Feb 28, 2009

Mumma-tasks (Contd...)

Continuing with my itinerary for THE DAY-->

3:30 pm - Stomach gave me pangs, and I searched the kitchen for food. Got something to eat, but, it was so-unusual-for-my-taste-buds, (Methi-badiyon ki sabzi-only rajasthanis will get a hit outta it!)that I decided to cook for myself. So, there I was, making a curry, completely on my own. Badi ho gayi, na ?? ;)
Well, I made GOBHI ki sabzi & trust me, It was GOOD, PALATABLE, infact, DELICIOUS. Delicious is the MRP for my sabzi.
(MRP-Maximum Relevant Praise)

4:15 pm - Into the kitchen, doing the dishes.
Doesn't it strike to you, that I am trying to be a MARRIAGE MATERIAL? ;) :D
Yaar, situations sab sikhati hai !! :)
But, I don't mind doing MY household works. Afterall, its my house, and its my choice to keep it in shape...na...keep it in Poise.

5:00 pm - Free from kitchen, got back to my room, put the clothes into washing, and my APRON (i.e. the LAB-COAT for the gavaars :P ) into the bleacher liquid.
Was 'Tally'ing my to-do-list, when I suddenly recalled my appointment with a Doc, which was scheduled for 4:00 pm. Sh*its!! Now-what...?? I called him up, and to my luck, he said, he himself was busy, so, come-now-instead. Rushed into the bathroom, washed the clothes, but that damn Apron took its time, had a bath, got ready, and BINGO...It was 6:00 !!

6:00 pm - Got the kick (no, I don't do drugs, Its the scooter's kick I'm talking about.) hit the roads and reached his home. And the luck that had to hit me sooner or later, did. He had left for his evening duties...aargh. I met his wife, talked a few minutes, and the luck that I expected to hit, kissed me instead. Yeah, he had left what I needed, a Stethoscope, for me to be taken. (Yes, I had misplaced mine, and was in need of one since 2 semesters :D )

6:30 pm - Riocheted home, changed, relaxed, talked to Mom-Dad-TJ-J-Dada-Daadi, and then rose in me the desire. The Desire To Write...
And this is PRECISELY my write up that you are trying to read...

For the remaining 3 hours of the Day,
I am gonna treat myself to a Movie...
Common, I deserve it!
And guess which one will I be watching...

Guess, Guess...

no need to guess,
wohi dekhoongi na, jo DD-1 pe aayegi...!! :D
Its gonna be a DHOKHA...Mahesh Bhatt's picture, which I long intended to see.
Bus, yeh picture mujhe dhokha na de de...!
That suffices for my Day...And, Now, I believe, I can multi-task and also manage a lotta tasks in a day. I felt like a Mummy today...A house-minister. :)

Grudges (Contd)...

Well, I have something to grudge about,

1. When people know something, why don't they tell others about it, once they have finished their purpose? Why don't they divulge details about how to go for a particular thing?
This world's a mean place, Meaner than we expect or know it to be. People around you might know A LOT about something, but, they would act a newbie when someone else asks them.
'Oh! Is that so? I never knew this thing even exists.'
huh :D

2. Leave knowing and acting, they can be worse. They can take the sh*t outta you. They tell you a hell lotta difficult things that they frame as essential-sorts, They discourage you, They even direct you to the absolutely wrong path, Yes, THEY MIGHT SCARE YOU TO MORTUARY. But, it needs more than an observant brain to tackle this, it needs your will, perseverence, and an adventuring nature. And for me, the third thing works more, much more than anything. I am just adventuring things, If I don't succeed, no qualms, I'll learn the right way. But, I'll be trying, come what may.

3. One more thing that irritates me more,& more than often now-a-days is:
Why din't I chose an institute where people are more aware, more with-the-times?
This is directed to my School, where we were never told about a NTSE, or what games can be to life (I have always had a secret desire, To play a game Professionally.)
And this is also directed to the College I am in. Ask any college-mate of mine, 'What on earth are we supposed to be doing?' and be sure, they would just wonder for a second and answer, Masti Le Yaar.Itna mat soch.
And after living in this Masti environment for a SIGNIFICANT time of my formative years, I have inculcated this habit too.
No, I am not saying that I regret the fun, happy moments that I have collected into my life, but, I regret my inability to Balance fun and acads.

My See-Saw became a Slide. The only time I walked up the ladder was during exams, and kept sliding down the fun the rest of my life, not even once wondering my poor plight at the Theories,Vivas & Pracs.

Our college lacks the IT factor very much. People are so content with themselves & their great show at PMT's, that they become oblivious to the things that are happening around them. Neither the teachers, nor the students take interest in things, that are now-a-days a routine for others.

Research - an aspect of Medicine which is Oh-so-essential elsewhere, is an endangered specy here. I just hope this seed grows into a sapling, and from there-on, I am sure, it would not take much time to grow into a full-fledged tree and bear fruits.
(Yes, I am an optimist! ) HOPING AGAINST THE HOPE.



It's been a long time that I wrote... not only on the blog...but, also on paper...!!

