Dec 19, 2009

Rubik's Cube...

Yeah, I got one for myself from the 'Mela' ...had always wanted one.

Let me tell you, I am a beginner...

Had always thought, that it would not be that tough. and its a game...

Infact, I clearly remember talking to a friend of mine,... to be true...'boasting' on the fact that I can solve it.
Only to discover that what I used to consider a Rubik's Cube was not one. :-)
It was a very easier version of it (which ideally can't be called a cube also! ) and had an empty slot, where the desired color could be put and delivered to its place...


Now, that I have it,I have tried doing it, and am doing it since the last 12 hours, to land no-where....

And, finally accept the fact that it DOES require some algorithms ...!!
(Mr. Nobody had clearly insisted on the fact, once in life..long back...that you'll have to learn them, but, I had denied his advice .... which I always do!! ;-) ....

Now, in the midst of my on-going Pre-Universities, I am reading and learning those algorithms...!! Phew!! I know it is not what should be done...

My head's going this way.....

Tele Says: Never be so passionate (rather, Stubborn) to do a particular thing when you have something more important(priority-wise) left undone ...

(this is me at my philosophical side... trying to bring my crazy mind,back on track!)


Dec 8, 2009

Another blow...

7 years Post-puberty,I finally have the proudy 'Acne' visible on my so-near-to-natural face.

The pimply pains too found the perfect time to erupt and cause the maximum damage to my already not-so-good academic year.

I would like to extend my thanks:

1. To the final year examination stress, for contributing to the development of this sign, and making me realise that I have finally become an adolescent.
(Altho, I have already spend 2 years without this 'youthful' tag!)

2. To the deary deary mess-ka-food, which is full of garlic.
(My sebaceous glands are allergic to garlic, everytime I have it, something pops out of my face!)

3. To the regular change of soap, that I use. (Have been forced to use such different varieties of soap, that it appears to me as if I am a part of a survey/research 'on the affects of different types of soaps on Dry skin' !)

Done that, I need to emphasize on the fact, that now I am at loss of another advantage, that could have let me pass these tests.

Here, The prerequisites for one to clear these tortures, successfully, are:

1. Knowledge.
2. Lineage.
3. XX with or without beauty

I am left with only the last option (Without Beauty!) , and all I can thank is my Parents for this. :-D
(The XX Chromosomes!!)

*I am not beautiful, but, I have this dimply cheek, that can be lethal at times (provided it is used at the right place and the right time!)
But, the acne sprouting around the dimple is grossly hampering the lethal affect, and is seriously, a major blow to my preparation, and results. :-)

Hv fun....

Dec 6, 2009

The Dentist with a Golden Incisor !

This is in tribute to my Elder Sister's
ingenious and whacky ways of experimenting
with things.

This act is copyrighted in the name of

The Great Elder Sister, TJ

Anyone found trying to copy these acts will
have to pay a 'huge price' to their
personality (appearance!) !!


A girl in her 23s and some 4 months (mentioned, so as to let you know the optimum time required for one to develop such innovative and out-of-the-world thinking that she,now possesses.)

A Dentist by profession, now preparing for her Pre-PGs, mugging all day long, had a vision, a Newton-istic vision, and she kept observing the cosmetic collection kept neatly stacked in rows, near the mirror.

She knew the vision was revolutionary in some perspect, and got up to prove her point and do something that her world of teeth and gums would be proud of.

She knew THIS would be time when she would rise amongst her peers, to a status that of Archimedes in Physics.

And so fascinated by her discovery, she ran out of her room, shouting 'EUREKA EUREKA!' 'TELE TELE !' (but, NOT sans clothes!! ) *Thank GOD! coz such exhibitionism is strictly punishable in our place.*


What I see in front of me, is my elder sis with her 29 teeth out (She hasn't got all her 'Wisdom' teeth erupted___ guess, that's the reason why all this was happening!!)

And amongst them was this Central Incisor...Painted GOLDEN...

The nail-paint had been her proud buoyancy mug!

She has painted her upper right central incisor golden with a nail-paint.

And, now, as I write this, She is running around the house for a Nail-paint remover, Spirit of any that she could get off her..

*Apparently she had thought it would peel off, or come out easily with some sort of scratching/ mechanical way.
But, IT IS NOT!!

Hehehe haha !!

Did someone say, "Tele is Laughing." ?

Not at all....

I am crying in laughter....!! yuhoo....yippie !!! :-))
I am Loving it!!
He he ha ha ha !!

Dec 3, 2009


The one who learns from his mistakes :


The one who is reluctant to learn from his mistakes:


The one who doesn't learn from her mistakes:



PS: I am drifting to the 'Medico' status... Ready to learn from my mistakes. :)


Sometimes you never reap what you sow.


Its useless banging your head onto a wall.
Coz, only you will end up hurt.
The wall stands strong. Unaffected. Unhurt.


Don't invest in a place where you'll never get returns.


Dec 1, 2009

Back Up Plan !!

It would sound extremely weird...

But, I want to write this.

And, here I go...

#1 ~ The girl-next-door, i.e. my neighbour in the hostel dreamt of me.

Aaaahhhh ! The guys (I suppose!) are already getting their minds to work.

And for a change, their line of thought IS correct. :-D

My neighbour, who is perfectly 'Straight' in sexuality, dreamt of me, and imagined us as a twosome. :-(

!! An Important fact that needs to be emphasized here, and asserted: I AM STRAIGHT!!

Well, it was a dream, and it had to be weird. and something out of the reality.
So, I was cool with it.
After all, it was just a dream.

But, the shocking thing was when she told me that 'she loved the dream, and it was mainly because of my boy-ish ways of living life, that she dreamt of me with her, and not someone else.'
Haaah !!

Man, just whistling down your wing, and wearing Nadal pants, and driving a Scooter, and not studying till the night before the exams, and having a chilled thinking doesn't make me boyish !! Does it ??

Hey, even if it does.... Damn it, Man.

I don't give it a Sh*t !! :-))

Tele says: The silver lining of the whole incident is, that
Even if I end up Boy-friend-less, I stand a chance at gals !! ;-)
Haha !!
My Back Up plan might fore-fire !! :-)

#2 ~ As the exams are slowly moving towards me, my mind is getting flushed with ideas, and is becoming exponentially coherent to write on the things, which have for long been stagnant in my mind.

Every 30 minutes, my mind makes me think bout things in my life, makes me analyse my actions, makes me wanting to bring drastic changes in my life.

I am becoming obsessed of thinking about me, my life, my family, and my future. (not about my impending exams...and my classy rotten preparation, and my meek chances of passing them.)

#3 ~ Deluded, here you go...I've allowed the posts to have comments.

PS: Please sympathise with me, and If I am unable to reply to your comments, Please pardon this 'about-to-flunk' kid.