Apr 23, 2015

50 shades of grey

Well yes, this happened to be the next book I started reading. 20 hour long journey without a book seemed to be real boring, and with 5 big luggages already with me I dare not add even an ounce more. So, it was me and the only ebook I had in the gadet. Yeah, I am explaining why I had to even pick this book! Not that I am ashamed to have picked up an erotica,  for it was there on my device because I wished to read this in the first place sometime. I had wished to read what had caught the world with such attention. But, not anymore.

Well, I must say a few things here:

1. This book is 'literally' not worth it. 150 pages out of 364 have been read, and I am sure it won't go a page higher.
2. Erotica is not my thing. A casual sexual depiction in an ongoing story is fine, but a story based on sexual adventures and that too, of the forensic medicine types is just not my flavour.
3. The protagonist is not convincing enough to make me believe one would do all this in the right sphere of mind, or that there can ever be a man/woman over whom one can be swooned so much that the brains stop working.

Probably it stems from the fact that I have always been very informed about my choices in life, have thought a lot before acting in a certain fashion, and hence, such mindless behaviour seems so unreal (to me atleast).

There is nothing about this book that can be quoted, nothing that must be remembered,  nothing that must be re-read. And about the upcoming movie, I don't give a damn to visualize the Red Room of Pain.

Tele says, ' This book is a Grey Book of Perversion. Ideal to learn the IPCs for the Unnatural Sexual Offences.' ;-)


My chain of thoughts seemed to be oh-so-positive and now all that I have to do is crib, complain, shout and cry. All my articles here on the blog have been about this. Am I so unhappy from life? Am I so bereft of the pleasures of life? Hmmm.... the answer is a big big NO! Well then, why such negativity is strewn all over tele-pen-ny?
Because this is me penning down my heart. Earlier, I used to share that bit of my life which I couldn't share openly with others, and it was mainly about the jubiliation at doing new things professionally,  about my romantic side, about the decisions I was taking (a first timer). And they all seemed to be just fine. Now also, I share the part of my heart which I don't wish to share openly with others...and it is about the disappointment at some people's behaviour, or actions, or the place where I am stuck professionally.  There are a thousand lovely times to the one dejected post I write here, I laugh, I love, I care, I do things like a real lady, I am responsible, I am loved....all of this....it is just that when I set out to write, which happens only when I have either had an altercation or an argument with someone (coz practically that is only time I decide to put things off and keep 'me' on the table) and end up writing all the perennially unhappy stuff on the paper.

Tele says, 'There is so much on the table, that 'I' really have to be on my toes.' ;-)