Jun 6, 2010


Here I go, off to ISCOMS, followed by a small leisure trip to the most romantic city of the world, Paris.
My first trip alone. My first flight. My first step abroad.
Lots of firsts.
won't put them here.

Am just off!! Have lots of worrying thoughts.

And am off Blogging!!

would be back soon!!

Wish me luck........

Jun 1, 2010

Big Fat Indian Deals!

A lot has been said for the Big Fat Indian Weddings. The larger than life celebrations, the decorations, the dresses, the jewellery, and the big roll list of Esteemed Guests.

Wedding is the most coveted and awaited celebration in an Indian's life. Probably, because relations are still not too fragile to be walked out off in a go. And we people still believe that marriages are made in heaven.

The excitement, the enthusiasm, the craze, and the happiness seeds, all from the soul.

Marriage of their daughter is the dream for parents. And so is their desire to make it as gracious and as big as possible. They'll hire the best place, the best hotels, the best decorators, the best jewellery, the best bridal wear, and the best beauticians, and...all the other things. (by that I mean, 'a hell lot of things' !!)

I don't have a problem with this, but, the rising concern is the whole thing of outstanding others.
The comparison, has become a social evil. The rich have enough to outlast the previous celebrations, and raise standards, and the middle class have enough to mount their blood pressures and loans, and the poor have enough of such dreams, which they know will remain dreams.

Been recently to an engagement ceremony. Well-educated family, either sides (the groom and the bride's).
For the mere engagement function, a sum of 6-7 lakhs was cashed out. (from the bride's side)
A cash of Rs. 1 lakh, and a sum of Rs. 1 lakh in the form of silver coins (considered auspicious) was given apart from the expensive diamond jewellery, and certain other latest techno gadgets.

Accepting the exhilaration they have, I still feel, nothing can justify their act of shelling out such huge sums.

Bride's side was busy showing off, but, where's your mind, Groom's family? How can you accept such kinda money? Doesn't your conscience shout 'Guilty'? Where's your self-esteem/ respect? But, sadly they too consider it as a sign of repute! Huh!

Extremely against these methods of 'showing-off' wealth, have come to the opinion that the Indian wedding can conveniently be called the Big fat Indian DEAL. 

There is so much I wanna express....and ask those people who believe such things are a pre-requisite for a match...but, whom should I ask, when my own people too have accepted these as the 'requirements for being an eligible bachelor/spinster' !!

Certain things that I strongly feel:

1. Arranged marriages are merely deals. What guys look out for is: A beautiful gal, with an extremely rich father. And what girls look out for is: A guy, with some huge packages.
I mean, damn it yaar!! Are you marrying money, or an individual??

Marry a guy which suits you and your lifestyle. And for knowing that much, a single meet or a few talks/chats are highly insufficient.
So, for me, am surely not gonna hook up with a guy without knowing him.
Don't believe, that I can spend the rest of my life with an idiot, who initially appealed me.
That leaves me with an option of a Love marriage, which I believe is better.

2. Guys are bull-shit stupids!!
They try at each and every gal they see around.
They drink, they smoke, they do drugs. If you don't love your life man, tell us, we'll poison you to death. Why glorify these addictions!
They are not protective, but possessive. And Girls will be their equals, only on their tongues, not in their hearts and minds. They need their own space, without giving us ours.
They are the masters of the universe, and feel that things should happen only the way they want.
Go hell guys. We know how to live life! With you, without you.
* Accepting the fact, that there are certain extremely good guys I know, and which are completely contrary to the picture here painted. (Please don't flood me with hate-mails!!)

3. Court marriage/ a small wedding function goes for me. Hate social gatherings, and their stupid topics of discussion. Highly unintellectual. Whatever you do, criticism's the only opinion they'll have.
Would invite just my dears and nears, no farce smiles, no show-offs, just the trueness.

4. Would never marry a guy who accepts such expenditure from my side. One who accepts this, is for sure, lacking self-respect. And henceforth, not made for me. (Aren't you capable enough to buy a Honda City yourself, greedy moron? )

5. Being an independent working and earning gal, would take things only necessary and utility-based, from my parents-'for I know they'll give something.' Don't need those flashy heavy gold jewellery, which are kept in bank lockers for purposes of 'asset' only. Don't require those heavy sarees which are of use only once in a year.

Where are you my dream-guy ??
See, I've planned our marriage as well!! ;)