Sep 9, 2014

Psychiatry Induced Depression

Borderline. ADHD. Bipolar. Depressed. Schizophrenic.
I seem to have all the traits that diagnose me into these.
Read them last on a night just before final year exam,
ended up crying, depressed, and believed that I would fail.
That night, friends came to rescue and the exam was given.

Read them today, again in the night & started to hate myself.
When a psychologist came to re-assure, over Whats-app, though.
'Everyone has traits of every psychiatric illness possible.
Having some of all is normal, but all of some becomes an illness.
Psychiatry, this subject plays with the mind. Go, Play with it.'

Our behavior is diverse. Our reactions are circumstantial.
You-Me-All are hypocrites. Human Brain is one.
Our immediate environment formulates, ridicules opinions.
Today, tomorrow, day after, our thoughts and beliefs change.
We are under continuous training...learning a new thing every moment.

Judging is easy. Understanding isn't. Blaming/ bitching is all fun.
We all do these. At different levels, about different people.
This is human nature, brain circuitry is therefore so complex.
It can make you a devil, a saint and a normal mortal. 
We do not become what we choose to become,
But we do choose what not to become!! ~ There-in lies our 'Personality'.