Aug 31, 2008


CONFUSED- A basic trait of each & every person !!

Whateva- focused or determined you are, once in your lifetime, you definitely would have found yourself in a dilemma, or a messed-up situations, wherein you would have been forced to think…NOW WHAT? WHAT NEXT? & would have received loads of answers from your amygdala !

This subjective feeling of having heaps of work to be done, or having a wide variety of options to choose amongst, & your inability to do so, is called Confusion.
The feeling, when one enters a food outlet & takes a looong time in deciding what to order; when one drags a friend alongwith, to a cloth kiosk, so that they can choose a particular trouser to be bought; is nothing but a very low-degree confused state.
What is mentally blocking, is when this confusion brews up in each & every task of your life; & this leads to a stagnancy in our life-style & compels us to question the meaning of life & our very purpose of living!

As a STUDENT, I, very frequently, dump myself into the “Confused” tag…
What subject do I study? – Medicine, Surgery, O&G or this year’s subjects-ENT, Ophthal or PSM ?? Coz of the “NINE” GRAND subjects to be covered in Final Part-2 & the 3 in Final Part-1 !
Which book shall I read into? – Harrison/CMDT/Davidson ? , Bailey & Love/S.Das/Manipal ? , Parsons or Khurana ? Coz of material better suited for different purposes: better understanding, or better retention of the subject, or fetching better marks in Universities !
What shall I focus onto –Indian PrePGs or USMLE ? Coz of the declining already-minimal chances of getting a berth, here in India [Thanx to Reservation] or coz of No chances of getting my choice of field, dere in US !
Every morning, I wonder “Shall I attend classes?” – Simply because of their worthlessness in regards to gaining knowledge, but essentiality in regards to fulfilling the required attendance quota for sitting in exams !
What do I wanna become- A ‘Some’ doctor, a ‘Good’ doctor or an IAS (a gud prospective indeed!)

As a teenager also [Ohhh…I noticed only now…that I am an ADOLESCENT …n no more a teenager !! :( ], I find myself into the confused lot, every now & then…
What do I want – A Career , A Commitment or Both ? Well, ‘Both’ seems to be the likely answer, many of the times, but, Believe me, there are innumerable instances, when I find ‘Career’ as the most probable answer !
Which friends are good n which are not-so-good ? How do I expect them to react to certain conditions ? Confused with the people’s nature- sometimes, they can be gr88 n sumtimes, absolutely weird !
Can I trust them? Times, when I feel they are the best humans existent on Earth & times, when I doubt their being Hypocrites !

As an IDENTITY too, confusion sets in when I ask myself- What am I?
Ambitious or Lazy enuff, that my ambitions too go for a sweet, short [Read as: A long] nap, until some serious soul-stirring is done by my Mom-Dad, & myself too ! ;)
Ever-chirpy-Happy or Sulking type – I do cry, invariably frequently, at smallest-unusual things, but, I end up as a very content individual most of the times !
Angel or a Devil – I try not to hurt anyone & keep everyone smiling, but, I still want things be done MY way, otherwise, Cruciatus ! Controlling anger(if-u-call-it-one) is just not manageable !
Modern or Orthodox- I can actually be at the extremes of both, at different situations !
Intelligent or Buddhu – Despite knowing that I can do wonders if I study, I make a Dumbo out of myself by not doing so !

In all, these phases of confusion do sit besides you, in your very own living room, very often too, but, they can be thrown out only by following your INSTINCTS ! Your IMPULSION !
Thinking much over them-in sense-pondering & brooding over them for long-can only worsen the situation ! U might end up _____ [BLANK] !! realizing that now for the piles of questions- you don’t get ‘any’ answer (in contrast to the ‘many’ answers b’fore) & you have wasted an imp. Share of time into Useless analysis !

So…when you end up CONFUSED-->
Find out why are you confused !
What options do you have !
& just follow your instincts !
Plunge blind-eyed onto one option & work on it…!
You might end up HAPPY !

[PS: No GUARANTEE, still Try OUT !!]

Aug 14, 2008


Last night my mom and I were sitting in the living room chatting about things and... then, we talked about living and dying.

