Sep 19, 2018

Turn of generations

The calendars have changed many a pages and the clock has done it's million-eth round....the generations have turned.

Writing was a passion, spending time with friends was fun, and socializing was just normal. Now, this is all in the virtual space and it has become totally impersonal.

People write all the time, every single second...they practically think on the internet and not in the mind, and express even before running it by themselves again.

They post pictures, of all the things they see and of all the moments they spend...they store the memories in the camera and not in their subconscious self. This compartment was always there in us whenever we wanted to go back...but now we have hard drives and cloud storage for that.

Spending time with friends was about talking on random things, day to day life, our feelings, our emotions and our family, but now it is about updating it on the social media, saying a lot of good words about them and silently being either jealous or happy by comparing our lives, posing pictures and just chatting over WhatsApp as per our convenience.

Socializing was fun, we would just meet people, be nice, get some inspirations to add something to our personalities but now it is a waste of can learn that by the videos that run accross and the long stories that keep on circulating infinite number of times. We start finding faults in people rather than searching for qualities. 

The good old times have gone and the new generation is really new... And I am becoming like that aunty we had who used to say, "Humare time mein to aise hota tha, vaise hota tha. Ye sab to achcha nahi hai, wo golden time tha....blah blah and blah blah".... :D

Yeah, to bring it and announce it out ...I touched 30. Yes, I did. And it made me realize how orthodoxly modern I am. Accepting and embracing the new fads and simultaneously bickering about them for being utterly useless.

I hope you all are doing fine....;)