity’ (Subject Rates: 99% mortality & 1% morbidity ‘The one who tops is Morbid, Not Mortal !’ ;) )
‘All the statistics of diseases- communicable & non-communicable’
Health Programmes run by our Govt. , Nutrition, Family Planning, Objectives of Each Health Planning Commission n BLAH BLAH !!
& not to forget, Entomology- reading about our little Satans, who keep on cursing infections on us, namely, the Fleas, Flies, Rats, Mosquitoes, Ticks & Mites !

What do you call a Book, which has been read 2 times & still each word of it remains a mystery & gives a feel of a ‘First Reading’ ?
Undoubtedly, Undisputedly, P.S.M !!

God, Help me conquer this subject !

Its time for me to shout ‘HAIL PSM’ slogans till my Sem fades from VII to a BOLD VIII !


Social Networking Sites !!

A Craze (Everyone’s Joining)
A Phenomenon (It has gained Immense popularity !)
A Fashion (Wateva new Pops up, ppl grab onto it…so that thay can be ‘with the latest-Updated’ tag ! )
An Essentiality (*Grin* ‘You don’t have an Orkut Account or a Facebook profile! :o )
An Addiction !!

That’s how I sum up these Sites !!

Been there, done it all, now is the phase when I feel its FUTILITY, triviality, worthlessness & frivolousness !!

Well, Well, no need to fume over ! Yes, I agree to the fact that some benefits do exist;
Why do I wish a ‘Happy Birthday’ (with some emoticons), to people whose Birthday doesn’t matter to me…& even by wishing them a couple of times, I still do not recall even the months of their Birthdays !! :D

Why do I send a common ‘Happy Diwali’ scrap to all, when it is nothing more than a mere formality from my side!!

Why do I say a ‘Thank You’ to people wishing me, A Happy Birthday, who just fulfill this duty, every year, & not bumping in ever again till my biological clock completes a full, happening, another circle (Year !!)

Why do I join a community of my previous school, & never open it again, for, wateva keeps on ticking in the community is nothing, but
“What would you do to the profile above- Shake Hands, Hug, Kiss, Fuck ?” *Fuck* Huh !

Why do I join my current college community, when I am here & have a closer & a direct look at my college, its inhabitants & the things brewing up !!

Why do I accept friend requests of some once-long ago-seen-and-talked-people; or reject the requests of DUDES (or Hearthrobs or Hunks, as they consider themselves) ‘who are new to city & need a friend’ OR ‘some other people who consider themselves Amitabh Bachchan, & expect me to feel OBLIGED & BLESSED n SHRIEK – “Aah…How great to have a Friend In you !! “ ‘

Why do I keep myself updated about wat’s going in other’s life ?
Why do I trespass into their personal ‘territory’ n peep into their crush list ?
Why do I actually wanna publicize my private life?
Why do I keep on putting a new display pic, alter what my profile reads, upload new pics…when there is no one who is keeping an eye on it & when I don’t want a thesis being written outta it !!

The whole thing has created a virtual world in which we live happily (we-feel-so), expressing ourselves, despite knowing that no-one-gives-a-damn to our feelings ! We have distanced ourselves from our immediate surroundings, ONE’S WHICH KEEP US HUMANS !!
We are looking into the screens that connect us to the world, blinded to the eyes that speak emotions. We are ear-plugged to the songs & voice-chats, deafened to the family chit-chats & household ‘noise’. We are fingering innumerable replies, paralyzed to any work that mom says. We are connected to everyone across the world, but statue-d to our rooms, anaesthetic to touch !
This virtual, robotic world is making us more desolate, more machine-ic and emptying us from within !

I, revived myself, by fighting this menacing addiction and after a rehab, I am feeling more HAPPY, more HUMANE, & radiating Happiness to the people who are bothered about me & those who matter to me- to say- THOSE WHO ARE MINE !

An Obituary to Orkut…
But, I won’t miss you ! :) (as of now !! ;) )

Sep 6, 2008

Doctor Chart Bloopers !! :))

Taken from another Blog !! :) dem here !! :)

*The lab test indicated abnormal lover function.

*The baby was delivered, the cord clamped and cut, and handed to the pediatrician, who breathed and cried immediately.

*Exam of genitalia reveals that he is circus sized.

*She stated that she had been constipated for most of her life until 1989 when she got a divorce.

*The patient was in his usual state of good health until his airplane ran out of gas and crashed.

*Rectal exam revealed a normal size thyroid. (Long fingers?)

*Between you and me, we ought to be able to get this lady pregnant.

*A midsystolic ejaculation murmur heard over the mitral area.

*The patient lives at home with his mother, father, and pet turtle, who is presently enrolled in day care three times a week.

*Both breasts are equal and reactive to light and accommodation.

*She is numb from her toes down.

*Exam of genitalia was completely negative except for the right foot.

*The patient was to have a bowel resection. However, he took a job as stockbroker instead.

*When she fainted, her eyes rolled around the room.

*Examination reveals a well-developed male lying in bed with his family in no distress.

*She has no rigors or chills but her husband says she was very hot in bed last night.

*She can't get pregnant with her husband, so I will work her up.

*Whilst in Casualty she was examined, X-rated and sent home.

*The patient states there is a burning pain in his penis which goes to his feet.

*On the second day the knee was better and on the third day it had completely disappeared.

*The patient has been depressed ever since she began seeing me in 1983.

*I will be happy to go into her GI system, she seems ready and anxious.

*Patient was released to outpatient department without dressing.

*I have suggested that he loosen his pants before standing, and then, when he stands with the help of his wife, they should fall to the floor.

*The patient is tearful and crying constantly. She also appears to be depressed.

*Discharge status: Alive but without permission.

*The patient will need disposition, and therefore we will get Dr. Blank to dispose of him.

*Healthy-appearing, decrepit 69 year old male, mentally alert but forgetful.

*The patient has no past history of suicides.

*The patient expired on the floor uneventfully.

*Patient has left his white blood cells at another hospital.

*Patient was becoming more demented with urinary frequency.

*The patient's past medical history has been remarkably insignificant with only a 40 pound weight gain in the past three days.

*She slipped on the ice and apparently her legs went in separate directions in early December.

*The patient experienced sudden onset of severe shortness of breath with a picture of acute pulmonary oedema at home while having sex which gradually deteriorated in the emergency room.

*Patient has chest pains if she lies on her left side for over a year.

*He had a left-toe amputation one month ago. He also had a left-knee amputation last year.

*By the time he was admitted, his rapid heart had stopped, and he was feeling much better.

*The patient is a 79-year-old widow who no longer lives with her husband.

*The patient refused an autopsy.

*Many years ago the patient had frostbite of the right shoe.

*The bugs that grew out of her urine were cultured in the Casualty and are not available. I WILL FIND THEM!!!

*The patient left the hospital feeling much better except for her original complaints.

Hope you Enjoyed !!