& I don't wanna hide...I wanna WRITE...!!
Whateva crap that comes to my mind...!! Whateva...Absolutely WHATEVER !! ;)

Okays, I have loads to write...!! And I'll start with what a DAY it was.
TODAY, this very day, has made me feel as if I have travelled ages and YUGS. A day, long like the Nile, is making me feel that I have grown up. And I'll put up reasons for that, Don't worry. I never knew I could exert myself so much, do such a variety of things, squeeze all those things that I always wanted to do in my daily schedule, so efficiently. And here comes a 'pat-on-my-shoulder' (by myself; as there isn't anyone else to whom I have told my itinerary for the day i.e. my ABILITY remains dormant, it remains in the sub-clinical state, the bottom of the ice-berg & no physician can diagnose it !! ;)

Well, the Day's clinical features were:

5:00 am - Got up ! FULLY AWAKE AT 5 am !! :O !
No panics please, Yep, this very extremely UN-Punctual gal CAN get up on time. But, it was for Mum-Dad-TJ, they had to travel to J-BABE's place.

5:45 am - Helped them pack, Drove them to station, dropped them there, and left for the Bus-Stop. Had to pick ma Grandma. My Mom n Grandma were actually exchanging places, my Mom goin to J's place, & Daadi coming from there to our home.

6:15 am - Finally after a 25 minute wait, her Bus arrived. Now, I know, what waiting is like :(
And I solemnly APOLOGISE to all my friends who have always had to wait for me, not merely for minutes, but for hours !
But, it was 6 in the morning, man. Empty roads, Not a soul visible except for the just-awaken-dogs, Dimly-lit roadlights, Still a Night->not even a streak of blue visible, No company, Only some Bhakti-ras flowing from the radio and I was being forced to gulp it down, it felt like a strange Bitter Ras -> are yaar, it was not those regularly heard-popular bhakti songs, otherwise, I would have still taken it sacredly. And all the more, WAITING. A few miutes wait and there came two souls, & a Bus, & a Truck, & Chara for the cows. They began unloading the Chara, and I began checking the affordability of a nap. I decided I shall try one, and the very moment swooshed a BUS...Yes, Daadi was here. Got out of the car, got her luggage, checked it in the dikki, and drove.

6:30 am - Had to get chara for my car. For the first time ever, I was the first at some place, Yep, I was the first ever customer at the petrol pump, for the day.Gave my car energy, and drove to home. Came back, and slept.
Hey, come-on, I worked, din't I? I needed some sleep.

10:30 am - Got up, yes, second time of the day, and eyeing the 10:30 on clock gave me some bit of familiarity. So, i got up. Went through my daily 60 minutes of paper-time. But, aaj ka Sudoku nahi complete hua, huh. Daadi was calling me for some work.

11:45 am - Made my milk, had my breakfast. (No, that's a routine for me, my stomach loves this 12-ka-slot, and that too self-made things only do.)

12:15 pm - Got onto finish my computer work. Searching for universities, their eligibility criteria, their contacts, mailing my application, replying to the received application responses. Searching more on other things, Step-1,-2,-3, Visas, Researches.


Feb 6, 2009

21st Birrthday !

The Card made by TJ-Mum-Dad !

Each of these 21 filmstrips had a Characteristic Quality of mine portrayed !!

Inner View ! Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost !!

Poem written by Dad ! The first half !

The Second half of the Movie !!

Me coming out of the envelope ! :D

Each envelope has a personal letter addressed to me, by Mum-Dad, TJ and J babes !
This is the place where I shed most of my Tears ! I Love You & Am Blessed to have you all with me !!

That's what Wish made it by herself....!! It is Soo Lively...!! Hey, I love your POOH !! ;)

The sweet, oh-so-cute Apple pillow/soft-toy ...by Aks and Rish !!
And they have given it to me, saying, "An apple a day, keeps a Doctor Away !!" And they want a certain Doctor to stay miles away from me ...! ;)

Feb 4, 2009



A poem !!

Aaj jo Tanha hai Woh Pardes Mein
Zaroor Mujh ko us Ney Socha ho ga

Khuvabon aur Khyaalon Mein
Mera hi Chehra Tarasha Ho ga

Raah Chaltey jo us ko
Mera khyaal Aaya Ho ga

Aik Nazar Ruk ke Asmaan Pe Chand ko Dekha Ho ga
Jab Saath They to Roz hi larti Thi Mujh sey

Ab Din Mein so Baar khud peh Bigarti Ho gi
Mail Box Kholtey hi Naam mera Dhondti Ho gi

Aur na Pa ke Mujhey

Aap hi Aap Mujh sey Roth ti Ho gi
Zaror Masrof Hon buhat ya koi Test hai Mera

Tawelein Ghurr ke khud hi Behal ti Ho gi
Tanha Sard Raat Mein

Yuon hi Sarak peh Tehaltey Huvey
Khyaalon hi Khyaalon Mein

Haath us ney Mera Thama Ho ga

Phir Kisi Pool ke Nechey Ruk kar
Aankhon Mein Mere us ney Jhaanka Ho ga !