Sep 26, 2009

Clinicals !!

On the 30th of September, I would be appearing for the Sent-up Clinicals for Medicine!

Yeah, Big Deal.

if you might happen to know how vaaaaast Medicine is, you'll definitely know why it is A Big Deal.

The examiner's are the damn well-versed physicians who have the books' literature on their tongue's most apical areas.Waiting to be vomited at your insignificant knowledge.

And we, the examinees, are the cool, medical students,
who love to defer acads upon later (we can defer them upto the last day before the Universities, plainly for the hope of the exams being postponed.),

and who love to talk (till the last minute of the on-going lecture),

and gossip (till the last few 'ml' of our forced expiratory capacities),

and roam around (even 10-15 minutes after our hostel gate closes, or till the other person shuts her room door at our faces & we can't find anyone else awake.),

and shop (till the last penny of 'thy' friend.),

and eat (sometimes upto the limit of going into a gastric rupture. We might sometimes have a smiling umbilicus-ala ascitic presentation of the abdomen),

and watch movies (we frequently find ourselves giving voices to the movie actors,coz we have mugged up the dialogues by-heart.),

and always find something to talk about in the first five minutes of our serious pre-exam cramming session, and agree to a friend's mood of not studying and accompany her. :)

Well, I can never stop talking about what paranoid activities we indulge into. And not deviating from my purpose; I talk about 'most nearing threat to my existence' : My clinicals.

The Sequence of Events will be:

We all would be collecting around the Wards, in such numbers, that even the HOD would be forced to rub his eyes, "All these were posted in this Department ? All of you?"

The patients would be found in a better behaved, and disciplined fashion. "Itne saare daactor aaye hai. Aaj koi bada doctor aaya hoga! " And they don't mess with us. (They would readily give their histories to us.)

Then, we'll be alloted the beds, and I would end up looking like this !!

And would carry the erroneous examinations...

The inspections, palpations, percussions and the auscultations... (This is the only sequence I'm confident about, and I KNOW what these stand for. *raising collars*)

PS: I would rather not comment on how to carry them out, in the manner the examiner wants me to. Coz, the method that I would follow would be anyways not accepted.

And, they don't like my hammer...Coz it looks like this:

Whereas, they want something like this:

Whooa! What is there in a shape? It still solves the purpose. Doesn't it? Huh !
*Small heads*

And, then I would be asked about this:

And Ryle's tube, LP needle, Liver Biopsy needle, and some Foley's cathether (just wish, I could keep one placed into me, in case, I go into some stress-induced Incontinence! Would wanto save myself from the added embarrassment, you see.)

And would be asked about these scribbles, which are very much similar to the ones I end up making in the lecture (whilst living in my world, with the Reticular Activating System at absolute peace, c/a NREM sleep.) Alprazol-ized!

And they would check my long term memory by asking me questions on the pills & drugs & their side-effects, all of which was taught 2 years ago. Two Years Gone, and they expect me to remember each and every smallest adverse reaction of the drug and its dose schedule in the different diseases. WTF !

Hey, wouldn't you like to see how I would be managing a Viva-voice ?

Most of the times .....I would be confused...trying to decipher what exactly does the examiner want to ask, and more importantly, what does he want as an answer.
(This is the BITTER TRUTH: For a successful viva, you need not know everything, what you must be knowing is to match your frequency with the examiner's...Coz he would settle only when his ear-drums catch upon a vibration that was moving in his internal capsule, and his cortex and his thalamus.

And, these happy expressions would be seen, when in the midst of the examination, I would hit an idea, about how I would be enjoying my rest of the day, after the about-to-finish torture.

Examiners are dementors, they drain the happiness from your souls.
But If you think about the most happiest moments of your life, (the post-exam period)
You might be able to fight them, and throw them miles away from you. (read as: A few days.)

What I dread is : GETTING A


Don't you relax.


Exams will soon have another innings in this test match, where despite playing on a Follow-on, the game never ends. We have to play innings on innings, until we retire, i.e. die (Applicable to all Doctors.)


Sep 20, 2009

Impulsive !

Your Basic Instincts are basic to you. Inherently yours. They run in your DNA. In every Thymine and Cytosine molecule of your body.
No matter how many years you add to your age, or how many experiences you collect in your closet, or how much wiseness you graph on your growth chart, instincts will forever live with you, like the shadow, or like the Sun and the Moon.
We, for once, may be bereft of our shadow, or the Sun during the eclipse, but, its only transitory. We do end up being home. End up being ourselves.

There might be people who can't separate from their instincts, even for a flick of a second. Who live the life their own way. True.
And there are some, like me, who can sustain without their instincts for a significant period.

