May 23, 2012

What a big fuss is it if the person you are marrying is not a doctor and you're one??

Ages have gone by and we still have kept the notion of 'A Doctor's
best suitor is a doctor' alive. Yes, even I blindly believed it till I
had a reason to prove it wrong. Love.

The war of my worlds had begun, I thought. Putting forth the liason to
my family and their prompt approval felt great. His family, too, were
indeed happy, for their son had sought a girl. (The fact that he could
was a reason in itself for celebration.) ;-)

The fight that I had thought would be tough, and would have to be
fought with all the weapons out in the open was not a fight at all.
Their were no soldiers firing at me, no archers aiming at me, no
arguements thrown at me. Infact, this was a storm inside me, which I
had to calmen at my time of committment...this was the question within
me, which I had to answer...this was the decision that I had to firmly
take by myself....merely because of the myth our society has created
and believed ever since. In the absence of such a notion, I would not
have to give my 'Non-medic' guy so much of thought.

Anyways, being officially together was a relief and bliss. Some people
applauded my breaking the league, some people still pestered that
'Doctors understand each other's lifestyle better'. Fine.

Life is merrier and beautiful. Our wedding dates have been finalized.
8 months later we would be Man and Wife. Amidst such happiness,
there's another such upheavel whose genesis I find stupid, and
explanations unnecessary. For now, those storms, questions and my
decisions are not inside me, they are in the people I meet. For open
discussions, as if it were a debate competition or a panel discussion
with the people no less than 'experts'.

People are more interested in quoting the 'failed' cases to prove the
general notion than thinking about who they are arguing with. Even
that is fine, until they start predicting the future about how he
would dislike my night duties, how he wouldn't be able to understand
the pressures of this profession, how the professional life would
creep and kill my personal life. n blah n blah.

Sometimes, I wish I could hand them over a trophy and end the
conversation. They'll atleast feel a winner, how-so-ever insensitive
they might be.

Then, sometimes, I wish I could aggressively open fire and go -'Being
a doctor doesn't mean I can't marry a mortal human, when I too am the
same.' ; 'My specy hasn't changed. Not that I am a Homo sapiens
doctairre.' ; 'When did being a doctor become the minimum eligibility
to understand another doctor?'

But then, I don't.

For they would never understand.

For when I am happy, I don't need to shout and tell them that I am.
They'll know with time.

For one day, seeing me content, they'll quote my example to argue with
the one who says that 'Doctors should marry doctors'.

For the time will come, when such obsolete notions will disappear.

And even if it doesn't...I don't give it a damn! Shaping our life is
in our hands and our hearts. No false belief can distort it.

PS: The story and lives of two people are known to none other than
those two people themselves.

PPS: Love trespasses caste, creed, gender, professions.