I said to her: ' Mom, If ever I end up in a vegetative state when you are alive,please never let me go on like that.....totally dependent on machines and liquids from a bottle.If you see me in that state I want you to disconnect all the contraptions that are keeping me alive. I'd much rather die'.

Up went my mom from the sofa, with this real look of admiration towards me...and proceeded to disconnect the TV, the Cable, the Dish, the DVD, the Computer, the Cell Phone, the Ipod, and the Xbox, and then went to the fridge and threw away all my beer!!
....I ALMOST DIED!!! ;)

PS: In case, anyone sues me for putting someone else's Copywritten Matter...I wud like to Say It in bold letters :

Loved,have added it here...!!
Njoy !!

Aug 2, 2008

Rain-bow-ing Me !!

Just a day short of Friendship’s Day, 2nd Aug.08, sitting in d monotonous, bugging, sedative PSM class, I was searching adventure, fun & something exciting in my ACAD-stricken life. Thinking bout doin sumthing different this Friendship’s Day; not because it iz a certain “FRIENDSHIP DAY”, but bcoz I was merely trying to create an occasion out of a simple day !!
As d class ended, & as a routine, v had a usual, heartily laugh on VC’s witty one-liners. And “half”-against my soul, decided to go for morning Clinical posting [“half”- coz my heart also lay in the tremendously “bloody” life of a Surgeon – Yep, today was a heart-pounding OPD Session- which I was in no mood to miss !! ]
Eyeing for the clock hands to quickly get past the 15 min. wait, “Jairam Sir” knocked the door (Read as: Opportunity ) n we grabbed it open handedly ! :) We decided to premiere 2 movies at our Auditorium.
While reaching a consensus on the names of the movies to be screened, the clouds darkened, roared & the rain embraced us; and, that too, intense rain…one in which we definitely couldn’t go to MGH ! With movies being discussed, friends creating humor, my favorite tracks in the backdrop of the slashing rain sounds; Yes, Rain-bowed to My Moods !!
The need of freshly-made, tongue-burning Mirchibadas was soon to be felt, & also, the responsibility of getting the selected movie DVDs hit us. So, me, Rish n Shiva moved to the parking lot to hit the roads with mah Esteem !! As soon as we crossed the college gates, mah car battery gave way to the flooding waters. Huh !! After a 5 min. wait, switching off d ear-deafening car stereo, mah car got live n we got d food for our lives- Mouth-watering Mirchibadas ( an internationally loved Jodhpuri delicacy). But, no DVDs could be arranged.Getting shin-deep jeans-dipped, we treated our taste-buds to these yummy namkin. :)
The college drainage system is awful; Yes, our Ana Triangle [Anatomy triangle] was being converted into a Pool n mah mind was urging me to dive into it. After stomach-filling, I subdued to my instincts n we searched for ways to sumhow reach d terrace of d college…coz, we definitely couldn’t get drenched in rain drops in full view…in front of ’06, ’07 & d being-recruited ’08 futchas & their parents.
We were showed our way via a broken window pane, we reached the terrace…algae-clad, water-laden n extremely VAST…providing many Beaauu-tiful views to the campus below. The feeling of rain hitting you, your skin getting soaked in water, with the limit-less blue sky as my cap & the blue-green algae,mud filled puddles as mah shoes…It felt so Nature-al !!
Four of us- Shiv, Rish, Aks n Me were there…splashing ourselves, roaming around the terrace, appreciating each n every view, n also cursing the phone manufacturers for not making waterproof cameraphones !! After a good 1 Hr fun, there we were…completely wet with drip-ing clothes, glued hair, moving in the “Picnic spot”-turned-college corridors !
Our minds & bodies hit the Patho triangle next, where a good amount of water had been collected & we decided to get ourselves clicked….n…one by one we dragged each – Jlo, Rakka, VC, Navsa, NG n Glucon-D – one by one-into the dirty water ! Got ourselves clicked, n then, came d real fun, the greatest Masti…words will be too precise to explain those moments ! We were like a bunch of street children out to play in the muddy waters, splashing water at a Target, cracking jokes, singing songs, winking, whistling, flying kisses, playing kiddy games [chidiya udd…] [aao mello,super cello] [o-ma-u-shi] , cheering the wrestling between Aks n Rish, researching on “Jlo & Junior Magnetism”, inviting teachers to join in. People soon dropped in to have a sneak-peek at the strange-weird creatures held free in the college [ Read: Us]. Gazing eyes, open mouths, sniggering, bewildered looks, n some eyes eager to join in, living our ecstasy-were all recepted!
After a great time, we decided to end our water-playing & getting back to homes. While squeezing the ends of our T’s, shirts n jeans’, we noticed our missing shoes n sandals [prank-Navsa] n found them @ the midst of water…Floating !! We then went for some shoes-hunting & sandal-catching n again entered the waters !! :) We concluded our Rain-fun spree only after a good fun n got back to the LT where our belongings were kept. We air-dried our clothes, shook our heads n combed hair to get ourselves presentable, hankied our faces n arms & parted ways !!
But, even now, when I look at the Rainbow, the green grass n trees, the colorful bright flowers, the wet floors n roads, the falling rain drops, n, more specially, puddle-d water…I relive the wonderful, mesmerizing time I had today morning & a cheerful, blissful feeling masks my face & mind, n, I am sure, everyone of us, are still into a mood when Rain-bowed to us & wished us all – A Happy Friendship’s Day !!
Wishing you all- Anil, Rishabh, Shiva, Shirley, Rajni, Sweta, Lovely, Vijay, Kaward – a very “Lovely Life” !! We’ll be there for each other--- We promise ! Cheers To you All !!
& Apart from these Col-buddies; Kala, Honey, Riddhi, Siddhi, Sonakshi, Khushboo, Ankita, Saurabh, Blessen, … Hoping that our friendship remains as green as itz now, n, forever !!

