Oct 21, 2010

The Bull

When being the silent-mowing-lazy cow gets boring,
changing into the energizing, smokey-nosed, limb-hitting bull peaces me.

* Actively moving my head hither & tither *

Retiring. Peacefully & happily. 
The Red Bull ;)

^ Daringly mailed my Med HOD & met my Dean (Establishement of EM residency at our place)
^ Maddeningly thought of a thing, (stirred everyone-pleaded warden-got it approved-cleaned it myself-set up done-electricity arranged) & accomplished it in 18 hours (Setting up RR in GH) woof!!
^ Surgery Conference at My Institute, 2 days later, Case presentations prepared, handed over. To be presented by the Heads. All wishes for a successful conference. (Loved doing the behind-the-scenes work)

Wishing that each day of my life be as Super-Busy as the last two days have been !! 
How I hate being dormant !!

Blogging- Switched OFF !! 

Oct 17, 2010

Now Running: Raaz Iss Janam ka

The secret list below reveals my lovers : (for this Janam only)

-Kindly do not misinterpret this as a sun-sign. This is the reeal creature I'm talking about.

2. Snakes 

-The very day, the CWG officials charmed a snake outta the Games village, one of the snakey kiddos came to Kiss Hiss me too. 
And, I was awake this time. It played with tingling my sole, thinking it would charm me through. 
Unlucky, for the cute creature had been wrong in his interpretation that the sole was a ground for fore-play. :D

The sore-play furied me, and I threw it out. Rolling it on the wooden plank, I took it outta into the open.

And, Voila! I became the Aesclepius. The legend. With the Rod and the Snake.

Now, did the nature certify me with the degree of Medicine?


Did it bless me with the magical powers of healing? (Still gotta check out the powers, though!-Maybe I have, Maybe I don't.)

But, I have sure been accepted into the fraternity. That, I know!

Indeed a weird, scary, and adventurous themed 'Convocation ceremony' is what I had. :D

All of this forces me to think, 

that either I was a Reptile in the 'Pichla Janam' 
I am one in this.

PS:Don't panic, I have just been incorporated into the PR section of Mallika Sherawat's next flick.

Tonguishly hisssing! ;)

Please, Dare Not Watch It!

Just, Damn it. :D

And Go away. There are things better than 'Hiss' to be read about !!