Jan 14, 2009

Everything's gonna be alright !

When you will feel lonely and blue,
I’ll accompany you and rescue
You will always be in my sight,
everything's gonna be alright

When the clouds of confusion surround,
I’ll solve the puzzle in just one round
You will be offered my wisdom light,
everything's gonna be alright

When you will lose self-confidence,
I’ll help you release your tense
You will touch new height,
everything's gonna be alright

When darkness will become wide,
I’ll bend rays at your side
You will be blessed days all bright,
everything's gonna be alright

When you will feel like crying out,
I’ll lend you shoulder without doubt
You will be hugged real tight,
everything's gonna be alright

When you will share your secret,
I’ll make you change your fate
You will get the strength to fight,
everything's gonna be alright.

*Written by BHAWNA.
Courtesy: Ah, Poetry...

Boys don't CRY !

They say boys don't cry, that's untrue
they sob with a crumpled face and tears too
They say men don't cry, well that is true
Nothing much is a parched pupil meant to do.

Just found those lines in a poem ....
n liked them enuff to post here...


The way you cradle my lonely hopes
In the arms of your desires.
The way you soothe my little hurts
By your,oh,so lovely smiles;

I need,then,no roses red
Your love works fine for me instead!

The way your eyes warm mine
A sea of emotions passed that while
I need then,no poetic line;
Your glance says is just as fine

The way you love me across the distance,
The way you love me pure and true.
The way your heart touches mine,
Even if our bodies haven't too;

I need then,no more wishes
This shall surely see me through.

*Written by DOLLY.
Courtesy: Ah, Poetry...

First Date !

Trying to know to the deepest level,
interpreting all words and silence
Showing the best and worst both,
neither hidden facts, nor pretence

Heart beats working as music,
breath replacing the scent
Engrossed in each other,
ignoring the crowd present

Walking across the sea beach,
or city’s dirty narrow lane,
with a wish to stop the time,
and a promise to meet again.

*Written by BHAWNA.
Courtesy:"Ah, poetry... " , An orkut Community.

Your Eyes !

Every time I look into your eyes
I think of your warm caress
You say I'm not like other gals
I'm better than the rest
I look into your gorgeous eyes
And all my pain goes away
All my "friends" said they'd be there
But you were the only one to stay
I look into your gorgeous eyes
That melt me everyday
Your eyes, your touch, your warm caress
Make me love you in every way

Everyone always tells me that nothing lasts forever
But I don't think that's true
Cause the way I feel when we're together
I know that's the way I'll always feel for you
From now until forever, that's how long I'll be true
I'll make this vow and promise you now
I'll never stop loving you

Theres something about the way
That you look at me
I look back into your gorgeous eyes
And wonder if you can see
All the feelings I have inside
Every kiss melts me away
I'm so lucky to have you
And I cherish every single day
I'm never going to leave you
So don't be afraid
You'll be with me forever
Along with every memory that we've made .

*Written by Mehul. Found it at a Poetry Community.

Jan 13, 2009

WOHO0o !

Yippie ! :-)

Exams have been postponed...& I don't think, i would have celebrated it in any better manner...!!
Last night was at the Hostel....The Gurlz Hostel !! ;)
Oh, what fun ! ;)
We all...all of us...Batch '05 Party-harders....were there in the Mess...[but, not in a Mess ;)]....glued to the Telly...from 9:30 in the night, till 4:00 in the morning...!! :-)

sum crap daily soap [only, coz v wanted to hv fun...uss serial ki bhayanak waali udaai !],
a Movie...'Popcorn Khao, Mast Ho Jao'...yaar,theek hai...nothing else was worth watchable... [well, this too wasn't much a worth...]
then, some News Channels...!! [Argghh...wat the garb do they show at night,man...! The news which was being flashed again & again at 2:30am goes something like this...
'Love' ki Paathshala...
& it was informing about the Masters Degree in Love, which is given by a German University, & teaches one how to impress your love-interest, how to express your love & Obviously, How to MAKE LOVE !! ;)
wohoo...interesting...but,not more than a minute could one stay glued to the channel...coz of the PATHETIC News-Presenter...She was BAD !! She was Pathetic !
n then, finally, v watched some Latesht Songs n Promos !!

Well, that was the Night !!

Got up late in the morning,...!
& then, since 10 in the morning...till the 8 in the evening...We talked & talked & talked....
on exams, studies, college, friends, relations, family, movies, Page3 gossips of our College..."Who's With Whom !!",music, current trends, astro, vastu, ***, our plans for a trip to any nearby place...food...are, yaar...everything...!!
Almost Everything !! :)
& it was only when my Mom called up and asked me to be back home tonite, that i decided to leave ! :)

Its the fun of being in Hostel...
You enjoy even the smallest of Happy News!
No, You, actually, CELEBRATE even the minutest of Happy News !

Hostel ROCKS !!

Jan 12, 2009





PHEW !!!


Man, How bad is that...halfway thru ur prep...IMAGINE, reading PSM ... [I wud puke !!]
thinking it to be the last time before the exam...& YOU discover...it is DEFINITELY not the LAST time...OHHHH !! How much motivation I had developed to continue reading it..."Yep, TJ, Its the Last time this subject is tormenting you, C'MN, U CAN !! " :D

All in Vain...!! :(

I don't know how I am gonna again read it...!! ohh !!

Disheartening ....!! :(

Anyways, Its the way Raj. Uni. Works...!! :D

It was The most Unfortunate moment of my life when I had decided to choose Rajasthan, my home, to Mumbai....or, whichever place...!! :D [atleast, as of now, I feel so...!]

Okies...Back to the Sucking PSM !! :(

Jan 3, 2009

My paintings !

Painted By Me On the wall above the Entrance to our Bathroom !! :)

Painted on the wall above our Beds ! :)

I know, the photography's pathetic...!! Next time, I myself wud do this job as well ...!