Sep 30, 2010


Thank God, I am not the man.
The love-hungry man who finds solace in the presence of the veil of a woman.

Thank God, I am not the woman.
The meek-weak woman who needs the strong shoulders of a man to protect her.

Thank God, I am the soul.
The gender-less soul who has the blessing: A family which loves and protects; and a purpose: A life of meaning.

Tele laments, 'It has really gone Beyond Love !'

I know...

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Will rise, from the low. 
Tough, Maybe it'll be slow. 

But, I will, I know. 
To God, I pray & bow! 
I can, I will. 
I know...

Sep 17, 2010

Mommy love...

Parents, and the only true love existent on earth.
Mums and Dads...making complex things simpler.
No matter the idiosyncrasies we irritate them with,
their concern and their love always grows...
and shields us....

One such beautiful closely-knit family....

Location: Nienoord Castle, Groningen, The Netherlands

The beginning of the end...

'Do you know what happened that day??'  

'Ohh! I can't believe she said this.' 

'Its so usual for her. She's born weird.'  *Break into laughter

'What does she think she's all about??'

'Ermm....Oomph, she thinks.'  *Clapping hands

Well, yeah. A Bulla session. (Pardon me IITians for adapting your copyrighted lingo )
Everybody does involve in this, be it at any point in life. 
Guys too and Gals, obviously.

Although, the female predominance is what has been publicized since centuries. But, look around, Guys are the ones who spread the news much faster than what girls have the potential of. 

The essentials go up like this:

The perfect setting: A hostel room. 
It has to be behind the doors. And we don't mind the walls having ears.

The perfect time: Late in the night.
Ain't it the dark time to talk dark? ;)
Sometimes, the afternoon tea too seems perfect. 

Requires 3 people to start. (A Minimum)
The 3 usually are joined in by any and every one who passes by, and the number may rise upto 10-11-12.
*Then the room becomes too congested, and the session becomes brittle. 

Many a people love calling it a 'gossiping' session. Well, sometimes it is correct. You talk about what is 'happening' (as in 'Haaapennning'). 
But, I avoid using that. Coz most of the times (Out of the 10-11 sessions I've attended all my 5 years of med school) we talk about our plans, discuss things around us, and get ourselves equipped with some informations (and this ain't about people) !!

One such session, yesterday. 
One after a long time that lasted a long time. :)

There's such a change of pattern we notice.

During First Year- It was about the 'nasty' seniors, and then about the 'fellow guys'.

During Second Year- It went about to become the 'real gossiping' about the new hook-ups, the relationships in general, and guys in general. (A special target at the residents.)

During Third Year, It shifted to the plans for future, and the information brigade.

During Fourth Year, it was about studies. (Read as: 'She studies soo much, and still cribs and cries.' 'She answers so weirdly.') 
- This one was not my cuppa coffee. Hence, Please don't link me with such sessions.
(I'm not stupid enough to bring up STUD-IES in moments of fun!)

During Internship, it has become marriages, kids, reliving the years in fond remembrances.
Laughing over the stupid things we fought over, the moments of enjoyment are being lived.

Tele says: Appears to be the beginning of the end... The end of the 5 golden years of an era.
Or the End of the I enter the mainstream medicine, on the fields ??
-Synchronism exists. 

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Sep 14, 2010


Yeah, He has done it.

The Modest King, as the official US OPEN site  names him, definitely shows what his game and personality is all about.

Rafael Nadal, completed his career grand slam with the clinching biting of this title.

Had tried following the epic match last night, when rain happened, and I was forced to sleep. Getting up to the news of Rafa winning it, was the 'jive-in-bed' moment for me. (Yeah, my eldah sis had called up half-awake to break the news to me)

Knowing that the telecast was being repeated, I rushed back home. Switched on, and watched every single ball.

Somehow, as the match progressed, it didn't feel great.

For me, the match wasn't the one of an EPIC, like the ones between Fed and Rafa are. Plainly because, it was Novak v/s Rafa.
The competition wasn't about the extraordinary play but was reduced to being about the less worse a play.

I mean, when did you witness A FINAL playdown having so many double faults, such fatigued a player, points coming by the unforced errors and not the winners?

Novak was almost on the verge of requiring an oxygen mask for breathing. The crowd imparted him a lot of energy by going into the 'Novak! Novak!' bursts, and, he kept on grunting. (I hae-ted it. Wasn't expected from a top player like him to shout oh-so-frequently!) :D

Clearly, Nadal emerged out as the calm, composed winner, who beat Novak both mentally and physically.

So, my baby wins. And wins it in tears.

There are so many comparisons being made. Between Federer and Nadal.
But, for me,
Federer is the 'technically' great player, but ostentatious an individual.

 -The one who doesn't stop at being 'himself', but improves 'himself' every moment. 

See what Nadal Said despite winning this Slam:
"I think talking about if I am better or worse than Roger is stupid," he protested. "Because the titles say he's much better than me, so that's true at that moment. I think that will be true all my life."
For more on Nadal's humbleness: Read the interview.

'Nadal: I don't think I'll match Fed's titles'

Pictures. Courtesy: NDTV


Sep 6, 2010

Let there be light...

Optimistic about the Destined Enlightened morning !!

After a long tiring day, there is so much to be felt, so much to be told, still am short of words. 
Coz, something pinched me. 

What pinched me more than what would have been pained after the lathi-charge, was a confession by a resident of ours. Been there, seen the situations, been beaten up a few times, he wishes us the 'faith and conviction to stay what we are. Human.'

And more poignantly, he confesses, ' I have gone comfortably numb.' !!

Might be a philosophical streak of emotions, nothing deep.
Nevertheless, isn't it the truth?

We are such avid gaspers, and such fast adapters, that it sometimes gets difficult for the conscience to know 'when' a trait seeded and grew, and manifested.

I just wish to grow in the better environment !! Although I know, I'll end up the same fate. But, I still optimize.

PS: For the first time ever did I stay online for approximately 15 hours today. Believe me, it's only sleep that's logging me off.