Mum-Dad !!

The world's so big…
But mine is small…
The world's a war…
But mine's a ball…!
It's 'coz my world's you…!!
Yes, my world's you…!!

The feeling of content at my birth;
The joyous atmosphere at my firsts-words & steps;
The caressing hands getting me ready for school;
The smell of yours in the glass of water;
The fight of yours with others & your supporting us;
The slaps and scolds of yours during exams;
The way you cried later in the night & said SORRY to us;
The way you taught us the legalities of life;
The way you listened to my worthless & useless talks after school;
The way you still listen to my weird thoughts & try to correct me;
The way you make everyone your own;
MUMMA, I hope we & God give you your due..
Yes, my world's you…!
The world's so big, But mine is small,
The world's a war, But mine's a ball,
It's 'coz my world's you…!!
Yeah Mumma, my world's you…!!

The unique identity that you imparted me with;
The moral values that you inculcated me with;
The true & ideal person you have been , inspiring us;
The preachings of yours that sustain us in this world;
The truths of this world that you bring forth in front of us;
The way you cherish each & every delicacy;
The glass of milk in your hands & the waiting bus;
The way we always get late… (",)
The manner in which you solve problems simply;
The dealing ability of yours with all kinds of people;
The love & care when you scold/fight with Mom for us;
The way you uplift my mood when I feel blue…
DADDY, my world's you…!
The world's so big, But mine is small,
The world's a war, But mine's a ball,
It's 'coz my world's you…!!
Yeah Daddy, my world's you…!!

Mumma & Daddy – the BEST you are!
&, more wonderful is – the PARENTS you are!
Or, more celebrating is – YOU ARE FRIENDS without age-bar!
But, the most blessed is – The COUPLE you are!
The world's so big, But mine is small,
The world's a war, But mine's a ball,
It's 'coz my world's you…!!
Yes, my deary Mummy- Daddy, my world's you…!!

This day might be your ANNIVERSARY…
But, for us, its another PARENTS DAY…as our parents teach us today the lesson of LOVE…!
"The best gift the parents can give to their children is – to love each other."
Thanks for giving us the world's best gift…!
I pray to God today, to keep you both happily together, inseparable, as one, FOREVER…!!