Jan 30, 2010

Stuck !

A tough situation.
And you stuck into it.

Losing hope of recovering from the situation, ever.

Or losing courage to face the battle.

Or fearing failure.

Or just losing the endurance to work anymore.

Fatigued to stress anymore.

Palpitating. Racing thumping heart.

Almost tremor-ing hands.

Blocked Brain.

Stuck into a jam that refuses to clear. or move by even a 'mm'.

You have given up on your chances of survival.

You try to make up your mind.

You keep on consoling, and preparing yourself, that "you need not give up. Remember there's a silver light at the end of the dark path.

You are not that much ruined as your mind is making you feel like.

But, the one above...the almighty 'Brain' has decided something else.

Lots of GABA releases.

Lots of depressor substances circulating.

You are forced to fore-see only the negatives.

What you picturize is only 'Failure'.

Not a ray of optimism hits you.

The tears find their path.
But, they do not ease the pain. They do not dissolve the fear.

The name of God also doesn't soothe you.

You have lost the battle already, even before entering the field.

Infact, you have stopped preparing for it. No Armour taken out, No swords sharpened.

Will I ever come out of this negativity. Will I appear for the next exam?

The phone rings.

Its your Mom. She talks to you.

'The path may have obstacles. Your target should be the light at the end.

Don't look at the obstacles.
Don't bother the torn and bleeding feet.
Don't worry what the result is gonna be.

Just move, towards your aim.'

Satisfies your insecurities.

Fills the heart with love. Drains the fear out. Puts in her faith.

She promises to pray for you. Her pristine pure heart prays for you.

She waits with bated breath, empty stomach for your call, post-exam.

The sigh of relief.

The sigh of her prayers answered.

You gather courage to face the situation for her faith.

Its your dearest friend.
He cheers you up.

'What we think we are, is a gross under-estimation.
We rise to levels, we could have never imagined, in such situations, and we invariably conquer them and emerge victorious.'

Then, stops talking about the next-day exam. He talks non-sense. The stuff he usually does.
You lose your focus from the vast syllabus. And laugh.

Tears have been absorbed.

And with this bright smile, you look at the book.

It all appears so beautiful. So optimistic.

Its your loved one.

'Courage is not the absence of Fear. Courage is when you conquer this fear.'

'I know what you are. And I know, you can do this.'

Their belief, their confidence breathes in you the desire to do it.

I'll pray for you.

And 'All my Good Luck is Yours.'

Go, Rock Baby. :-)

It's these people for whom I live.
And face the exams. The tests of life.

I wish I emerge victorious, only to give these people a smile. Their support needs acknowledgement. And credits. And a heart-felt thanks.

For their happiness....
I'll do anything. * Bowing * !!


Jan 16, 2010


This is my first post since December 19th !!

So, First Of All ...
A Very Happy New Year !!

Yeah, It is quite late that my wishes come, but...Its better late than never. :-)
(You know, I have never been punctual. Not even in the Univeristy exams...Like the one today.) ;-)

Well, life's made me a 'maggu' right now... to say, My Finals have made me a 'maggu'.

My bed's forever surrounded with books, and my books sleep more on my bed than me.

I have apparently been sleeping with Dutta,

and a Shenoy,

and a Mathew...

A new book every other night. ;-)


But, what to do, man... Life's torturing us so much, that even a bad PJ gives us laughters.

The night before the exam, we laughed a lot.

At our plight.(Precisely my plight.)

28 hours before the Medicine paper, I came to know that what I was constantly believing to be a division, was NOT one. Our Medicine papers had no clearly demarcated division. And the questions could come from any of the systems. And, There would be no 'Bonus'. I seriously lost my wits. And to my surprise, everybody else knew it. And they had planned accordingly for it.

I shouted an AAL IZZ WELL, kept my books aside, and slept really long !! (Yeah, an 8 hour sleep is termed 'long'... but, only during exams!!)

Studied another day, and went to give the exam, to find out that the division thing was applicable. We did not get anything from paper TWO.

But, does that make you believe that I cracked the paper???


Coz I had left the first part in midst to cover some important part of second !!

Still, Its an 'AAL IZZ WELL' .

I don't care what the hell happens. I just want it to end....For once and all.

Aise tadpa tadpa ke mat maro !!

Haematologic people !! (for non-medics--> Bloody People.)

P E A C E !!

Tele says: Humor appears to be the only solace to an 'about-to-erupt' volcanic mind.
Hence, laugh, have fun. ENJOY. :-)