Nov 21, 2010

Hail Women!!

Situation: Grandparents enter their Golden Jubilee year of marriage bliss.
And, to celebrate it eventfully, we did a small cake-cutting ceremony.

When asked to pose, my Grandma gladly snug her arm on my Grandpa's shoulders in a semi-hug fashion. 
Grandma was smiling and confident, and my Grandpa was shyly dismissing the embarrassment.

I never realized that women in my house were bolder than the men!! 

Roots to my spontaneity, discovered!!  ;)

Nov 15, 2010


My life’s become like the Indian Railways: 

Always Late, Oh-so-numerous Halts & Off-track oftener!!

Nov 10, 2010


There was once, a time, when writing meant so much.
When, a thought born, was draped in layers of words in no time and presented to the blogger world.
When, latency to post, pained.
When, writing calmed the excited play of neuronal discharges.
When, a well-written post gave the sleep of relief. 
When, all that happened was reported, daily musings, posting funs, academic disasters, random electrical activities, cardiac dynamics, emotional ramblings, gossip stories.
When, blog became a smarter alternate to summarize diary entries, revealing not too much, and concealing all what was personal.
When, maintaining a blog, regular template changes, updating to newer widgets, meant an important 'To-Dos'.
It tranquilized the tracts to believe that something significant was being done.
And, you were adding up to the world's knowledge.

Clinics happened. Or rather an enlightenment ruptured.
The things that seemed such vital, turned out to be tenuous.
Writing seemed futile.
The need to change, the need to reform, revamp flushed the stupid, fun-frolic, heart-mind dissociations.
Eyes opened up and noticed the world. It's needs, it's physiology, it's pathologies. Dying for treatments.
The treatment that most know, yet none administers.
Being the silent-curious student, lamenting about how tough life is, oblivious to other's suffering, is not what will help.
The doctor has sworn the Hippocratic oath.

To treat what must be.

It's time actions spoke louder than words.

Disclaimer: The reference to the profession of medicine, is an analogy to the world. It's not the field of medicine alone that intrigues and impels me to bring about change, but the world as the whole. Incontestably but, the immediate arrow targets medicine dart.

© Tele_Jane

It's optimism I sense, and Excellence I learn.
And, Thinking I endorse.
- Tele