A medical student, eccentric, confused yet clear, unpredictable, individualistic, impulsive, independent, crazy, almost insane, dance maverick, net addict, relationship-phobic, binge-eater, procrastinator-to-the-surface and determined-to-the-core, dreamer, planner... the list wud go on...As my characters are as dynamic as nature. Ever-changing.



Mar 12:
Pediatrician On Call.
Yeah, I was referred this way :-))
4 day long Residents-Strike, NICU duties.
The successful non-traumatic pediatric LPs :)
Appreciation by the APs & the Prof. :-)
These duties white-washed and painted 
my previous pan-stained memories of this department.
Will happily end it all.
Since, sick kids will never come in my lifestyle.

Feb 16:
Radiology Intern.
Knows the bare minimum of Sonography.
HOD blues.
Good time.
No intention to pursue it ever. :)

Jan 22:
Casualty stricken.
Reading a lot. Clicking a lot.
Have been ignorant to someone's pain.
But, I still feel I'm not wrong.
Cousins getting engaged. One after another.
Mere two months left to celebrate with friends.
Gave the 'Park Avenue' tip at Banad. =D
Intern's for sure, FUN ! =)

Dec 14:
Com.Med. Intern.
Immunization duties. At last, I had work to do.
Work peaces my neurons. Loved it totally.
Normal healthy Kids, great camaraderie with the nurses,
& Meeting the OBG fellas- All of it was so good.
'Overtly Sincere' Intern she is !! - HOD, on me
'Keep them here only' -Nurses, on our completion
Left AIPGMEE prep. It is far too early.
Need to learn a lot before it.
Research's stunned me. Med School changes are on a good front.
Few pages have been written.
Life's so good. :-)

Nov 16:
ORL intern.
Lovely branch. But, just too much repetitive for me.
Still, a good option. Has surgery. So, gotta be!! ;)
Some bonds can never be snapped.
Love it this way.
Been into more music nights-
First Santoor, now Qawaali!
Classical music remains the purest form.
Countdown's up!! 

Oct 26:
Ophthal intern.
Two months from the AIPGMEE,
Am practically at the same level
It doesn't bother me.
Now, Success mean more than just exams.
and Life & happiness too have changed definitions.
Don't know where I'll be, what I'll be.
But, know that it's gonna be fun.

Sep 30:
Intern at Orthopedics.
Plaster room is fun.
Still, OBG gives the high.
In love with Avril & Rahat songs.
Finally using apps on mobile. :-)
Got to a bit of studying.
Used the 'favor' as in 'jack' for the first time.
And, it has gotta be the last. :D Hated it.
After the scorpion, a Snake crawled on my foot.
Joined twitter, but there can't be any place better than my own blog to update!! :)

Aug 18:
District Level Postings.
Pali District, Cool Big Hospi.
Cleaner than ours!! :D
DAMS for APIGME prep. :-I
Acads still No-where!
Researches - 2
Learning Annotations.
The only silver lining:
Am on a Healthy track!! :-)

May 16:
Intern @ Surgery Dept.
Lots of interest shed.
Don't love surgery per se, anymore.
Not touched a single buk since March.
Got a Visa. Going to Netherlands.
The best thing that happened to me, this year.
Gonna be getting an E-63 mobile, and a personal dig-cam!!
Hope things go well.

Apr 6:
ObsGyn deptt. Rucks.
Rocks for the practical work.
Sucks for the clerical.
Lovely time of my life.
Only work and No Studies.

Mar 15:
The results out.
I am officially an intern now.
No, not the ones like DMG.
(Those are craps who malign our name.)

Feb 11:
Finished with theory papers of the Finals. 
Yeah, they were good. I wanna believe so. 
But, the irritating part:
Practicals are gonna be eating up another month outta my waiting-to-be-happy life.
With the time ticking, my brain's shedding its accumulated matter.Wish the things start soon, and end even sooner. 

Sept 26:
Going OFF blogging and tweeting for The Dark Age... No new posts on this blog. No comments allowed.
No reading other stuff.
Adios (for the time being.)
Will be back soon. 
All the Best To everyone around. May Luck BE Yours!
Take Care.

Sept 10:
IX Semester's a dementor...
Taking away all the happiness from my soul.
8 days short of my Clinical Sent-ups of Medicine...
I feel like a darn stupid Lilliput,
for whom the books are too big to be read...
The books are appearing like 'granths' 
Cudn't even finish a single reading of the clinical practice book.
PS: If you find my name in the lowest marks column,
I hope you can empathize with me...
Wish me luck...

July 7:
Halfway thru OBG...
Been only Once to the posting.
Umed Hospi is a clear turn-off. 
15 days to go, and still no desire to visit clinics.
Magazine work's at snail-speed. 
Research's been outa petrol.Brake-d.
Nothing much to do, still don't know how the day ticks off.

May 16:
Surgery starts...
Can't say lovin it  ...
already received a few scolds,
seen some shabby work by the residents,
the Operative table still fascinates me... !
Hope things gets better...!

Apr 9:
Pedia Sucks !
Diseased Kids, Neonates  !
Anxious mothers & relatives !
And Especially the Residents...!
Extremely uncooperative, rude, and living on cloud-nine !! 
Hoping that the last few days at Pedia are better ! 

Apr 3:
Medicine ENDS....  !
It was the first time we had regularly visited our clinics... and I kind of Loved it !
Missing ya...Kothari Sir's Unit  !
Sir's cute-calm-ever-smiling face-chilled-talks !
Boss' ward-classes...Yep, we did irritate you all, A LOT !!
Moving on to PEDIA now !
Looking fwd to eye a few 'very-very' cute Babies !