Apr 27, 2012

Wild I go...

There's a good news I have to break here:
I'm getting married on the 1st of the Valentine Month next year, to my best guy friend. After an year of smooth, lovely and laughter-filled courtship, I know my life with him is not going to be any different.

Now that my marriage dates have been finalized, there's a whole lot of new things popping in my naughty mind (Naughty because I'm going to emotionally blackmail my family to fulfill these wishes in the name of me leaving them). Here's the list of the things I would want to do (atleast once) before I get 'taken'.

10 Things to do before I get married:

1. Get a pup for myself. (He hates them!!)

2. Get a bunch of tattoos made. (I'm sure he mustn't be very fond of them.)

3. Get myself a shape. (It's not exactly beautiful to be in a disproportionate body.)

4. Get a girly gang ready for a 2-3 day trip. (This is practically an impossibility with my current friends.)

5. Organize a Spinster's for myself, whose dress code would be 'minimalistic' and dance style 'dirty'. (Oh, I so miss my hostel parties.)

6. Paint 3 giant paintings in my current room and one more 'big' wall space in Dad-Mom's room. (This I will anyhows do!)

7. Take some vows in the name of God, so that I get a way to stop my parents from giving me expensive unnecessary stuff on marriage.
(They won't listen to my wishes otherwise.)

8. Go for a bike trip with my brother and explore the terrains of India. (Even a 2-3 day trip must be fulfilling.)

9. Go to a theatre and whistle loudly on dialogues and dance on fast numbers, like crazy. (I, sure, need my college friends for this.)

10. Smoke a cigarette, just one 'kash'. (Quite unlikely I'll do this.)

Wanna actually go wild, before I take the docile pet form. ;-)

Apr 10, 2012

Bin tere...

Two weeks before Sangeet
Ti: 'All right. It all has been very unorganized.'
Te: 'Oh yeah. I knew this would happen if we leave it for later. We ought to think about a theme, gal.'
'I was all the time waiting for you to do it. But, you had studies.'
'And you told me you'll decide that with Jeej.'
'Ohhh please, he knows nothing about these events. You knew that.'
'Yeah, I know that. :P'
'So, atleast decide your song.'
'Let's first decide yours and Jeej's.'
'That we both will do.'
Questioning, raised eyebrows, 'Ohkay.'

A day before Sangeet
Ti: 'What is the solo song that you've decided?'
Te: 'Let me see. Let the rest of things fall in place first. Yours and Jeej's not yet upto the mark. Mine, I'll see later.'
'Later? Do you want to dance at all, in a solo performance?'
'Haa Baba! Want to. But just can't get any time. You know na!'
'You better find a song.'

Morning of 'The' day
Brother: 'When will you practice yours, Te?'
Te: 'And what if I say I don't want to.'
'Doesn't matter. You'll rock anyways, even without a practice.'
'And what if I say I don't want to give a solo at all.'
'I'll say you're being bad.'
'What was last you saw me dancing alone?'
'Hmmm... A...Monu's marriage.....No....it was you and her. A....Jeenu's...Ah...Naah. Yeah...Been Quite long.'

During the function
Ti; Sad faced, almost about to cry, 'You're not dancing for me, on my marriage, na?'
Te: 'No. I am. Can it ever happen that way? Idiot.'

5 minutes later, for her sister's wishes, against her own wishes she was on the stage. Dancing. Alone. Without her. In the last many years of her life.
I miss you, darling. Immensely.
I am all alone without you.
I am incomplete.

I HATE marriages!!

My hatred towards wedding celebrations is probably due to the surrounding environment I have lived amidst. Criticism, Allegations, Outshowing each other, Judgements...all the kinds of negative emotions and vibes are related to it.

Why does wedding become a platform to show off your riches?

And why does even a middle class man try to conceal that he is not rich?

Why do people judge a marriage by the no. of dishes and kind of decorations?

Why does the society want to live it this way when the majority of middle class men are dying under the burden of the expenses incurred for marriage?

Why doesn't the middle class man stop pretending?

Why doesn't the middle class man become wise to understand this chakravyueh?

Why do we have to invite so many people for the function? In previous times, those all relations were close. But, in present times, we hardly interact with them.

Why do we want to follow the rituals of past in present times where they have lost their essence?

Why do we have to invite all those who invited us for their celebrations? Why a tit-for-tat?

Why do the hosts feel bad when some people couldn't turn? Reasons could be genuine.

Why does it become a point for keeping grudges?

Why have marriage celebrations become big social obligations and not realistic happy affairs?

Why have marriages now become only a matter of money?

How much did girl's father give to his son-in-law? How much did the girl's parents give to their daughter? How much did the maternals give? How much did he/she put in the 'lifaafa'? How expensive a gift did he/she give?

Why have blessings become measurable and comparable in greens?

Why do the parents falsely name these social obligations as rituals or 'our love' or 'our dream' for you?

Has money taken the place of love?

If dowry was a menace in medieval times, then wedding functions are the menace of today.

And why, despite knowing and hating and not wanting to become a part of such a menace, should people have to participate and follow what the world does?

A disadvantage of being a social being, I guess.

Yes, I hate attending marriages for I hate shows of the fortune that people put up.

All the more, I hate that even I will be having such a kind of a marriage and that my marriage will not be a simple court marriage/ a small family affair!!

:::::::::::I HATE marriages !!:::::::::::::
!But, I do love you, Mr. Nobody!

Dream : Kindle : Accomplished

One dream accomplished:
Buying an Amazon Kindle e-book reader.
Searched the Amazon Store, felt it was expensive.
Tried contacting all the friends and friends of friends if anyone was arriving from USA, but to no avail.
OLX Second hand deal, almost finalized, unluckily was sold a day before we were to make payments.
ebay New Kindle Keyboard 3G Wi-fi ordered as the Deal of the week. Otherwise, Indiaplaza sells it cheaper.

Next dream: :::Confidential:::
Planning: Check
Blueprint: Ready
Finances: to be arranged
Anticipated time of accomplishment: July 2012
Kindle's supposed to be delivered in 4 days from today.
Eager to see how it would be like!
Althought technically it ain't any accomplishment, but just a purchase.
Yet, later I'll be paying for it from my earnings.


Bound. In invisible non-existent wires.
Till when will I want to do things which I don't want for myself.
Will there be a time when I will finally do things which are silly and stupid and impractical and my desires?
Whom am I trying to prove myself to...??
This vicious cycle...has to stop.
If I don't rise to myself, If I don't stay firm on my words and actions...no one shall consider my plans for myself.
I should not do what I don't think is right. No benefits of situations to anyone. No considerations. No situation ruled decisions.
:::::::::No COMMENTS, Please:::::::::