A period.

Not forever.

No one can.

My basic instinct is being IMPULSIVE.
(My sister's is: Being Lazy.) :B :)

Have always been so impulsive, taken all the decisions of my life in a haste. In the Moment.
But, That's me.
Times when I have regretted my acts and my words, have been many.
But, there have also been times when I have achieved things, that otherwise I couldn't have ever dreamt of. And these are the times, which make me feel proud, of being impulsive.Being Me.

But, there's one more aspect to 'following your instincts'.

One must always try to keep their instincts at their feet.In control.

I profess that trying to keep your instincts subdued for some time, adds to your development. As an individual. As a human. And As yourself.

(I am trying to control my impulsion to disclose something here...)
And I am glad, I am doing this...

For one of my deary friends says:
Don't let public forums replace your personal diary.
Everything about you shouldn't be divulged.
Stay virtual.

Let them be in your life.

But, Don't live in them.

So True...

Thanks 'Nobody' ! :)

Sep 4, 2009

Encounter !

It is the least imagined thing for me... that one day,I would be making such a post...and that too the post which is being written after a long period...!

I had an encounter with a thief.
It was 3rd Sept.2009. 3:45 am (most probably)...
My room.
Me sleeping contently after a big, tough, tiring day. (The day had started at 6:00...and for a change, I had attended my college lectures, went to the postings, toiled over cases, brooded over EKGs, had a Resident's clinical on Neurology (! tiring !), followed by another lecture by a Unit Head (Again NEUROLOGY ! :-x ) ,
over-checked any pending errand (for the next-day scheduled Farewell party to our seniors !),
had food, did the dishes, checked my mails after 3 days (!), and got to doing the laundry... ( clothes had piled up...5 days...of mine, my sis, and one dress each of Mum n Dad!)
... finished the work at a bath...and sat down to study. Ofcourse, it didn't last more than 2 pages...felt sleepy, and decided it was time I get to sleep, coz the next day had to be even more hectic(...the party, and my research & clincals...!)
Had the just-before-sleeping conversation :-) and silently slipped into the NREM world. It was 2:00 am then.

What I remember next, is :
A shadow of a lean body, tall man, with bag on his back. Standing at my room door. Still.
In the sub-conscious mind that I was, I thought it was my eldah sis, ready to go to college. 'Man, I've slept that long!' But, the very next micro of a second, my brain didn't quite like the idea of him being Tiny.I shot another look in that direction, and saw the figure run towards the kitchen. SHIT !
It's, for sure, no-one from the household. Not identical to anyone I know. SHIT !
Got up, put my night gown, ran towards the drawing room, and thru the woody-antique-divider that keeps stationed there,looked for any evidence of movement. (Just to confirm that I wasn't hallucinating.) Yeah, indeed there was a man with a bag on his back, trying to hide in the space of the kitchen door. SHIT !

Went to grandpa's room, moved him, and whispered into his ear, that there was someone who had broken into our house. He got up, gave him a wood ka 'danda' (My Dad has kept one, in every room of ours, in case we need it) And we advanced towards the kitchen. In shock, in fright...I was just hoping he doesn't hit him before my Daadu even notices him.
But, to our surprise, or rather, shock, there wasn't a soul visible. Where did he disappear. Just as I started advancing towards the other rooms to check for being his hide-out, my Dada shouted, "Telly!"
I ran immediately towards him. He was standing still, in statue, pointing towards the window. As I rolled my eye-balls in the direction, I too stood in shock.

The window pane was empty. Without the iron motif and the iron grill. It felt like I was standing outside the house. The trees clearly visible. The black sky seen.
It had served as the entry point for those scoundrels.

Grandpa rushed out to run behind them, and I dialed 100. The police was very keen to listen, responded nicely, and in the next 10 minutes, we had two policemen into our house, looking for the damage, and checking each room, for the damage caused.

What he managed to do was-
Eat sweets from the kitchen.
Took some 2000 bucks from Daadu's wallet (kept in the lobby)
Sneaked all the boxes of Imitation Jewellery kept in my wardrobe.
Sliced the Gold chain & Diamond pendant I wear...from my neck !!
And took away my bag...heavy, full of books,apron, steth, knee-hammer, some 10 pens, my research reports, and my wallet, and some 'coins'. And left all the rest except the wallet & coins !!
Took away my soon as I close my eyes, I see his shadowy figure...near me.!
Took away the feeling of security that I always have for my room or my home.
Stole my 'self-confessed' adventurous I no-more want any thrill in life...!!

i don't think I have any desire left to write anything on this subject...!

have fun, ppl...
and study well...!!