Nov 17, 2011


Yet once again, it slipped out;
Crashed to the floors, shred to pieces;
Attempts many you may make to assemble;
Distortion, brunts do never vanish;
Rub the stains, the base you can't conceal;
Stitch the tear, the threads tell the story;
Glue it together, the scratches will remain;
In times of stress, they'll give way;
The volcano of hurt will erupt;
All bondages the lava will trespass;
Charred will be the intent;
burnt will be the pastures green.

Handle the glassware,
like the newly purchased piece -
Precious & dear; always.
Lend it not, grant it not;
Sideline it not, in the corner - ignored, dust layered.
It ain't a possession...It's alive...
Breathing, beating with each second;
Hungry for attention, dying with each action of neglect.

Tears many it may shed, smiles many it may pass
In your inattention.
You may fail to notice, fail to respond;
It suffers, yet optimizes...
for the daybreak, for the sunlight.
It will grow, glow and fruit;
Its own eyes will water it.
Part of your life, your abode it is;
It will bud, flower, spread fragnance...
One bright day, It will be the beauty of your existence...
The reason for liveliness...
when work fades, hobbies take a backseat;
and world disperses to be on their own.
Your dormant conscience will rise
The sole soul waiting will then,
not slip from your frail hands.
It won't be skipped...
Forever, till death do them part
They won't be separated...
Expression will find articulation
The due won't be denied...

Written: 16.11.11

Nov 6, 2011

Dear Heart,

Do you know that you're a nice kid? Though, I never acknowledged that in front of you before. But, today I do. You're very sweet. I know, you love the company of your dear ones. You race when you're with the one who understands you the most. You put yourself to work when something interests you. That is so very good. But, boye, I have an advice to give. Drop down the adamant attitude, please.

See, everything we like doesn't always happen. Not immediately at least. Sometimes, for the sake of higher goods and better future, you need to like things which you otherwise don't like. Stay calm, the things which you love doing will happen when you move ahead, and this is the only path you ought to take. Accepting this fact is tough I know, but you can do it. I'm not bribing you by saying that sooner than later, your creativity will find soil, but making you view a glimpse of what lies ahead. I know, you're just a kid. For you, only the present matters, and you don't have the vision of experience to help you guide you. I'm just being that friend so as to not let you suffer at the hands of inexperience. :)

One more thing, don't convince yourself for doing this task, instead focus on it. Let it grab your attention, open yourself, allow it to interest you, give it its deserved opportunity to lure you. I'm sure, you'll fall in love with it.

So, my nicey kiddo, let the things flow like the blood in you... the only thing that you need to do is pump!
Pump, till you scale your goal!


^PS: Leaving a rather harsh quote:
"Life is a compromise of what your ego wants to do, what your experience tells you to do, and what your nerves let you do."
-Bruce Crampton
Image Courtesy: Google Images