Jun 30, 2011


Had this title been slated for an April post, the readers would have had lost motivation to read further, for it would have implied a personality sketch. It could still have gathered some readership, had the sketch been a hilarious, skewed, cartoonic character; but any-which-way,it would've been way less than today, when an instant connect exists between Mr. D K Bose and us.

The song's been a rage- rage amongst the youth and a reason for rage amongst the elders.

How we define the limits to creativity and how we define the insults to societal morality is a long ranging endless debate.
With the wide spectrum of development that exists in a society like ours, it is impossible that a unanimous consensus can be reached.

Majority will have no reactions, for they lack opinions on-the-whole; Some will applaud and some will, however, be offended.

The solution of finding a middle path is easy but accepting it is difficult.

Having said that, I still believe that a clear delineation must exist between freedom in creative expression and breech to social mannerisms.

For me, the embarrassment of having a skimpily clad Rakhi Sawant bootiliciously dancing in the trailors and the embarrassment of having a lipstick-eaten Dolly Bindra conversing in beeps, is equal. And so is the embarrassment of having a just-into-college younger brother scolding me for singing a song 'Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose' in tune.

Not having been exposed to such swear words, for me it was just another lip-addictive musical number;until the L'il Brother interrupted.

Language abuse is one thing which is the most derogatory and absolutely unacceptable a social norm. (for me and many others!)

The fact that it exists in the practical world doesn't logically substantiate its use in the mainstream entertainment industry which has a wide distribution and mass following.

Atleast, I would not want my kids or even my younger cousins to have such an early exposure to the greys of the world. There's a time for everything and I believe it should very well be adhered to.

All I can optimize is that the kids of tomorrow do find a conducive environment for their innocence to bubble; and not be prematurely bursted by the needles of this-alleged-creatively-free-world.

All seriousness apart, my slang vocabulary; one which was conceived in the 4th-5th Semester and has found no usage till today; had a new addition thanks to Delhi Belly (although I still don't know what does that 'DK Bose' swear word means.)

PS: I don't intend to know its meaning, so kindly DO NOT care to share on the comments page! I would be obliged. =)

A new lease to life, and a new breeze to breathe.

Two months it has been since I left my abode of decades, my home-town, and set foot in this hush-a-hush, 'metro' city,the capital- Delhi.

Had today day been the start of January 2011, you would have been reading a post with lots of Yippies, Yays and Hurrays; for I intended to leave the usual pathway of pursuing medicine as a specialization, and foray into the field of research by taking up a degree course in it, and juggle it with a part-time clinical junior residency. And, Delhi was the dream's wonderland.

But, today is not January, but a June. Mere difference of 6 months in the time frame, but a giant leap in the action frame...a leap across a wrapped, locked closet.

In the action frame, Now: Pre-PG!

The societal Ohhhs-Awwws did get the better of my parents' patience and my ego. They were offended and I was furious.

Taking the step next; leaving all the plans to bin, and shifting to Delhi with a completely different purpose, I now prepare for the Post Graduation Entrance Examination.
Yes, the one path which I did not even turn my heads to look at, in the past; the one path which all my peers run and tumble and succeed on; the one path which is like the storyline of a Bollywood flick- boring, usual and predictable.

These 60 days have not been exactly the way either my Mum-Dad or I would have wanted them to be.
Yes, somewhere I realize I am not strong to have dropped my dreams for something as volatile as prestige; for I know, one moment, people ridicule you for taking a useless path, and the other they quote you, when success is achieved.

Yes, somewhere I know I am not doing justice by forcing myself to try and do something where my heart doesn't lie.

Yes, somewhere I understand I am not only cheating my parents but also myself.

But, as they say: Your wish is my command!
Such is the motto of my life: To fulfill all my parents' wishes, all which I can, in my capacity.

Even beside this no-so-pleasant turn of events, I do have a new lease to life.

It is the presence of the breeze that I breathe here. It is the fragrance derived from the completeness of my soul.
It is the innocence and the naughtiness of this beautiful phase.

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God ought to be thanked and simultaneously be bribed for blessing me with even more grit and courage and determination to fulfill their dreams, of which I have taken charge; and the stamina to fulfill mine too, later in the course of time.